"Um, Sanosuke-san? I still don't understand the rules very well."

"Ha ha, Sakura-chan! Don't worry! You're doing fine!"

"How does she do that? No matter how many times she rolls, she always gets two sixes!"

Sagara Sanosuke placed the die in a confused Sakura's hand, and said, "C'mon, it's your turn again! One more roll and I'll be out of debt!"

"Sakura-dono seems to be blessed, that she does," Himura Kenshin said, quietly sipping his tea. Sanosuke smirked at him.

"I really wonder why I always bring you gambling with me," he said. In a much more eager voice, he placed his hands on Sakura's shoulders, saying, "Now roll again, Sakura-chan!"

"Shouldn't this be considered cheating that you use that girl to roll for you every turn?" one of his gambling buddies grimly muttered, having lost nearly all his money to Sakura's amazing luck. Kurogane then slid the shoji door open and stepped in.

"Hey princess, the nagging woman wants you back at the dojo," he said gruffly. "She said she couldn't believe Rooster-head brought you gambling with him since she claims it's no place for a girl and that it's illegal and all."

"This is illegal?" Sakura gasped, her face going red as she buried it into her hands.

"Kurogane, didn't jou-chan tell you to leave your sword at the dojo?" Sanosuke asked, pointing to Souhi that was strapped to his waist. Kurogane snorted.

"If the midget ("Midget? Oro?") can carry a sword, so can I," he declared. At that moment, a police officer came into view.

"There you are! It's illegal to carry a sword unless you have permission! You're under arrest!" he cried out. Then looking inside, "Gambling is also illegal! You're all under arrest!"

"Great going, you idiot," Sanosuke said bitterly. "RUN!"