Our Childhood Daze by: Zovid

Chapter title: Kissing Skills

Wooh! Go Oliver! I've got to give this boy his props. To kiss the girl of his dreams in front their best friend. Watching these two was like watching a cute romantic movie. They reminded me of Ron and Hermione only the best friend part. Wait does that make me Harry? Great I'm a dude. But anyways, Oliver and Lilly are actually kissing! I find it a bit funny how just a moment ago Oliver was macking on me. I'll be completely honest Oliver wasn't that great of a kisser.

He was shy and I think he bit my lip. I touched my bottom lip. I don't know, maybe. Wow those two are really into it. I wonder how long they can go without air. Okay, wow…I feel a little awkward watching them make out a little heavily.

"Ahem." I coughed. Nothing. This is awkward. Should I leave or interrupt? An idea sparked in my head as I pulled out my camera phone. Getting two good pictures, I Smirked knowing I had the best black mail ever. They still aren't done making out, are you kidding me? Did I hear a moan?

OH MY GOD that was a moan! It came from Lilly! Okay now we're done!

"GUYS! DO you like want to be alone or something? Because this is a little awkward." I said standing up. I don't know how they got there, but Lilly dropped her arms from Oliver's neck and Oliver was breathing heavily.

They were so cute together. I love it.

When neither responded I couldn't help but smirk. "If you two want me to leave so you can suck faces- oomph." Oliver's pillow hit me in the face. When I looked up Oliver was laughing while Lilly was pointing accusingly at him. I would have thrown it back, but instead I laughed along, realizing I had done a good job with these two.

"He wasn't that great of a kisser, you know that right?" I said using Oliver's pillow as a cushion and sat on it. Looking at Oliver's face he looked offended with his jaw dropped. "Boy you don't have any kissing skills." I said waving my hand like it was no big deal.

"Yeah that's your opinion." Lilly laughed uneasily.

"He bit me!" I think. Lilly rolled her eyes. I suppose discussing Oliver's kissing skills was a little weird, but I wanted to know how it was. "But I guess since you were moaning, it must have been great." Oh my gosh! Yeah! Perfect hit, now they're blushing!

Lilly opened her mouth to say something but decided against it. Oliver on the other hand looked uncomfortable to be in his own room.

"See, I'm always right." I know I'm acting a bit cocky, but I mean I'm two for two now. These two were annoying now. Neither one of them were saying anything. Enough of this. "We'll be right back, Oliver. 

Just sit and bask in that last kiss." I know I'm pretty much torturing the poor boy right now, but it's so easy. Grabbing on to Lilly's wrist I pulled her out of Oliver's room, up the stairs and into the bathroom. I looked the door and turned the light on.

I felt like a Cheshire cat, with a grin across my face. Pulling the seat down on the toilet, Lilly sat down and waited for me to start. Oh no. I wanted her to spill. I leaned up against the door and crossed my arms, giving her the look she new that meant for her to start talking.

She sighed in defeat. "Alright! I'll tell…" I raised my eyebrows upwards and decided not to interrupt. Not yet. "I really like him. I've always thought about us together, but I kind of refused to believe it." She paused to lick her lips, looking me in the eyes waiting for a response. I only nodded for her to go on. "When you told him to kiss you, I was beyond angry. I never realized I would be that angry, because I always reacted fine when he would go on and on about you."

Oliver really liked me in a way that was flattering but also a bit creepy. I can't say I didn't see it because I did. I just thought that he'd get over it himself.

"So…" I grinned, "How was the kiss…?" Lilly laughed shaking her head at me.

"It was…amazing…I kept thinking I was going to screw up." This time it was my turn to shake my head at her. I could see how love sick she was. And even though I couldn't deny Oliver's crush on me, I could see the better chemistry he had with Lilly.

"Do you think you two are going to go out?" I asked eagerly. Lilly shrugged, as my jaw dropped in awe. "What? Why not?!"

"You know why not. What if something goes wrong? I'm not stupid, Miley; I know that if I went out with Oliver it wouldn't last long. I can't risk losing him." I sighed knowing she was right. See, I've offered the idea of them dating before and she has given me the same reason every time. "I'm sixteen; I Know there's no forever for high school romances."

"But look how far you two have come." I tried. I would not go down without a fight.

"As best friends. I'm good with that!" God, Lilly was dense.

"So you're going to sit there and tell me you're good with Oliver moving on if you decide no? You're good with him with another girl that isn't you?" I studied Lilly's features as she hesitated before answering.

