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Chapter three:

'Erm…excuse me Miss Greengrass, but who were the people Harry was contracted to marry?'

Daphne looked over at the Longbottom boy who, up till now had sat in silence. 'Little Miss Weasley there was one, of the four. The other one was Parkinson, who, I found out Harry, despised more than I do. The other two I found interesting.' She paused, and turned to face Dumbledore. 'Did you know you'd been spied on?' she asked curiously.

'What do you mean spied on?' he asked

'Simple really, when Harry found out who the other two were, he felt sorry for them because one was a friend and the other he didn't even know.' At the interested looks she elaborated. 'Susan Bones was one, and Harry went and told her himself that they would never be together, and that they were good friends nothing more.' His friends looked surprised by this. 'So they didn't think he had friends outside them, idiots.' 'The last one was Su Li from Ravenclaw, and she's the spy.' See looked Dumbfuck in the eyes. 'When Harry told her what you had done, and offered her his friendship, she wasn't very happy with you, and offered to help in any way she could, and since she was good at observing people we asked her to watch you, and watch you she did. Every Order meeting you had in the castle, she was there, and relayed every thing to Harry.' Dumbledore's eyes widened. 'That's right Dumble's even the fact that his friends were at these meeting, and the fact you thought he might go Dark, and join Voldemort. But Harry didn't go Dark did he, no but he did something so great that it puts your achievements to shame, and in doing it he defeated Voldemort once again.'

'Miss Greengrass, what did Harry do?'

'I'm not going to tell you yet, after all we are only in the middle of the story.'

'Very well, Miss Greengrass what exactly did you teach Harry?'

'As I told you, I taught him how to act, and react properly in a pureblood society, how to dance, how to love, and a few other things I don't think he'll want me to mention.'

'Did you teach him anything magic related?' Dumbledore asked shrewdly.

Daphne smirked 'I did I taught him what little of the Dark arts I knew, but he only seemed interested in the theory of them.'

'That's not very Harry like, normally he hates theory, and loves the practical.' Granger said, with a confused and slightly worried look on her face.

'Maybe, but don't you think that the things that happened last year might of made him grow up? After he saw the last of his family die in front of his eyes, don't you think he would try, and never let that happen again, by planning things through more?'

'What Dark arts did you teach him?' asked a very quite Professor Snape.

'Just the basics I'd been taught, Dark cutting curse's, Dark Stunners, and mild pain curse's'

'Did Mr. Potter ever tell you why he wanted to learn them?'

'Yes he did it was shortly after we'd arrived at Hogwarts…

Harry and Daphne sat on a couch the Room of Requirement had provided them with, after a rather stressful training session.

'Harry can I ask you a question?'

'You just did' he quipped which earned him a smack 'but go on.'

'I was wondering why you wanted to learn the Dark Arts'

Harry turned slightly, and looked her in the eye. 'There are two reasons. The first is at least I will know what kind of curses are been used against me, and how to counter them, and the second is rather complicated.' He shifted into a more comfortable position. 'I know I can't defeat Voldemort with so called 'light' spells, but I don't want to use Dark Arts as that would make me as bad as he is.'

'So why are you learning them then?'

'So I can change them' Daphne raised an eyebrow. 'I am planning on altering the killing curse, but in order for me to do that I need to know how the majority of spells work, and I can see if my theory is correct or not, but for now lets get back to practicing.'

'Miss Greengrass, did Harry ever tell you his theory?' Dumbledore asked curiously

Daphne shook her head. 'No he didn't, I asked him twice, and both times he refused to tell me.' She smirked and added. 'Besides it's not just theory any more.'

'Is that how he killed Voldemort?'

Still smirking Daphne replied 'Maybe'

'Miss Greengrass, I'm getting tired of this now will you please tell me what happened to Voldemort?' Dumbledore demanded.

