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Kai was sitting in his room that Tyson had giving him at the dojo after the torment and at the moment his eyes were wide open and staring in disbelief over what he had just read. The small piece of white paper in his hand was nothing but a simple letter from one of his very distant relations.

He had kept in contact with this relation, not out of love or anything but for simple family business and what not so it wasn't the fact that he got a letter that made Kai go into his shocked state. It was what the letter was telling him that had made the Duel Haired teen's heart miss a beat. Kai's mouth opened and the only words any one would say in a time like this flew from his month.

"Oh hell no!" now Kai isn't the type to make much noise. So when a smaller boy downstairs heard the usually silent boy shout out he was left to think two things. one being 'what did i break this time' and 'Kai's got a problem. Tyson sat and thought it over for a minute or two. all the while the noise's upstairs continued.

'I haven't pulled a prank, didn't go in his room today and I can't remember breaking anything...' Tyson went though the list in his head, and sooner or later come to the conclusion of Kai having a bit of a dilemma. with bravery Tyson didn't know he had, he made his way to the beasts chamber.

Kai heard the knock on the door and growled to himself. He knew Tyson would come to make sure he was alright after all it sounded like Kai was fighting in his room with an army. Kai loved the younger boys company, he really did but right now he didn't want to be having to deal with the blader. Very slowly and reluctantly, Kai open the door to get a face full of soft and worried blue eyes.

"what do you want Tyson?" Kai snapped in Tyson's face. He didn't mean to be so rude but it just wasn't his day today. He saw the blue haired boy's face fall a little more before Tyson replied.

"I heard noises coming from your room and I was worried about you." the way he had said it, so skimpiest and fidgety, made something in Kai's chest twist. He didn't want to know what made that feeling though at the moment he had enough problem to deal with. Still what ever it was made him answer Tyson as calmly and reassuring as he could.

"I'm fine Tyson, just received a little bad news that's all" the look on Tyson's face didn't change much. the worried glint in his eye was still there only slightly lower but a new look of curiosity had come to play on the younger's features. Inside Kai rolled his eyes at himself, he knew that now Tyson would bug him until he knew what was wrong with Kai or until he could help and make it all right. Knowing he wouldn't be getting rid of Tyson just yet Kai open the door to his room further and walked back to his bed where the breaded letter was left.

Tyson taking the silent hint that he could come in made his way to sit next to Kai on his bed. His eyes fell on the letter the older boy seemed to be reading. Blowing a couple of bangs that fell in his eye he went to ask Kai what it was when Kai beat him to it.

"its a letter from my Grandfathers Brother.." Tyson couldn't believe it. Kai's Grandfather, the complete bastard that he was, had a brother. Tyson stayed silent but his eye were now as big a beach balls. "He says that he want to visit...to check on me..." Kai's voice cut off and it looked like Kai was thinking whether he should tell the rest to Tyson or not. Said boy wiggled a bit on the bed not really seeing why Kai would react the way he did to the letter.

"Kai, there's no problem with your ...um...whatever coming over, you know me and gramps wont mind, I mean this is your home to" Kai felt that thing in his twist move again at the mention of him having a home with Tyson but he pushed it down again.

"that's not the problem...its the reason as to why he's coming that's got me angry" Kai explained sourly. Tyson lips made a little left over Kai's expression. He would never tell Kai, but at the moment he really did look like a chibi having a good old strop.

"then what's the matter Kai?" Kai's face pouted more and Tyson could have sworn he saw a little bit of pink make their way to kais checks.

"I had to tell him before...that I was staying with my partner..." Kai stopped and waited for the capped boy to stay to laugh but it never came. Kai moved his eyes to look at Tyson and saw that Tyson didn't have a clue what he was one about.

"well, you do don't you Kai?" Once again in the space of an hour Kai's heart missed a beat at what he had just hared. " I am your Beyblade Partner" oh yes, Tyson didn't have a clue what Kai was on about. Sighing Kai tried to explain.

"no Tyson, not that Partner kind of partner... I mean aPartner, you know someone you live with, care about ... you know"

"I do care about you! and we do live in the same dojo last time I checked Kai"

"oh my god" Kai felt a headache coming along "I mean Partner as in a Girlfriend Tyson" Wait for it Kai,.

"OH!" Kai just rolled his eyes. 'my god I think he's got it'.

