One Year Later:

It was a nice wedding, Adam decided. Rather small, but definitely nice. He remembered how pleasantly surprised he'd been when he found the invitation in the mail:

You are invited to attend the wedding of:

Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell


August 23rd


Central United Church

R.S.V.P by 20th July.

The young couple were grinning at the front of the church, each looking radiant in their formal wear. Al and Paninya were best man and bridesmaid respectively, and the grins on their face were rivalling the newly-weds. Elysia and Gracia were sitting in the front row. Roy and Riza were beside them, with Grace beside her father and Riza holding their newborn son, Maes. Even Havoc was here, with his wife and Thomas.

"You may kiss the bride," the priest finished.

Ed grinned, lifting Winry's veil to place a deep and very involved kiss on her lips. Al's smile seemed to split his face, and Paninya began applauding, which started everyone else clapping as well.

When they pulled apart and began walking down the aisle, Winry hurled the bouquet over her shoulder. Paninya leapt for the flowers, caught them, and whooped in delight.

The reception was small, but felt nicely intimate. Elysia was playing with Grace, showing a surprisingly cheerful tolerance for the young girl's exuberance. Her mother was talking to Havoc, his wife and the Mustangs, cooing over the infant Maes, and he overheard her saying 'he would have been honoured'.

Paninya was laughing with Al and Thomas, the eight-year-old sitting in Al's lap and gazing in awe at Paninya's automail. Adam found himself alone, sipping at the champagne in his glass, or what remained of it after the numerous toasts.

He looked around for Ed and the newly-dubbed Mrs. Elric, and was surprised that they were nowhere to be found. Adam shrugged, and ambled out onto the balcony.

To find it already taken.

Ed and Winry were sitting with their backs to him, apparently gazing at the stars. Ed's arm was draped around Winry's shoulders, and hers were tight around his waist. Though reluctant to disturb the newly-weds, Adam still felt as that he should offer his congratulations. He approached, and opened his mouth…

Ed held up his hand in the universal gesture for silence. "She's sleeping," he breathed.

Adam glanced down, and saw that Winry was indeed asleep, her head resting against Ed's shoulder as she dozed. He smiled at the expression on Ed's face, at the tenderness and love in his eyes. Adam turned to go.

And was stopped by the sound of Ed's voice. "I don't think I ever really thanked you."

Adam was bewildered. "For what?"

"For finding her. If you never went looking…we wouldn't be here like this…Winry and I would still be miles apart, both of us thinking the other was dead." Ed swallowed, and his arm tightened around his wife. "So just…thank you."

Adam smiled. "My pleasure."


AN: I know, the ending was way too sappy, but as I said, this was written a long time ago…