Disclaimer: I don't own gundam or gundam wing, please don't sue me

Disclaimer: I don't own gundam or gundam wing, please don't sue me. I do however own my characters, which I hope nobody will steal. A lot of people wanted me to continue this story so I decided to make a saga out of it, the parts won't come as quickly as my other story so bear with me. Enjoy!! Here is my first part to my next saga…

A Soul Anew: The prophesy of cataclysm


In Africa, 3 years after the CWD war:

The land looked serene and untouched, which sheltered a horrific attack that happened upon base no one but a very few new of.

In the Base:

Another explosion rocked and echoed off the walls. The main compound of a revival for humans who have lost much in the past wars was quickly falling apart. A woman ran to a hidden exit and opened it.

"Come on everyone! Hurry, this place is not going to hold much longer!"

As the occupants of the compound began to retreat, she thought of the precious cargo that was being held in a hanger.

"Please let it survive this attack."

She checked to see if all the people had escaped, the woman noticed that one person was missing.

"Bradley?! Where are you?"

She yelled as she ran through the compound. The woman fell as an explosion came close, to close to where she was. Some debris fell down and barely missed her.

"Oh God! Bradley?!"

The woman kept running and calling, she spotted a figure lying under some fallen wreckage.

"Oh no."

The ruins came off the figure, but not without some effort. She recognized the face and saw from the damage done there was no use trying to save his life. The woman held Bradley's head in her lap.

"This shouldn't have happen to you Bradley, most of all you."

Another person that the woman was unaware of crept behind her, not making a sound. This elusive figure took out a cloth and quickly covered her nose and mouth with it. She struggled against the medication that was making everything seem off kilter and extremely tiresome.

"Don't struggle. You'll only make it harder for yourself Dr. Moore, besides we are late and someone wants to talk to you."

The doctor fell into the welcoming abyss, the figure picked her up and walked away. Some other comrades of this mysterious person waited for the final command, he looked at the base. One of his comrades took the doctor from there leader.

" Should we blow it up?"

"No, let's leave the ruins as a momento of our fine work. "

The man nodded and the group disappeared into the night.

Somewhere in Europe, at 1:00A.M:

In the main bedroom two people laid in each other's arms, without a worry in their minds for a long time. Relena slept peacefully with Heero by her side, she woke up and looked around. Her eyebrows knitted together from an uneasiness that woke her up. A flash caught her eye, she looked on the wall and saw a the communicator flashing with an incoming call. Relena tried to move her legs and to detangle herself from Heero's body, it took some work. She thought with a smile.

"Even sleeping he's possessive."

She walked quietly over, trying not to wake him. Relena turned on the incoming call, she recognized the person immediately.

"Professor J?!"

End of Prologue

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Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing, so don't sue I'm begging you. On to part one of my story..

On L1, 2 days later:

Most of the Gundam pilots had already arrived to meet with the professors on the current situation.

"What the hell is going on?!"

Misty and Trowa were the last ones to disembark and come to the new station that the professors built. Morgan laughed softly.

"Nice to know your still the same Misty?"

Misty put one hand on her hip and gave everyone a captivating smile.

"Well, I do have a reputation to hold up."

Professor S interuppted the conversation.

"I know that you all have a lot of catching up to do, but we have more pressing matters."

Relena shifted uncomfortbly in the chair.

"Please hurry, you were so elusive when calling us. Why won't you tell us why we are here?!"

Relena started to get upset, Heero put a hand on her arm clandestinely. Just enough touch to calm her down. She gave a heavy sigh. Doctor J got up and walked over to a window with his back facing the group.

"Something devistating has happened to the African Compound, it came under attack a few days ago."

The room was silenced. Hilde had closed her eyes with the shocking news, after a few moments she found her voice.


With his back still to the crew, Doctor J spoke in a more soft and questioning tone.

"Most of the people in the main compound had gotten out before the major damage, except for a few. The thing that has us suspisious about the true nature of the situiation is that there was no trace of Dr. Moore. It was like she dissapeared."

