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Previously on the Scarlet Wish:

After X3, our favourite mutants were trying to continue with their lives. Storm and Wolverine went to Muir Island to find out that Xavier wasn´t dead, at the same time Kurt and the new x-men went to a hospital near Alkali Lake to pick up the former leader of the X-men who had been in a coma for the last month. Beast joined the team with news and a woman in red, the daughter of Magneto. The mutants recovered their powers and Mystique and the Brotherhood welcomed back Magneto and found Pietro, Wanda´s twin brother. Meanwhile Logan had issues with the past that the Danger Room was not able to solve, and Scott had issues with Logan as usual. Piotr was in love, Bobby was confused and Rogue was back. Warren and Kurt found out that Warren senior had been working for Trask building the Sentinels, Warren found out the first mission of the mutants executioners too late, they have been sent to fetch Leech in order to capture the boy to produce more cure doses. Mutants fought together to stop the sentinels, Wanda and Charles were able to fool the robots but the shelter where the students were hidden was partly destroyed and some of the kids were injured or killed. The Brotherhood wants revenge and flies away with Wanda and Scott as new acolytes. Storm cries next to an injured Beast when Logan finds out that the hex Wanda casted to make his pain go away has worked as in the middle of debris and fire there is a woman he thought he had lost forever.


Storm had not liked the idea of leaving everyone behind and fly to Muir Island. The Blackbird was fast but she hated the fact that she was flying

over the ocean while her friends were hurting and needing help. Kurt looked at her as if he could read her thoughts. His kind face wore a worried

frown that Ororo didn´t recognize. Kurt was always looking at the bright side of life, even when they were flying back to the mansion after jean´s

first death at Alkali Lake he was respectful with the pain of the others but he kept a certain faith that she was in a better place now and that they

should not worry anymore for her. Storm could not be that positive after watching Hank´s body covered in blood and the groups of kids helping

one another out of the destroyed shelter. The images were too raw for her to have nothing but hatred inside. She knew what the Professor had to

say about hate, she had been a student at the school for far too long not to know that hatred was a dangerous feeling, that it could cloud one´s

mind. She was the leader of the X-men and nothing could cloud her mind, she had to be wiser than that. Storm used her gift to make the winds

help the Blackbird to fly faster. Moira MacTaggert grunted a little, she was not used to fly and she was getting sick. Kurt moved back to help

her. They have picked her up in the early hours of dawn, telling her it was an emergency, they needed a doctor with a certain degree

of knowledge on mutant physiology. Moira was a geneticist but she had been an ally since Charles had opened the School, she was probably the

only human who had such an extensive knowledge of mutations and mutants.

Ororo Munroe hoped she could help them. If anything happened to Hank she would…maybe that was what Scott was thinking when he jpined

Magneto, maybe he was just tired of playing fair and by the rules. If she could count each and everytime they risked their lives to stop Magneto

and save humankind, and now mutants kids were dying and crawling on the school grounds. A bolt of lighting crossed the sky. Kurt ran at her

side and carefully placed a hand on her shoulder

-"It is going to be okay, Ororo, calm down, we need you, do not let anger control you"- He whispered in her ear.-"I know how you feel,

trust me, all of us feel the same way, even Scott"

-"Maybe he is right, maybe it is time we start to defend ourselves"- Storm was on the verge of crying

-"Killing is never the answer"- Kurt replied-"Magneto wouldn´t flinch if he saw a school ground full of human kids in danger, but you and me are different, I know you"

Storm nodded, Kurt was right and listening to him she felt a little bit better, mutants were not monsters, and revenge was not the answer.

-"We are home, Doctor, I hope you will be able to help us"- Storm announced

-"I´ll do my best, Ororo, let´s pray that it will be enough"

The Blackbird landed, Rogue was waiting to welcome them. Her face worried and her clothes still covered by bloodstains and rest of the debris from the explosion.

-"Welcome home"- She said when Kurt appeared on her side.

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