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Veritaserum surprise.

Chapter one

"What's your name?"

"Stupid question."

"Daphne Greengrass."



"Date of birth"

"What is it with these stupid questions?"

"17th of august 1981"

"Are you a Death Eater?"

"I'm not some homicidal idiot"


Do you support the Dark lord's ideas?"

"Hell no"


"Do you support Dumbledore?"

"That manipulative old man?"


"Do you support the Ministry?"

"With an idiot like Fudge in charge"


"Miss Greengrass." frustration now evident in the interrogators voice. "Who do you support?"

"Myself and Harry"

"What's with that whispering?"

"Miss Greengrass what is your relationship with Mr Potter?"


"I'm his girlfriend"

"I guess that since their incessant whispering stopped their shocked."

"How… how long have you been together?"

"Erm…good question"

"About ten months I think."

"I didn't realise we'd been going out that long and will you stop that bloody whispering."

"Did anybody know about your relationship with Mr Potter?"

"That voice sounds kinda of familiar"


"Why did you and Mr Potter hide your relationship?"

"Because of Voldemort" "Ha I made you flinch you bastards" "and because we knew that our relationship, one between a Slytherin and a Gryffindor, would be seen as taboo and because he didn't want me to become a bigger target for the junior Death Eaters."

"How did you and Mr Potter get together?"

"Bloody nosey git but I still can't place the voice."

"It started on August the forth…"

'You stupid, worthless, little girl!'

She felt tears threaten to fall, as she was berated.

'I don't want to see you darken my door step ever again, do you understand me?

She nodded. 'Good, now get the hell out of my house!'

She picked up her trunk and was pushed out the door. She turned to say goodbye only to have the door slammed into her face.

'Goodbye' she whispered quietly, as she turned and walked down the street.

'I guess I better find somewhere to stay.' She looked in the window of a house at her reflection. She wasn't bad looking, she supposed, a little short for a fifteen almost sixteen year old. Her long, straight black hair that came down to her waist, shimmered, and shined jet black and the darkest of blues depending on the light, and the effect was added to due to the fact her skin was very pale. But it was her eyes that she liked the most, they were a shocking pinky - purple, that if you looked at to long you would always find another shade. But as she was constantly reminded at home they were not normal.

There was a crack form behind her and she turned, only to find herself staring into the face of a boy not much older than herself. He wasn't very tall 5"9 at the most, but his broad shoulders and muscles made him look intimidating. His hair was as black as the night, and was down to his shoulders, his long fringe covered the tops on his eyes. His eyes. She felt compelled not to look away from them, they were a bright emerald green and shone with power and strength, but that was not what compelled her to look. Underneath all the strength and power was pain, lots and lots of pain.

She knew who this was, this was Harry Potter. The Boy-Who-Lived, she knew this because she'd been at school with him for the last five years, but he looked so different. His hair was longer than she remembered and he was fitter than she remembered him at the end of the year. The thing that interested her was that fact his eyes were no longer hidden behind glasses, they were naked for the whole world to see.

'What do you want Potter?' she asked icily.

He smiled slightly 'To help you' he said simply.

'Why?' she asked keeping her icy tone.

'Because if I don't in five minutes you'd be dead'

She stared at him disbelievingly. 'See for yourself' he said with a smile, and with that he handed over an invisibility cloak. She raised an eyebrow. 'You don't believe me so put it on and wait and see'

She slipped on the cloak and waited. She had been waiting for five minutes and was just about to take the cloak off and shout at him, when she heard eight distinct cracks.

She turned and gasped. Standing less that two feet away were seven masked death eaters and at the front, Bellatrix Lestrange.

'Spread out and find the girl, she should be around here, and the Dark Lord will reward us handsomely for killing her.' And with that the Death Eaters fanned out, searching.

She looked around and couldn't see Potter any where. 'Where the hell has he gone now?' she wondered, as she turned her attention back to Bellatrix, who stood impatiently waiting for her masked friends to return.

Fifteen minutes later not one of them had returned and Bellatrix moved getting her wand out.

'Hello Bella' came a quite voice from behind them.

She turned as well as Bellatrix, and gasped at what she saw. Standing there was Harry Potter seven dead Death Eaters lying beside him. His wand loosely held in his hand. 'I've been waiting for you'

'Aw, ikkle baby Potter, has been waiting for little ole me?' she asked in her mock baby voice, but she clearly heard fear underneath it.

'Indeed I have Bella, indeed I have. Do you know who I am Bella?'

'Of course she knows who you are you idiot' the girl though scathingly 'everybody and their dog knows your Harry 'fucking' Potter'

'Your ikkle baby, Harry Potter' she mocked again with a laugh, which stopped when she noticed him smirking. 'What are you smirking at' she demanded, loseing the baby voice.

'It's rather easy Bella, you do know who one of these seven are, don't you?'

Her eye's went wide. 'M…My husband was one of them.'

'Yes Bella and do you happen to know what I am to you?'

'Yes' she snarled tightening her grip on her wand 'you're my Masters enemy and mine.'