Daphne's trained eye caught sight of a flash of gold coming through the window, and smirked deeply at Dumbledore. 'No'

Dumbledore sighed. 'Very well Miss Greengrass then you leave me no choice than to take the information' he drew his wand in a flash 'Legilime…'

'I wouldn't do that if I was you' said a cold and familiar voice. Dumbledore winced as a wand tip dug into his neck, and turned slightly to be faced with a very Angry, and blood covered Harry Potter.

The Order gasped at the way he looked. His Raven hair was matted, and had grass, and blood in it. His robes were ragged, blood stained, frayed, and one of his sleeves was missing, revealing a long gash, going from his bicep to his wrist on his right arm. But it was his eyes that shocked them; they were bright emerald green, naked to the world and shined with an inner fire.

The Order looked at each other, and the only thing they could think was 'Oh shit'

'About time Harry, Thought you'd stop at home for a cup of tea on the way here did you?'

'Something like that Daph.' He said with a slightly lop sided grin. Removing his wand from Dumbledore's neck he went, and stood next to Daphne. 'I was sat happily in bed recovering, waiting for you to get home, when a pink hair Auror dropped in on me, and told me what was going on. I got here as fast as I could, although you can tell I'm rather pissed off at this so called Order at the moment.'

Harry looked around the room at the assembled members of the Order, staring them in eyes, till they looked away. Daphne smirked, and unconsciously relaxed into the chair. She wasn't going to be questioned now, and if anybody tried anything Harry would stop them. 'Thank god you're here now Harry, I don't think my shields would have held up against the Headmaster.'

Blazing emerald eyes, met twinkling blue, and everybody went silent. Dumbfuck appeared to be thinking he was in charge of the situation. 'He won't be thinking that for much longer'

'Harry can you…'

'It's Mr. Potter to you Dumbledore' Harry said bitingly

'Harry that's no way to talk to the Headmaster' scolded Hermione

'Fuck off Granger. I will talk to him anyway I like since it's the end of term.' Hermione's eyes shined slightly 'Oh and don't start wailing, after all you're one of the ones who betrayed me remember?'

'Mr. Potter then can tell me how you defeated Voldemort?'

Harry smirked 'I can' the whole Order became more alert, and waited eagerly for the answer but it never came.

'Well…' prompted Dumbledore

'I can, but I don't want to'

Daphne laughed lightly 'that's it Harry, do as I taught you, deliberately keep them off balance.'

Dumbledore sighed, wiped out his wand, and Harry felt a thud against his mental shields. He closed his eyes, and concentrated. He led Dumbledore a careful constructed path of memories, as Daphne had told him to. All the mental and physical abuse at the Dursleys he showed him every time they had called him 'freak', every punch, kick and hit. He felt Dumbledore try to escape but kept him in there until the memories were over.

The Order sat in silence as the Headmaster, the so called strongest wizard alive, collapsed into a chair, and wept uncontrollably. Harry conjured chair next to Daphne, and sank into it exhausted. Daphne wrapped her arm around him, and took up were he left off.

'Do you know what you did Headmaster?' she asked coldly 'Do you now understand your mistakes?'

Dumbledore stopped weeping and looked up. 'I did what I thought was for the best.'

'No you fucking didn't, and you know it. You circumvented the wishes of the deceased, you were the main factor in Sirius Black's sentence to Azkaban, and all to see if what happened the first time would happen again. You deliberately set things up to mimic Voldemort's life, just so you could have some closure, knowing the fact that it was Tom Riddle's decisions that led him down his destructive life, and not your own.'

Dumbledore sank into his chair looking his age, and defeated.

Harry looked him in the eye. 'I am going to say this now Dumbledore, and I am going to say this to everyone here. I took my Newts over Christmas since I knew I couldn't stay here with all you backstabbing bastards. So I have now officially finished school, and I now have a job as well. Now I am going to take my fiancée home, and I will stay there while I recover. Then as soon as I'm fully fit again I am going to get married. Now what I want everyone in here to do, baring you two of course' he said still looking at Dumbledore 'Is to leave me the fuck alone if you see me or my wife I want you to ignore us, or if you are capable engage us in a conversation that doesn't (a. Try to bring me back into your lives and (b. clean up any more of your stupid mistakes, you may talk to us. Now do you understand?'

