Title: Chibi Sasuke and Itachi's Adventures

Rating: K +



Author's note.

"ANIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Little Sasuke screamed for said person. He ran down the stairs to his brother's room.

"Aniki!" Sasuke pounced on the breathing lump that was Itachi.

"Mphpphppphhggg… leave me alone…" Itachi said, throwing his little brother off him.

"You said you'd play with meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Chibi Sasuke said to his brother, a hurt look on his innocent face. Just then Mikoto walked in.

"I'm not taking anyone's side, but you did." She flicked a strand of blue hair out of her face.

"Cant you play with him for a little while..?" Itachi said, turning over to face his little brother and mom.

"No. But you can." Mikoto walked out of the room.

Itachi sighed before getting up and saying ;

"Fine…What do you want to do…?"

"Mommy and Baby!" Sasuke threw his hands in the air. Itachi hated this game. He was always the baby. Sasuke loved being the mommy because he got to wear Mikoto's old clothes.

"…Can I at least get dressed.?" Itachi sighed… again.

"Yea!" Sasuke ran out of Itachi's room, through the living room, up the stairs, into his door, falling to the floor before opening the door, and into his closet, where his stash of Mikoto's old clothes were.

Itachi got dressed, brushed his teeth, and did his hair. He walked out of the room and saw his little brother came running to him, wearing one of his mother's dresses, aprons and a hat that went way over his eyes.

"Ready!" The huge hat bobbed.

Itachi reached his hand out, pulled the hat up, and smiled.

"Me too." Itachi said, putting his hand on his little brothers shoulder. He had to admit, Sasuke was really cute sometimes.

Sasuke grinned like a maniac. He walked over to the laundry room and waited for Itachi to follow.

"Come on Aniki! You're so slow!" Itachi started walking next to the little boy.

Why were they going to the Laundry room, you ask? Because Itachi couldn't REALLY fit in a baby crib. So Sasuke stuffed him in a laundry basket. They were really lucky Mikoto had such a big basket, or Itachi wouldn't be able to fit!

Itachi rolled his eyes. He hated being stuffed in a basket. Sasuke had walked over to a big blue basket and dumped out all the neatly folded clothes inside it.

As you can tell, this was Mikoto's least favorite game too. She always got stuck re-folding the clothes.

"Get in Aniki!" Sasuke pointed to the basket. Itachi kicked himself mentally for agreeing to do this.

But, being the bad little boy he was, he said;


Sasuke sniffled.

"B-but Aniki….." His big black eyes filled up with tears.

Itachi sighed for the third time in 6 minutes.


Sasuke wiped his eyes and smiled.


Itachi didn't complain and climbed in.

This basket sure was getting small…

He struggled and eventually ended up on his back, knees up, folded together, pout on his face. Arms on either side of the basket, he said ;

"…Mehhhhhhhh…" Their special signal for saying 'Fine. Happy now?'

"Okay baby! Time for a nap!" Sasuke grinned even bigger, rocking back and forth on his feet. Itachi folded his hands next to his right cheek and closed his eyes. He tried to glare at his brother through his eyelids. That didn't work.

Sasuke walked out of the room and Itachi opened his eyes again. Now glaring worked!

Itachi shifted and crossed his arms the best he could in the tiny basket.

In the meanwhile, little Sasuke was trying to get his mother to give him the peanut butter jar. Sasuke all-of-a-sudden had this crazy idea that babies liked, and should have, peanut butter.

While Mikoto went to wake up Fugaku, Sasuke snatched the jar and waddled back to the laundry room, where the now grumpy Itachi was pretending to be asleep again.

"Baby! Get up!" This startled Itachi so much he tipped over the basket, made the opposite end flip over…

He was stuck, upside down, in a basket. A laundry basket for Kami's sake!

Sasuke giggled and pointed to Itachi.

"Aniki's stuck! Aniki's stuck!" he chanted. And so it was.

There was Itachi, upside down under a basket.

It was going to be a long day.

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