Now it was Tyson's turn to feel that funny twist in his chest, but unlike Kai's this one didn't feel nice, this one hurt.

"Kai you never told me you had a girlfriend" Tyson didn't want it to come out as strained as it did. Kai's eyebrow raised at the tone the boy had used but said nothing about it.

"that's because I don't Tyson"

"then why did you tell your...whatever... that you did" Tyson was confused again.

"because it was the only way i could stay here without him getting me to go into his care. Really he just wants what was left to me by the family and in Russia your guardian gets control of the accounts. I didn't want a idiot like him to get it" Kai voice raised just a little " and now that idiot is coming over to Japan to meet this girl who doesn't exist...Now do you see why I was so Pissed!"

Tyson watched on as Kai had his little rant. They didn't happen often but from what he had seen before Tyson knew it was better to just let him go on and wait for it to end in its own time. Removing his hat Tyson played with the bangs from before, they were starting to bug him. Once he was done he noticed that Kai had stopped his rambling and was looking at him in a very odd way.

"well...how long does he want to stay for" the look left kais face as he re read the letter for the dates his relative had said he would be coming over for.

"around a week..." Tyson's face screwed up in though. Who did they know that was a girl and could help them. "Hilary!"

"what?..." Now it was Kai who was confused.

"Hilary can be your Girlfriend"

"WHAT?" Now Kai was just in disbelief.

"Hilary can pretend to be your girlfriend for the week he's here and that way your...whatever...wont find out you haven't got a partner. I'm sure Hilary wont mind and she can stay in the dojo for the week to."

Kai just sat there with out blinking all the while staring at Tyson.


"Tyson... did you just have a good idea?"

"Shut Up Kai!"

It was now the afternoon and both Kai and Tyson could be found sitting in front of Hilary in her bedroom. They had explained everything that had happened and where asking, well Tyson was more like begging, for Hilary to do this favour for Kai.

"I'll help you out, I don't want to see Kai go either Tyson, so please let go of my leg" Tyson did as asked, moving back to be next to Kai with pink brimming his noise. Kai lowered his eyebrow before thanking the brunette for agree to help him out. "anytime Kai, now when do i need to come over?"

"well he want to come for a week after tomorrow"

"what? oh crap Kai..." Hilary's eyes looked really sorry. This couldn't be good news. "I'm leaving for camp tomorrow night..." Yup, that can't be good. Tyson sat straight up, his early look of embarrassment gone, replaced by a look of panic.

"Hilary! you can't go...your the only girl I know...!" The bangs from before fell into Tyson's eyes, bugging the teen for the twentieth time that day, and right now he wasn't in the mood. "GOD DAMN IT!"

Kai just watched as the Bluenette threw his hat to the floor while pulling at his hair making the small pony come out. Inside he to was just as frustrated as Tyson. Their only good plan, well their only plan really, had just been ruined. Kai could feel his earlier headache returning.

"I'm sorry Kai really...Tyson Would you Please Shu..." Hilary's words stuck in the back of her throat as she looked at Tyson. Not many people had seen the boy with his hair down, the pony was more constant then his cap in Hilary opinion but just then she got a brilliant idea. A way to kill two birds with one stone maybe?

"Hil? are you okay...your scaring me. You got the same smirk Kai wares when he goes crazy?" Kai just gave Tyson an evil glare.

"oh, sorry Ty-kun but i think i know how to solve all your problems" Tyson wasn't liking how the smirk grew.

"how? ... and since when do you call me Ty-Kun ?" Hilary stood up and walked around to the boy pulling him to his feet.

"Come with me and I'll show you." Kai made to go with them "NO! Kai,.. wait there a minute, you can see later" Kai sat back down. "good come on now Tyson" she pulled the slightly scared youngest boy into her room.

Kai watched them go feeling slightly bad for the younger boy. Hilary could be scarier then Tala on a bad hair day sometimes. What seemed like an hour passed and the noises Kai hared every now and them were making him feel more worried by the minute.


Kai jumped up at the scream. That had been Tyson. Kai made to go into Hilary's room to save the boy when said woman walked out with a smile on her face.

"Kai, meet my friend Takao" Hilary moved to the side so Kai could see the figure behind her. His eyes grew to impossible sizes at what he saw.

"Hi Kai..."

Why was Tyson Wearing a dress!

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