Our Childhood Daze By O l i v e r . A r t e m i s

Chapter Title: Of Blue Band-Aids and Bullies

A small girl at the age of four with blonde hair in pigtails was sitting on the beach with shorts and a tee shirt with a flower on it. In this young girl's hands were a pale and a shovel. Lillian 'Lilly' Trescott was sitting on her knees at the beach. She had moved to Malibu a couple of weeks ago and she had yet to make friends, so she was by herself. Her house wasn't too far from the beach. So she sat there playing by herself, creating a makeshift sandcastle and was quite fine with just being by herself. She had been outside for about an hour or two when two older boys came around. They were about seven and they came near Lily to pick on her. One had red hair, and the other one was wearing a hat. The first boy had decided that he would tug on her pigtails and he did so.

"Hey. Stop pwuing on my pigwails." Lilly said as she tried to move away, but the boy just did it some more. Lily tried to turn around and hit him, but he let go and she missed.

"Aw…Look at the little baby…" One of the boys teased. Lily was taught to never take teasing, so she tried to ignore it. She looked up though when one of the boys said something. "Wow that's a neat-o castle." It really wasn't much, just a sand dune. She looked up and smiled.

"Thanks mister." She said in her small voice, thinking she had gotten friends. He gave her a smile.

"No problem, whoops." The boy had stepped on he 'castle' and she stared at the lump of sand with the foot print on it. She felt her lower lip quiver, but shook her head. She pushed herself up from the floor and stood up, picking her shovel and pail up as well. The boys didn't follow her at first and when she thought she was a good distance away from them she sat down and began to work shovel sand into her pail. But of course the two boys had followed her. The ginger haired one started to kick sand towards the boy with the hat. Hitting poor Lilly in the process.

"Hey! Your kicking sand in my face!" She yelled at them. They stopped looked at each other and laugh. One of the boys had taken her pail away from her and laughed some more. Lilly stood up and went over to him hoping to get it. "Give me that back! That's mine!" Lilly said as the boy threw it to his friend. Lilly jumped and tried to get it, but was to short. She ran over to the other boy as he waved it at her, mocking her that he had it. He threw it and she went the other way only to stop and go the other way. She had, had enough of that and pushed one of the boys with all her strength. Well obviously the boy didn't expect to be pushed and stumbled backwards, the pail hitting him in the head. She quickly as fast as she could grabbed her pail and shovel and ran away from the boys.

But she was only four and her short legs didn't take her far. One of the boys caught up to her and stopped in front of her. It was the ginger haired boy and he looked angry. His arms were crossed and she stopped stepping backwards only to bump into the other boy with the hat. The boy behind her pushed her into the other boy and she stumbled and he pushed her back. The two boys continued to push her until she fell. She had scrapped herself on one of the stones. She sat in the ground and looked at the small scrape on her knee. The two boys roared with laughter as tears began to well up in Lilly's eyes.

"Aww…the baby's going to cry. Is that it baby? Are you going to cry?" The one with hat teased. Lilly didn't say anything; she didn't have too. There was a boy standing behind her, about four in a half or five. He had brown messy hair and a blue t-shirt on with a pair of shorts that were so big that he was always holding on to them. Usually his shoes were untied and today that was no difference. Oliver Oaken was his name.

"Hey stop picking on her." He said in a squeaky voice. Lilly looked up at the boy and he was glaring at the two bullies. The two looked at each other and hooted in hysterics. Oliver wasn't really much of a threat, he had juice stains on his shirt and he looked more adorable then mean.

"Why? What are you going to do about it, shrimp?" The ginger haired one said as he advanced towards the two. Lilly, frightened, backed up and hid behind Oliver, best she could. Oliver was scared but he didn't move. Both his hands were at his hips, but not to look angry, but to hold his shorts up.

"You better go or I'wll scweam." Oliver said in the best threatening voice. The two boys just laughed and continued forward. But one more step, Oliver stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out a pepper spray. And as quickly as he could, made sure it wasn't facing him and sprayed it at the two boys. They yelled and ran into each other and ran in different directions holding their eyes in pain. His mom was very protective of him. Not only did he have a pepper spray in his pocket, in his shirt was a small pin that made sure she knew where he was. If that wasn't enough she had moist towel-ets and tons of band-aids. She had given him the pepper spray so he wouldn't get pick on or would give him a chance to get away.

