Hey, look. I updated. THE END OF THE WORLD IS HERE!

That said, sorry. Creative juices have been low lately, which is probably why I decided to go with this instead of anything anyone requested since I've been playing Curious Village and Diabolical Box. That said, PLAY THIS GAME/SERIES. BUY IT, so that the Powers That Be will be convinced to release the movie in America already, goddammit.

And with that said, I have to get into Ace Attorney so I can enjoy that new crossover game being released soon...

I will attempt to get a Haruhi Suzumiya crossover within this month, but no guarantees.

Rumors circulated about the mysterious happenings of an old abandoned castle, and even from a distance, Mokona was sure that it sensed the waves of Sakura's feather emanating within.

It should've taken a relatively short amount of time to reach the castle, however, the travelers' current guides were easily...sidetracked, to say the least.

"Hey look Professor! That tree is really unusual!" Luke exclaimed, pointing to a tree that was monstrously large and gnarled with age.

"Ah yes, that reminds me of a puzzle. Would you like to hear it?" Professor Layton inquired.

Sakura clapped her hands. Behind her, Kurogane hung his head in his as Layton asked the children a particularly difficult riddle that would have normal people using up their hint coins.

"Awe, something the matter Kuro-kuro?" Fai asked, clapping him gently on the shoulder. Kurogane faced him, showing his gritting teeth and his I-want-to-maim-something glare.

"Why are we with this guy? Everything reminds him of a puzzle! We should have gotten to the castle by now!" he growled.

Fai patted him on the shoulder again. "Why Kuro-kuro, even you answered a few of the good Professor's puzzles. I thought you might be enjoying them."

"I'm not stupid," Kurogane bit out. "Doesn't mean I'm damn sick of all them. Hell, why do the people we keep running into have puzzles for us?"

In front of him, Luke dramatically pointed his finger. "That's it!"

"Good job, my boy, that is indeed the answer," Professor Layton said proudly. "It's time to get going now."

However, it hadn't even been three minutes down the road when-

"Look Professor! A hidden puzzle!"

"NO MORE PUZZLES!" Kurogane roared out. "We are going straight to the castle now, no stops or delays, got it?"

The group was now in front of the castle, the gates ominously large and shut. Layton and Syaoran carefully examined the strange mechanism to the side.

"What a curious lock," Layton said, rubbing his chin. "It appears that the mechanism that controls the gate will be triggered to open if we can just figure out this puz-"

Kurogane immediately reacted to the word before it was even completely uttered; with an inhuman roar, he drew his sword and blasted the gates apart.

Luke gaped like a goldfish. Layton tipped down his top hat. "Well, I suppose that works too..."