Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing or anything like it, please don't sue me

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing or anything like it, please don't sue me. I'm poor. For all those people that want to talk to me, I'll be happy to.. If anyone has any questions or just want to talk please e-mail me at . I'm sorry for taking so long on this story, It's just that I'm moving!!!He, he, he on to part 7..

Where were we...oh yeah!

At the prime ministers meeting:

Relena fell backwards from the force of the gunshot. She put her hand over the wound in hopes to stop the blood from pouring out


" Shit! This was a bad fucking idea. Relena you have got to think of better ideas."

Heero came running to her side, and knelt down.

" What were you thinking?"

Relena looked into his eyes.

"I had to take myself out. So he couldn't use me as his pawn, and Derrik would have to kill my brother himself. Which he won't."

Heero ripped off a piece of his shirt and put it on Relena's wound.

"Hold it there, and don't move."

Relena let out a dry laugh, which she instantly regretted.

" I don't think I'm going anywhere. Just find Derrik before he does something stupid."

She saw Heero hesitate.

"Go, I'll be fine."

Heero leaned over an kissed her cheek. He got up with a longing look at Relena then ran to find Derrik.

In space:

"Ouch!! Son of a bitch. I just had my gundam repainted!!"

Misty activated Canic's magnetic pull.

"See what happens when you piss me off. Prepare to become crispy critters."

The mobil suits could not stop there descent into Canic. The magnetic pull was so strong. As they got closer the mobils melted away. Misty dusted her hands off.

"Now that's a close encounter."

Morgan came to Misty.

"God, I thought you would need help but I guess not."

Misty gave a wounded look.

"I'm overcome by you lack of trust in my abilities to take on a few mobil suits."

"Your boring me Misty, I'm leaving and going to find some Mobils to take out."

Misty waved her hand in a irritated gesture.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm going to see if Trowa needs any help."

On Earth:

Hilde was watching the television with news on the attack of Milliardo Peacecraft and the fight in space with the gundam's.

"Oh Duo please be safe."

At the now destroyed meeting of the prime ministers:

Heero was lead into a hallway of the building. He listened to any footsteps or sounds that would lead him to Derrik. As he walked further down a voice spoke out to him.

"Well, well if it isn't the honorable and worthy pilot of Wing Zero. I should have known that your little girlfriend would find some way to screw up my plan."

Heero kept moving to the voice, he felt he was getting pretty close when a shot ran out and came a little to close to his head.

"I wouldn't come any closer if I were you."

Heero could tell from Derrik's voice that he was getting irritated that Heero was not answering back. He heard Derrik's footsteps go into a room down the hall. Heero ran to the end of the hall and opened the door, he was greeted with a room full of mirrors.


"Ha, ha, ha, ha."

Heero heard Derrik's laughter through the huge room. He heard someone running and saw the image of Derrik in the mirrors behind him. Heero quickly pulled off three shots.

"Having a little trouble Heero?"

Heero thought for a moment on what to do. Threw all the training he received in the hands of Doctor J, he never went through something quite like this. Heero thought to himself.

"What can I trust, what instinct?"

He made his choice and went down on one knee. Heero closed his eyes and opened his ears to the sounds around him. Derrik was behind one of the mirrors and saw Heero do this. He whispered to no one in particular.

"Smart man. To bad I have the advantage. Say goodbye Heero."

Derrik stepped from behind the mirror to get a clear shot. Heero heard his steps off to his right. Before Derrik could know what was about to happen Heero pointed his gun right at Derrik and pulled the trigger. He opened his eyes to see Derrik fall from the wound to his heart. Heero walked over to his body.

"That'll teach you to mess with my family."

Back at the Balcony:

Relena could feel the wound having no intention of stopping.

"What a stupid way to die."

She felt that she was about to pass out when Heero came running up to her.

"How do you feel Relena?"

She looked up at him and gave him a stupid look.

"Like I've been shot."

Heero looked amused. (knowing Heero that look would be a slight smile.)

"I think you'll be fine."

Heero went to pick her up, but Relena stopped him.


He paused.


Relena looked hesitant, but found the words.

"You have to promise me something, or I'll bleed to death right here."

Heero crossed his arms.


Relena searched his eyes.

"Now remember I'm in a delicate condition. I want..I want you to marry me."

Heero got taken back.

"Why? Why now? I thought we were happy?"

Relena reassured him quickly.

"We are, we are, but I want it to be official. I want to become Relena Yuy."

Heero stayed silent for a while, but then he spoke very softly.

"Will this make you happy?"

Relena nodded her head slightly, and smiled at him which turned into a grimace from the pain.

"Yes, I'll marry you."

Relena felt if her face would split from the grin on her face.


Heero nodded. He picked her up and carried her out.

Back at the base:

"I swear to god you should have seen me! Those suits didn't stand a chance against my Gundam."

Morgan rolled her eyes at Misty's boast.

"Don't you ever shut up!"

"Why would I. Everyone's listening."

Wufei frowned.

"That's because no one else could get a word in."

Misty quickly turned her attention to him.

"Thanks Wufei, it's not like you have anything anyone else would want to here. It's always Women this women that, if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all."

Wufei came close to her.

"You are the most annoying woman I have ever meet."

Misty slapped her thigh.

"There you go with the woman thing again. You know I think you have a problem."

Wufei huffed and walked away. Misty called after him.

"You know the first step is admitting you have a problem."

In the sick bay:

Heero was waiting for Valise to finish working on Relena. The other pilots came up, Quatre sat down next to Heero. Just to be moral support. After a few moments valise came out. Heero looked up at her.

"Don't worry Heero she's doing fine, you can go see her if you want."

Heero didn't need to be told twice. Valise looked at the relieved faces of the pilots.


She looked up at Valise.


"I wanted to talk to you. I don't think that even if there is an uprising from this incident, and god forbid we have to go into battle that you should not fight in your condition."

"Ah, how do you know about my condition?"

"It was in your medical chart, I make it a point to keep up on your history because of the isotope in your system."

The group was giving Misty funny glances. Trowa looked especially worried.

"What condition? Misty are you sick? I can't believe you didn't tell me your sick!"

Misty sat down in the chair, she thought it was a good time as any to tell Trowa.

"I'm not sick Trowa. I going to have a baby."

For the first time Trowa's silence was understandable. Duo came up and slapped Trowa on the shoulder.

"Congrat's Trowa, your going to be a father."

Trowa slowly came out of his stupor.

"I'm going to be a father."

In the sick bay room:

Heero walked in to see Relena tried to take out the IV.

"Relena what are you doing?"

She looked up at Heero.

"I fine now, I don't want to stay in this room. It gives me the creeps."

He came over and pushed Relena back down on the bed.

"Lay down."

Relena looked up at him for a moment.



"Do you still want to marry me?"

Heero smiled at her.

"There's nothing I would rather do more."

The End

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