The stunned Order members nodded mutely.

'Good now onto how I defeated Voldemort, it was simple really…'

Daphne snorted 'Yeah, really simple. All hail lord Harry Potter master of fucking underestimates'

Harry rolled his eyes. 'Thanks hun. Now where was I, oh yes, It was simple really all I had to do was change the way the killing curse worked.'

At the shocked, and disbelieving looks Daphne couldn't help it any more, she laughed. 'If you think that's shocking you should have heard when he said when I asked him to…'

'Daphne' Harry cut in 'I don't really think they want to hear about my stupidity at the moment.'

'Oh but come on dear it was rather amusing'

'For you maybe but not for me it was the most embarrassing thing that happened in my life.'

'Oh come on babe it's very had to get to 16 without…'

'Moving on' said Harry loudly, his cheeks brick red. 'I began to think over summer about how spells worked, and basically the principals of magic. I then thought over many things, my life, Sirius's death, the ministry etc… anyway I came to a conclusion. Magic is just that, Magic. There is no good magic, there is no bad magic, although there are a couple of exceptions to this, the Cruciatus is one such thing. Now playing with this I created a theory of mine. Knowing that intentions of the caster determine what happens with the spell, for example righteous anger will not fuel a proper Cruciatus, I began thinking about the killing curse, and what drives it. I know anger must fuel it, after all if some second rate hack of a Death eater can use it, it must be simple, but after thinking some more I worked out there are a lot of emotions that can be used, Anger, pain, suffering and enjoyment, as well as a few others but if I used them I would become what I hate, and I couldn't do that, so I thought back to who Voldemort really is, Tom Riddle. Now getting proper information about Tom Riddle is a fucking pain in the ass thanks to Dumbfuck here, but having friends inside the hall of records is a good way of getting it.'

'Mr. Potter as far as I was aware you don't have friends in the hall of records.' Stated McGonagall

'Oh but professor I don't.'

'Then how did you…'

'I assume Miss Tonks was the one with friends in the Hall?' asked Dumbledore

Daphne smirked, and answered. 'Then you would be wrong in assuming that Professor, Harry has other friends.'

'Now as I was saying I got all the information I could find, and I read it over, and over again, and one emotion over took me. Pity. I felt pity for him; his life was so much like mine that I could sympathize with him. So I took my pity and decided to try, and utilize it, and utilize it I did. I asked Tonks to find me allsorts of books on spell crafting, and the like. I read for hours, and hours until I finally had it. I had created my own killing curse, as well as a few other spell I had made as tests along the way. So do you now understand how I defeated Voldemort?'

'Yes Mr. Potter I understand. Can you tell me the spell?'

Harry shook his head 'No, and I won't simply because it is too dangerous for anybody to know.' He stood, and offered his hand to Daphne. 'Now if you don't mind I'm going home' he turned, and came face to face with Dumbledore's Wand.

'I'm Sorry Harry but I'm going to have to ask you to come with me, it's for the best'

'Who the Fuck does he think he is to threaten my Harry like that, that's my job.' Daphne slowly drew her wand. 'Harry duck' Harry ducked down just as a Orange beam of light flew over his head, and hit Dumbledore square in the chest, a shocked look on his face as he froze. She slowly sauntered over to him and stood face to face with him 'I'm going to say this once so listen very closely to me. Harry has just done the world a great favor, and you stand there with him at wand point, and all but arrest him for saving your ass. Well I won't allow it, if you ever dear to threaten him again I will do more than turn your muscles into bone.' She pulled back her leg, and let it fly. Dumbledore doubled over, red faced, and crying. 'That was for all the pain and suffering you've put Harry through, now Harry if you would be so kind as to take us home.'

Harry grinned and pulled her into a hug. 'Ah the surprise's of Veritaserum, eh Daph?' Daphne Chuckled as the portkey whisked them away from Harry's so called friends for the last time, or at least what they hoped would be the last time.

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