'Tut, tut Bella, I'm shocked you don't reconise your own head of Family'

The girl gasped as did Bellatrix. 'You can't be your not a…'

'A Black' she nodded. 'Oh but I am Bellatrix, your cousin adopted me Bella, and as such, when he died I became head of the family. You do remember the contract your aunt made you sign on your sixteenth birthday?' another nod. 'She told you it was emancipation papers but what it was, was a marrage contract. There was an…interesting clause in it that stated you must obey your husband at all times, but this contract is now void due to the fact he's dead, and you should be coming out of it's effects right about..' he glanced at his watch, and Bellatrix raised her wand.


'Now' and with that Bellatrix fell to the floor asleep. 'Well that was fun, you can come out now.'

She whipped off the cloak and pointed her wand at him. 'What are you Potter?' she quirked her wand trained on his heart.

He raised an eyebrow. 'I'm the same as you, except exactly the opposite.' At her confused look he elaborated. 'Your parent's wanted you to become a Death Eater, and you refused because you don't want any part in this war, and if you did take part you would do so on your own terms. Dumble's wants me to fight for him, and be his weapon, but I, like you don't want to be part of this stupid war, but unfortunately I am the center of it, and if I must fight, I, like you will fight on my on terms.'

'How did you know they were coming here?' she asked her wand still trained on his heart.

He tapped his forehead and smiled. 'Last year Voldemort sent vision's to me through my scar, and Dumbfuck thought it would be a good Idea to get Snape to teach me Occlumency. But Snape let his stupid grudge against my father, blind him and used the opportunity to mind rape me. Now that cost me my Godfather at the end of last year, and I vowed I wouldn't get caught like that again, so I did learned it myself, and learned to manipulate my connection to Him and now I can read some of the things in his head. This.' He waved his arm around. 'Is one of those things.'

'What did you do to her?'

He looked down in pity at the sleeping form of Bellatrix. 'I freed her from her life of torment and suffering. She hasn't been able to act of her own free will since she was sixteen.'

'That's disgraceful'

'Yes, it is, which is why in my full capacity as the head of the Black's to annul hers and Narcissa's marriage's' Her eyebrows shot up. 'Yes I know it shocked me that there Aunt thought that making them slaves to their husbands was a good idea.'

'Did you just say Narcissa, as in Narcissa Malfoy?'

'The one and only, her contract was much easier to annul, since the contract was broken already. The contract said that if he should ever go to prison the marriage would be terminated, and since he's rotting in a jail cell so that was easy.'

'Why are you telling me this?'

He smiled 'That is simple, I need your help'

She arched her eyebrow 'And how could I help you?'

'Simple, I know your family has taught you many things. How to act like an upstanding Pureblood, some Dark Arts and finally you know a hell of a lot more than I do about the wizarding world.'

'And how will this help you?'

'Again simple, I need to know my position in the world, as the head of two family's, I am important and add to that all the Boy-Who-Lived crap, and you can see why I need to learn.'

'What would I get out of it?'

Harry smirked 'Slytherin to the end eh? What do you want out of it? You don't need money since your that last of your line.'

'I'm not. My stupid parent's…'

'Your parent's are dead'

Her eyes went wide. 'How?' was all she could ask.

'There over there' he pointed to the seven dead Death Eaters 'they were planning on killing you to prove there loyalty. So what is it you want?'

'Come on think of something, anything, what can you get out of this that nobody else could' then it struck her. 'I want you' to say his face was a picture was an understatement. His face, which up until now had remained impassive, was contorted in shock.

'Me?' he asked quietly.

'Yes you. I know that my parent's were going to sell me off to Malfoy as his mistress, and I have never had a proper boyfriend due to the fact I look so different, so if I'm going to give you the help you need, you need to give me the one thing I need'

'And what's that?' he asked, so quietly it was almost a whisper.

'Someone who cares for me, for all my Slytherin bad mouthing and icy persona, I'm very insecure, and I've never had someone who cares for me, so will you?'

She watched him going over things in his head and waited.

'I've always wanted someone who understood me,' he said slowly 'someone who could understand what I've been through and what I'm going to go through. Cho was too emotional, I'd looked at Ginny, but she's too childish and Hermione is more of a sister than a romantic interest.' He looked her straight in the eye 'So I accept your offer, and agree. Your help, for my self.' He grinned. 'Now that we have the negotiations out the way lets say we get you and sleeping beauty here back to my home.'

She slipped her wand into its holster and walked over to him. 'How are we getting back?'

'It's rather simple' he said picking Bellatrix up and placing her over his shoulder. 'I'm simply going to do this.' With that he grabbed her hand, and she felt like she was been squeezed into a small tube. She closed her eyes and tried to breath, only to find she couldn't, she began to panic till all of a sudden she felt back to normal again. She opened her eyes and look around they were in the middle of a kitchen. A large oak table was at the center of the room with at least thirty chairs around it and a stove over in one corner which looked old and battered like it had had a lot of use. 'Welcome to my home'

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