Another drabble fic xD I hope you enjoy this one, it was pretty fun to write. I always love to classify Willabeth kisses in my mind, so therefore I decided to put them down on paper, err, rather in Word xD Umm yeah, it is rather long, but I still classify it as a drabble.

Oh, one more thing, a reply to Smithy who reviewed my other drabble: the 'tattoos' aren't real nor temporary, they are innuendo for the scratches Elizabeth leaves Will while making love :P


William and Elizabeth Turner's marriage entailed every single different variety of kisses known to man.

There was the just-waking-up kiss. It involved the two sleepy individuals rousing from their sleep (overnight or brief naps during the day) and pressing their lips together softly. The majority of the time, both are too sleepy and disheveled to use their tongues.

The goodbye kiss usually involved a quick and almost inconspicuous peck on the lips, performed on most occasions by Elizabeth as she bid farewell to her husband at the door, usually when he was leaving for work. These types of kisses usually followed with William snaking his arm around her waist for a brief moment.

One mustn't mix up the goodbye kiss with the farewell kiss. The farewell kiss usually meant William was going to be gone for an extended period of time, usually to sail with Jack on The Pearl, or in some cases, business trips to neighboring islands. This kiss usually had Elizabeth leaping into William's arms and smothering his whole face (most notably his cheeks, forehead and the tip of his nose, and if she could muster it, his neck) with kisses. Kisses on his lips were usually passionate and deep, due to the realization that he would not be around for a number of days.

The hello kiss is much the same as the farewell kiss, though it depends on the circumstances. Returning from work mirrored the goodbye kiss, whereas returning from a trip mirrored the farewell kiss.

The I-want-you kiss is unique. It can be in two forms. First is the subtle I-want-you. This usually happened when Elizabeth and William were in a public place, such as a party or social event. Elizabeth usually seduced her husband into a corner and promptly kissed him. Even though the kiss was not usually deep, the subtle I-want-you kiss is easily identified due to hand movements. Elizabeth's hands would usually wonder down to his nether regions (without drawing attention, mind you) to tease him mercilessly. This usually worked, and the couple would depart early from the function. The difference between the subtle I-want-you kiss, and the obvious I-want-you kiss is location. Obvious usually meant the couple were in the privacy of their own home, and free to kiss as deeply and passionately as they desired.

The tongue-in-cheek kiss is exactly what it implies; a kiss with a lot of tongue used. Elizabeth usually surprised her husband with those kisses at the most random of moments, such as while they were taking a walk on the beach, or while working in the garden.

Last but not least on the list of kisses, is the lovemaking kiss, which can be divided into two parts. This kiss is not to be underestimated, for it is in fact the most powerful of all. Before was usually ardent, hot and wet, with considerable amounts of tongue. This preceded the actual act of lovemaking. After usually meant the couple where tired and worn out. They were typically wrapped up in a blanket in each other's arms, and were drowsy. After generally had William kissing his wife softly on any one of the following areas: lips, cheek, tip of nose, neck, or shoulder. After was usually followed by sleep on both sides.

In the years following William and Elizabeth Turner's union, many more new kisses were discovered.

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