Oliver turned to Lilly and sat down in front of her. He cocked his head to the side slightly. "Are you otay?" He asked. She didn't look at him; she just held her knee to her chest. It wasn't bleeding and it didn't sting, but she just felt scared and a bit hurt. "Does your boo-boo hurt?" He asked. She still didn't look at him, and just nodded. He reached into his pocket to get one of the towel-ets and wiped off the sand from her knee, then dropped the towel-et down. She looked up at the time and watched him. He had moved to her knee and placed a kiss on it. Then took out a band-aid and placed it on there. The band aid was blue with stars.

"My mommy does that too." Lilly said quietly. Oliver looked up at her and she had looked away again.

"I'm Oliwer." Oliver said smiling at her. Finally she looked at him and smiled.

"I'm Wiwwy." Lilly said. Oliver seemed to understand what she said and smiled back at her. Oliver stood up and helped her up. He was holding his pants up again.

"My mommy likes those flowers a wot." He said. She laughed. Her mommy had told her that she was named after a flower because she said she was as beautiful as one. "Do you wanna be my fwiend?" Oliver asked. She had a huge smile on her face and nodded. She threw her arms around Oliver and he was surprised that she was hugging him and accidentally dropped his shorts. She pulled away and giggled when she saw piglet underwear. He blushed and picked up his shorts.

"Does that mean you're my boyfwiend?" Lilly asked. Of course she hadn't meant it in the sense to where they should date and he didn't know that either, so he nodded. She smiled some more. "Yay!" She said. "You're the best boyfwiend in the world!" Lilly said as she picked her pail up and put her shovel inside. She took Oliver's hand and pulled him to the direction of her house. When she got inside through the back she called for her mom. As soon as she heard her daughter call for her she came down and was surprised to see Lilly holding a boy's hand. "Guess what, Mommy?" Lilly said excited bouncing up and down.

"What sweetie?" She responded as she walked up to the children.

"This is Oliwer and he's my boyfwiend." Lilly said excited and Oliver smiled brightly. Mrs. Trescott smiled at her daughter and her knew friend. Then realization hit her. "Oh you're the Chancy's son aren't you?" Lilly's mom asked. Oliver nodded. "Oh yes, I've met your mom already."

Lilly grew bored of that conversation and brought up a different subject. "Mommy, Mommy!" Lilly bounced up again still clutching Oliver's hand. "Some owder boys were being meanies and Oliwer ascareded them away!" Lilly said. "They made me fall and Oliwer kissed my boo-boo and put a band aid on it. See?" Lilly said lifting her knee up to show her mom. Mrs. Trescott smiled putting her hand up to her mouth to conceal her giggles. Her daughter was acting so adorable.

"Did you say thank you?" She asked.

"Thank you Oliwer." Lilly said without answering her mom.

"Your wecome, Wiwwy." Oliver said grinning.

"Can we go to my woom, Momma?" Lilly asked. Mrs. Trescott nodded and walked over to her desk and quickly grabbed her camera to take a picture of Lilly holding Oliver's hand
and tugging on his arm to go to her room while Oliver held his pants up. When she took the picture and called Oliver's mom up to tell her about their kids.

"Aw…you guys are so cute…" Miley said as she pinched my cheek. The two of us glared at her, and Oliver leaned back against the couch. We sat in my living room with the old photo album on my lap. "I can't believe you kissed her 'boo-boo'." I blushed and so did Oliver.

"Look, can we just continue on about our childhood, so you can get off our case?" Oliver asked.

"Yeah, 'cause this is embarrassing enough as it is." I said. Miley sat on my right while Oliver was on my left. His arm stretched over the head of the couch as his feet were on top of the coffee table along with mine. I leaned back into the couch and looked at the photo. I was holding Oliver's hand and we were heading up to my room. A day I couldn't forget easily.

A/N: This is my first chapter length story. The end of each chapter it's going to switch off point of views between Lilly, Oliver, and Miley. In that order. So this chapter was Lilly, the next will be Oliver. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I'll update as soon as possible. I'm quite aware on the spelling of daze. It's not supposed to be like days, it is daze.