Wufei shook his head.

"Did you ever think she might have been kiddnapped?"

The Gundam pilots all thought about this for a moment. Quatre was starting to get a headache from all of this, a thought struck him.

"Hey, what about the Gundams?"

Professor H told them.

"Don't worry about the Gundams, they are secure in the storage. It looks like the storage was untouched, by our sadalite equipment we can tell where the damage is even if we aren't there."

Relena gave a frusterated sigh.

" That dosen't make any sense. If the bombers knew about the African base, they knew about the Gundams. Why would they leave them intact, and blow the rest of the base up?"

Heero spoke, breaking his silent revenue.

"It looks like a message, more like a challenge. They left them there because they knew we would come, and to show us they are not afriad."

Relena got up.

"We have to leave."

Somewhere in space:

Valise was tied up and blindfolded, she knew she was a long way away from Africa.

"I can't believe this is happening to me. I wonder what idiots I have to deal with now?"

She heard the door open and immediately stiffined. Someone came over and picked her up, they carried her for a while and sat her down.

"What the hell do you people want?"

The reply came.


Valise shook her head violently.

"Not a chance buddy."


"I will keep talking until you get someone I can speak to whose vocabulary is not limited to two words."

She heard a dry laugh.

"You'll only be waiting a couple of seconds."

Valise heard the door open, and turned her head to the sound, even though she couldn't see. The footsteps got closer until they stopped right in front of her. She thought to herself.

"I have a feeling this is not going to be good."

The person untied the blindfold, it fell away. Valise looked to the person, and was stunned, but somehow she managed to say some words.

"Oh shit."

In Africa:

A plane landed in the desert by the old base. The pilots walked out and looked around. Relena, Morgan, Misty, and Hilde went together to what was left of the main compound, Morgan looked at it through sad eyes.

"I can't believe it's gone, my first home out of prison."

Relena walked into the ruins and spotted a body, she knew it was dead but went over anyway. Everyone else was expecting the compound for any clue to the destroyers of the base. She lifted the slab of concrete that was pinning the person down and pushed it to the side. Relena knelt down and turned the person over.

"Oh god, Bradley."

She started to cry for her friend and held his head.

"Why did they do this to you?"

Relena wiped her tears, when something caught her eye. In Bradley's hand there was a shiny object, she opened the hand and found a medallion. It was a silver one, she yelled to everyone.

"Hey guys, I found something!"

As the pilots started to come over, Relena put a rug over Bradley and promised to him she would bury him before she left. She walked away from him and met the other pilots half way.

"Look at this."

She put out her hand and showed them. Misty had a confused look.

"What is it?"

Duo looked at her a gave half smile.

"It looks like a piece of metal."

Misty gave him a death glare, Hilde smacked him on his arm.

"Stop it, don't be a smartass."

Duo gave her an innocent look.


Relena looked at the medallion hard.

"Where have I seen this before?"

Heero gave her a thoughtful stare.

"It does look familiar."

Trowa spoke to everyone.

"I think we should get our Gundams now, and go to the professors base."

Relena pocketed the artifact.

"Your right, I have to do something first. Give me 20 minutes."

Heero looked into her eyes.

"What do you have to do?"

She smiled at him.

"I have to keep a promise to a friend."

With that Relena ran to Bradley, Morgan sighed.

"Oh well, lets go break our friends out of eternal sleep."

They all went to the storage.

In storage, 25 minutes later:

The pilots had checked and refueled their Gundams. Misty climbed into Canic.

"I'm back again. I hope I still remember how to work you. I guess it was a good thing I never got rid of that isotope in my system that connected me to you. Canic online."

Canic tuened his systems on, and Misty ran through the system check.

"All clear. Excellent."

Everyone was ready, Quatre had volunteered to take his Gundam in the plane and meet everyone at the new base. Relena got into Polartic and ran through the check also.

"Well old friend, it's nice to know you're here for me. Let's get out of here."

The Gundams all left the place of bad memories behind. On the way back, Relena took out the medallion again.

"Where do I know that from?"