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She remained sit as his words sank in her heart.

I don't want to hurt you if I'm not able to love you the way you love me…

But you already did… she thought.

Another chill went through her heart and once again her hand ached and her bruise opened spilling her blood through her robe.



Chapter 7

Befriending a cursed woman


The next days passed quickly and quietly. There were no more arguments and the students were free of detentions. Everyone could see that something was wrong with Professor Granger as she was quieter than usual and that she was not as mean as before. If they were smart they would understand why this change happened. But they were oblivious to it as the rest of the staff.

She looked ill, very pale and thin. Only one person noticed this and she meant to do something about it. So, in a Hogsmead's weekend, Ginny waited for a certain Professor to appear and so he did.

'Sirius, glad you could make it' she called giving him a kiss on the cheek and then she sat back on her chair.

'So, what's up?' he replied.

Ginny looked around and put a silencing charm around them.

'I need your help' she hesitated.

'Ask it'

'Did you notice that Hermione is looking rather ill these past few weeks?'

'Not, really…I mean she seems alright on our patrols…'

'Well, she's paler and thinner… I think she's not eating properly.'

'Now that you mention it, she never eats more than her soap at lunch and dinner and toast at breakfast…'

Ginny smiled sadly.

'I think she's getting depressed. You need to help her.'

'Why me and not you?' he replied too quickly for his own good. Ginny smirked.

'Cuz I'm not leaving in the castle, am I?'

'I don't think I can do anything-'

'Yes, you can and you will, Sirius Black' she said in a rather Mrs Weasley tone of voice.

Sirius glared at her. Ginny grinned.

'Just take her to dinner and do different things. Distract her from her work… she's working too hard and I'm afraid she'll get into a deep depression…again.'

In spite of himself, Sirius nodded.

'So, what do we have to do is…' Ginny started.


Professor Granger was heading back to Hogwarts when she saw Professor Black waving at her. She stopped and waited for him to catch up with her.

He ran a bit and then got her.

He pulled himself together and then asked:

'Wanna get a drink?'

Hermione watched him closely but then she smiled and nodded. He could now see the bags under her eyes and the paleness that Ginny talked about. How come Ginny caught it when she just saw Hermione yesterday when she visited Harry and we didn't? he wondered.

They headed to the Three Broomsticks.

They were silent all the time but it was a good silence, a silence that told them they were enjoying each other company and that there was no need of words.

Only in the end of their drinks, Sirius talked.

'Mi, what's up with you?'

Hermione frowned.

'What do you mean?' she asked innocently. She knew exactly what he was asking but she was not going to give it out.

'You don't eat, you apparently don't sleep, and you look ill and pale… So, what's wrong?'

She stared at her empty bottle and then at Sirius who was watching her.

'Nothing is wrong. Too much work and the students are driving me crazy.' She lied waving her hands. It was then that he noticed her wrapped hand.

He took it before she could take it away.

'What's this?'

'I cut myself' she lied.

He glared at her.

'I thought you trusted me but you're lying to me, Hermione'

She looked down.

'I can't tell you everything, Sirius. There are things that are better kept secrets.'

'Then, just tell me what you can about those secrets so I can help you.' He pleaded exposing her cut. As soon as he took the protection he saw the blood leaving the cut non-stop. He tried some healing spells but nothing worked. He covered it again and stared at Hermione who was facing the empty bottle in front of her.

'This is a curse cut, Mi. How did you do it?' he whispered.

She sighed and took her hand away from his.

'Dark Magic' she said simply in a low voice.

'What did you do, Mi?'

She stood up.

'I can't tell you, Sirius.' And then she walked away tears coming out of her eyes as she walked silently to the castle.


I just wish you're here tonight

With me.

I could tell you everything

I could stay up all night

With your arms around me.

I wish I could fly away


Just to see you

Without remorse without pain

Just you and me,

You and me together at last.

I shall love you forever…

You shall live in my heart…

So why deny it?

Why hide it?

So it hurts,

It hurts a lot

Seeing you over and over

Without me at your side

Without my hands in yours…

If only I could tell you…



I couldn't just tell him I got that cut while taking his out of the veil. That would be saying that he's out because of Dark Magic, right?

I wanted to cry so much but I couldn't, not in front of him again. I love him and when I saw the hurt and anger in his eyes when he realised what that cut was…I was sadly happy. Does that even make sense?

Three weeks since we talked in the library…and Christmas is near, too near for my own good.

My time is running out. I can feel it…I have to start plotting. Oh, someone's coming.


She was sitting near the lake with a small book in her lap. He approached her and sat beside her.

'I have one too.' He told her.