"Yes, because as his best friend I will be."

I groaned, frustration taking over. "Fine! Let's go back I think if we don't, he might come looking for us." She nodded along before following me out of the bathroom and down the steps to Oliver's room. The dork had gone on the computer; I thought he would have been lying down thinking about this whole situation. Guess not. Turning around he smiled and I wondered if Lilly saw the way his faced glowed up when she walked in.

"Uhm…so yeah awkward." He laughed. Lilly and I gave a weak smile.

"Hang on. Lilly, do you think Oliver's a bad kisser?" I asked my brain formulating a new plan. Lilly shot me an angry look knowing that I already knew her answer. "Because if you did, I wouldn't mind helping him practice and giving him some pointers."

"What!?" They shouted together. They were perfect for each other, why did Lilly have to be so difficult? I shrugged and walked over to Oliver's bed.

Taking a seat, I grinned. Not once did I look at Oliver, keeping my eyes glued on Lilly, I watched as she eyed me suspiciously. "I mean - that is - if Lilly disagrees with me." Lilly's jaw hitched from what I can see.

Lilly stared at me before I let out a frustrated groan. Lilly was impossible.

"What's going on? What did you guys talk about?" Oliver asked with out a clue. Lilly turned her head and looked away. "Lilly?" she didn't even look at him.

"What?" Lilly asked casually. Bah why was she acting like this?

"Did I – are you – Am I missing something here?" I actually felt bad for him, Lilly was shutting him down without saying a single word.

"No, I'm just going to leave." Lilly said as she headed towards the door.

"I'm sorry. I'm such a bad kisser!" Oliver shouted. Lilly froze and I bit my tongue so not to laugh so hard. "Is this what this is about? I'm sorry my kissing skills are weak." He says frantically looking between the both of us. I'm biting my knuckle as I found myself into the corner of the room watching the scene play out.

"No…it's not that."

"Then what is it?" No answer from Lilly.

"SHE WANTS TO GO OUT WITH YOU, BUT CAN'T ADMIT IT!" I blurt out. Both of their heads swing in my direction. That was an accident as I slammed both my hands over my mouth.

"Really?" Oliver sounds eager. Why does Lilly have to be so reluctant?

"I – uhm…I don't want to lose you if anything happens." Lilly admits. FINALLY. Oliver looks at her. A little sad before a smile reaches his eyes. He takes her hand and pulled her to the computer. From where I sat Oliver clicked on a few times.

Getting off the bed I looked on the screen and read the folder name,


Aw…Inside there were so many pictures of the two I have ever seen. Pictures of them since they were kids and recent ones when all three of us hung out. There were defiantly more then I Had with Lilly and we love taking pictures.

"Aw…" They shot me a look. I know I should go home or at least not be here, but the next time they tell their life story I want to be in this memory as the girl who got them together.

"Uhm…Miley do you think you could leave?" Not until they agree to date. I shook my head and they groaned. "It's kind of awkward with you here." Rude…

"Look Oliver, I just don't want something to go wrong and then us never talking again. I can't let that happen." Oh yay! I'm being ignored! That means I can just watch the scene play out. Oliver reached down and took Lilly's hand.

"Like Miley said we've been through so much, let's make some new memories." He said with a soft smile. Aww…that was a bit corny.

"Wow that was cheesy…"I mumbled. Oliver must have heard me because he lets Lilly's hand go and grabs me by the wrist.

"Okay you need to go." He says and starts dragging me out. What a party pooper!

"Come on, Oliver! I want to watch." I claw at his hand gripping my wrist.

"Out Miley."

"Yes." Oliver and I paused in our fighting and looked towards the blonde. She was sitting at Oliver's computer scrolling through the pictures of them together.

"What?" Oliver and I say dumbfounded.

"I do want to go out with you Oliver, but-"

"But?" Oliver and I are currently sharing one brain.

"You have to promise that no matter what I won't lose you." Oliver releases my hand to look dumbfounded once again.

"I promise." He says pecking Lilly on the lips. I cannot say aww…enough they are too cute.

"And I promise to work on your kissing skills." I burst out with laughter at Lilly's words.

"See! I told you his kissing skill are weak!" I pointed.

"GET OUT MILEY!" rude…


AN: Oh and it's done. One day there will be a sequel, but look out for my newest story 'Death to Chemistry.' A little more interactive or so. Hopefully you guys liked it and sorry for the long updates.