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Jean was trying to concentrate, all the voices were talking in her head and she could see hundreds of different faces, it was so hard on concentrate juston one. She had her eyes closed and couldn´t see Logan, Storm and Xavier standing around her, making sure that all it worked out well. The Professor was helping Jean to focus on the former leader of the X-men. She knew him better than anyone and inside she was hurtingbecause sheknew how lost he must be feeling. She heard a mutant shouting terrified. The horror in her voice was so strong she couldn´t prevent herself from losing Scott trace and aiming herself towards the voice. It was a woman, a telepath of minor power that was reaching to her without knowing that she was doing so. Jean could see her, purple streaks in her hair, tiny and caged like an animal, she was not crying outside but inside was shouting, calling for help desperate. Tears welled up in Jean´s eyes.

Logan started to worried the moment she started to use Cerebro but he show the tears running down her cheeks he looked at Xavier with a clear message in his eyes. They must stop her before it was too late.

-"Jean, Jean¿Have you found Scott?"- Xavier talked to Jean bringing her back with them

-"Professor, someone needs us"- She explained-"I was trying to find Scott but I saw her, a mutant, she was in a cage, she was not alone, there dozens of mutants caged in there, waiting for their turn to be used in some kind of tests"

-"Weapon X?"- Logan clenched his fists

-"No, they were all going to die, the mutant that called me told me something about robots"- Jean said

-"They are testing the sentinels with mutants!"- Storm exclaimed-"How could they?"

-"Considering that my father and his men have created machines to destroy mutants I really don´t understand why you are so surprised"- Warren commented. He and Kurt had just arrived

-"Warren, we have talk about this before, hate is not answer"- Xavier told him

-"Hank is upstairs in your office, he says he is ready for a fight"- Warren changed the subject

-"What about Scott and Magneto?"- Asked Storm

-"I think Jean is right and we should help these people before"- Xavier said helping Jean out of Cerebro-"How are you feeling?"

-"Tired"- She admitted

-"That is be a good sign, isnt´s it?"-Logan was relieved, Storm looked at him the same way sometimes she has to look at her younger students.


Remy was getting beyond bored, he couldn´t be caged, and for so long. It was more than he could accept. Complaining was not an option he had already tried that earning himself a couple of "punishments", no food or water for a whole day. He could feel the power contained inside his body. The cages did not let him charge anything with kinetic energy, and all that energy trapped inside was driving him mad. He had to get away soon. He glanced at the crazy girl next to him, she seemed to be in some kind of trance. Maybe it was not a good idea to wake her up. He tried to remember the lyrics of that song again but this game was getting old real fast.

Psylocke opened her eyes disoriented and saw Remy´s face. It was hard to explain what she had felt and what has happened but somehow she was feeling better

-"Why the sudden smile, chere?"- Remy was interested

-"We are going to be saved, help is on its way"- she announced

-"That hippy trance told you that? What kind of thing have they put on your food? If you get stoned with your food I have to talk with the chef, mine only makes me sick"- he said

-"She will come to help us"- Psylocke was beaming


-"The Phoenix, of course"- She answered. Remy decide she has completely lost her marbles.


Jean fastened her belt, it was so strange to be back in the blackbird, she was not helping Storm this time, Logan was in her usual seat and she was in the back with the X-kids. Once more Jean realized that things have changed since she died, but it was so hard for her, the last thing she remember was being in the jet with everyone, then apparently she died and became the worst and most powerful mutant in history and then she had died again. It was all too complicated for her. Logan turned his head and looked at her, a smile in his face, trying to make her feel better. She smiled back and tried to get over the fact that now only he trusted her.

Bobby was trying to avoid Rogue´s eyes, she had been nervous before getting on the jet, needing some tender loving care from her boyfriend but his doubts were numbing him. Piotr was busy making sure Kitty´s belt was fine, that seat had been giving problems in the last two time they had taken the jet, and also making sure Jamie Madroz realized she was not available. Kurt was praying in silence and Warren had his fists clenched in anger and agony. Xavier said goodbye to Hank telepathically. He was staying with the kids.

-"The tests are starting"- Jean announced, everyone looked at her with a misture of fear and distrust

-"How can you know that?"- Kitty asked

-"She has told me"- Jean asnwered-"She has telepathic abilities and is scared"

-"Well, let´s go to help her and kick some metallic asses"- Logan interrupted the general mistrust atmosphere