'I know…' she whispered but he didn't hear it.

'Can I help?'

Yes, 'No' she replied.

He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and leaned her into his embrace. She had a cursed woman in his arms and it felt good, too good indeed.

'You should tell Harry…if you can't tell me…'

She smiled sadly.

'If I could tell him…I would rather tell you…'

'Well, he would understand, afterall, he was a cursed man not far ago.'

'Yes, but he would tell Ron and he wouldn't understand.'

'What's wrong between you two?' he asked gazing her head in his shoulder.

She sighed. It was time to tell him a bit more about her.

'Remember what I told you about being captive?' he nodded 'Voldemort thought I would be nice to mark me. He had a laugh at it. A mudblood being marked as a Death Eater, surely Potter would despise her and kill her himself…' she sighed and pulled away from him and pulled her right sleeve up.

There was no mark.

'I was under a imperious when he marked me. I never felt so filthy and ashamed in my life. It was the worst pain ever. When they found me…Harry saw it and he felt sorry for me, he understood what Voldemort'd done. But Ron…' she sighed.

'Ron thought I'd betrayed them and he tried to convince Harry to leave me there. It didn't matter how much I pleaded and told him I was tortured and marked against my will…he didn't get it, he didn't understand.'

'But Harry saved me…and Ron only apologised after a while but I will never forgive the names he called me and the looks he gave me…'

She touched her arm with her wand. A scary and pale mark appeared in her thin arm.

Sirius reached her arm and run his fingers on the Dark Mark. He took her mark to his lips and kissed it.

'I'm sorry I was not there to help, Mi' he hugged her and for a second he felt his heart sunk with a feeling he barely knew: love. He pulled away hastily but composed himself so she didn't notice.

'That's what is with me and Ron. He still says he loves me and is constantly asking me out but I still didn't forgive him. Harry knows and he's always trying to make Ron do something for me to forgive him entirely…'

She leaned against him again and Sirius wrapped his arm around her shoulder. They stayed that way until it darkened. Hermione laid on the grass and stared at the stars.

'Aren't they beautiful?'

Sirius gazed her beside her 'Yes'.

She smiled feeling his gaze on her.

'So, when are gonna tell me something about you?' she asked gazing back at him.

He stood in his arms so he could see her properly, him belly hitting the grass.

'What do you want to know?'

'Everything, something…anything…' she chuckled.

He smiled.

'Ah, I know... you could tell me about James and Remus at school…'

So they spend the night near the lake. Sirius telling her stories about his Marauders time and Hermione listening happily to his antics.

They didn't even notice two young people watching them through the Headmaster's window. The woman had her boyfriends hands wrapped around her waist and she was grinning madly.

'Don't they look cute together?' she asked her boyfriend that snorted.

'They're friends, Ginny'

'Yes, now… but they love each other, Mister Potter.'

She turned to see the disgusted face of her boyfriend. 'He could be her father, Ginny'

'Get used to it…be happy for them when they get together.'

He sighed 'I guess they deserve some happiness after everything they went through'

'You have no idea, my dear.' Then Ginny told Harry everything she knew, every word she had heard Hermione telling Sirius in the Burrow's kitchen.

To say he was shocked was the understatement of the millennium.

He told her about the mark. Ginny smirked and told him that she knew about it.

'We must promise not to tell anything or do anything that may expose Hermione's secrets' he ordered and Ginny closed the promise with a kiss.

'But we must do something about the ritual…there's something she didn't tell me about it…I have a bad feeling about her state…a really bad feeling, Harry'


I have a bad feeling about Hermione and me. I know I should be avoiding her until this thing for her passes but I can't help seeing her hurt or sad.

I feel that I'm falling into this dangerous web that is to feel. The last time I was in this web I lost more than I was willing to. I got hurt, I was nearly killed…

She died in the worse way possible. I disappointed her…I hurt her deeply and I couldn't do anything.

I can't let that happen between me and Hermione. She's my friend, one of the best friends I have now. I feel free to talk to her and being with her is fun and easy. She's the funniest person I know, well, in her own way…

I care for her deeply and I was so furious when I realised that she was cursed. I was furious, I am furious. Furious with myself for not preventing it somehow…

I just want to hug her and keep her save in my arms and never let go… this is what I dreaded…I'm in love and I can't act on it.

The time we spent together this last weeks made her grow on me.

But I can't, I won't…

Harry…my age…my past…my temper…her past...her youth...her temper...

She deserves better than me and she just is not willing to see it but she will.

For now I have to control myself and keep befriending her. Know her better…

For now, Padfoot,my boy, you have to distract yourself from that beautiful woman that is Hermione…

And what better way than get a lady?

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