By NarnianAslan

Chapter Seven:


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XXXXX February 1946 XXXXX

"So, Vi, When are you going to tell Edmund that you invited Aly, Alex, and Erik?" Elizabeth Pevensie asked her friend and soon to be sister-in-law. She was of course talking of the wedding.

"I don't know. Soon, hopefully, if he isn't too stressed," Violet replied.

"I think he'll start an argument," Violet's eleven-year-old sister, Emily, told her. She had gotten back from America the previous month, and had invited her new friend Molly to stay a month for the wedding.

"No he won't, Em," Elizabeth argued. THe twenty-one-year-old was almost twice Emily's age.

"Actually, he might," Lucy Pevensie said, "Vi and Em know it as well as you do, Lizzy, as well as Su and I do. Edmund might start an argument."

"Yes, and if he does, Violet, it will most likely won't be because you didn't ask him. It will be because Alexander and Alyson always thought you were too good for him, and told him so, and because Erik was always bothering him intentionally. You have to admit that I'm right with this."

"Yes, you are. i know. One of these times you'll be wrong, Su. But I can't not invite them, you can see that."

"We can," Elizabeth started, "But that doesn't mean that Edmund will."


Violet looked up from her book to glance at the clock. Edmund will be home any minute, she thought to herself. She went back to her book. It wasn't ten minutes later when she heard footsteps and felt someone kiss her head. She smiled and looked up to see Edmund.

"'Lo, Love," he said smiling.

"'Lo, Ed," Violet replied. They had been engaged for two months now. It was now late in February. "Edmund, sit down. I need to talk to you."

Edmund grew pale. "Vi, you're not- we haven't even-"

"No, no, Edmund, darling, not that, certainly not that. At least not yet. But Love, this may be even more upsetting."

"Well, what is it about?" Edmund asked, his color slowly returning.

"The wedding."

Edmund nodded as he sat down on a chair opposite Violet. "What about it?"

"Well, er, I invited Alyson, Alex, and Erik."

"I'm sorry, you did what?"

"Ed, they're my family. Would you keep Eustace and Susan out?" Violet asked.

"No, but Eustace isn't a prat to you, and Su doesn't hate your bloody guts!"

"If they did would you still invite them?"

"Yes, but that's completely different," Edmund said raising his voice.

"How Ed? How is it any bloody different?" Violet asked angrily.

"I don't know, Vi. But it is!"

"It is not, Edmund Tyler Pevensie!"

"It is because they never could!" Edmund exlaimed, exasperatedly.

"Will you quit thinking I'm perfect?!"

"You're not! No one is! But you are far closer than me!"

"I am not, Ed!" Violet argued.

"Yes, you are! Even if you don't realize it! Even if you weren't, nobody could hate you! I've said it before, Vi! NO ONE!"

"What about Jill Pole? She hates me!"

"No she doesn't! She's just jealous of you! She obviously fancies Eustace and myself! Nobody hates you, Vi! You don't get it! You are far closer to being perfect than me! That's why your cousins all hate me! You're too good for me!"

"Edmund! You really think that?" Violet asked, quietly.

"Well it's not as if I don't love you, Vi. I do, more than I could possibly say. But-oh Violet! You know about Narnia. Did you know I betrayed my whole family? Did you know I had to bloody break that bloody witch's wand because no one believed that changed me? That's why I almost died there. Because I betrayed everyone. Even before that! I was rotten and horrible, and you have to remember the time I put worms in Su's napkin! I had fun watching Lu cry, making Su scream. I was honestly a horrid person. And you've always been sweet and nice and good, and, and- Vi, I'm not! I've never been good or nice. And I'm still not now."

"Edmund, you do remember how we met, right?"Violet asked.

"Not exactly. I mean I remember we were what- four? I remember Mum was just about to have Lu, and you had just moved in, and Mum and Dad said that me, Peter and Su had to go and meet you. Dad came with us. But the rest- I forget. I just remember the next day I was begging Dad to let me go visit you."

"Well I can tell you the rest. Father had been moved to the hospital on the outskirts of Finchley. Near London. I was upset because I had lost my doll. I was crying when you came over to me. You had Susan's doll in your hands. You were so sweet, and you gave the doll to me. I stopped crying. Then, you told me it was alright... that I didn't need to cry anymore. I asked you if you were my friend, and you said yes. Then you hugged me. Pretty soon, Peter and Susan were there. Susan said that I had her doll, and you said that I could keep it. Susan smiled at me, but she glared at you. Then she looked at Peter who said that I should keep it. I offered the doll back to her, but Susan told me I could have it. She and Peter left, and I said that you were my best friend. We talked about things only four-year-olds would, like what our favorite colors were, and when our birthdays were. Before we knew it, your father and my parents came and found as and told us to say goodbye."

"So you're saying that I'm nice?" Edmund asked.

"I'm saying that you're not as bad as you make yourself out to be. I'm also saying that I chose you. Edmund, we're perfect for each other. I'm not too good for you. I doubt you'll remember what I did when Mum told me she was having Emily?"

"Not really, no," Edmund confessed.

"I cried. I ran away to your house. When you asked me what was wrong, I told you I hated my mum, that I never wanted to see either of my parents agian because I knew they'd forget me. You waited until I was calm, and then you told me that they couldn't forget me, that no one could forget me, even if they tried. That was when we were seven. Do you know what you did after you told me that they couldn't forget me? You kissed me. You were so sweet, Ed. Do you know what I did?"

"Yell at me, and say I was disgusting?"

Violet smiled. "No, I kissed you back, Ed. Then I said I thought that you were handsome, and you said I was pretty. Do you remember what I did when I heard you curse for the first time? I went home and cursed so bad, I almost got beat. You know who I said I heard it from? Cody Johnson! I'm not an angel, Edmund, and you know it," Violet said. Edmund smiled.

"I know, Violet. I never said you were. You really blamed it on Cody Johnson?"

"Yes. He did curse a lot, too, so it fit. I knew I couldn't get you into trouble. I love you, Edmund. I always have."

"And I've always loved you, Violet."

"How about we go to the park?"

"Alright. I'll get our coats," Edmund said as he stood up.

Violet smiled and stood up as well. Edmund handed her her coat, and she put it on. Then they set out for the park.


When they got there, the park was empty save for two other people.

"Ed, let's go introduce ourselves," Violet said.

"Do we have to?"

"Yes. Now come along. And do stop acting like a two-year-old."

"All right."

So they walked over to the couple. When they reached them, the woman said, "Hi, I'm Bethany Greene."

"Violet Bennett."

"Pleasure to meet you, Violet. THis is my soon-to-be husband, James St. John."

"'Lo," James said.

"By Jove! James? Mate, it's been years!" Edmund exclaimed.

"Edmund Pevensie? It's good to see you. And I'm guessing this is the same Violet you raved on about when you were fourteen?"

"The very same," Edmund answered.

"Aren't you two engaged by now?"

"Actually, yes. We have some catching up to do."

"I'll say we do!" James said as he and Edmund began to talk.

"Come on, Violet. Don't let's interrupt the boys," Bethany said.

"Alright." So they walked over to the bench, sat down, and began to talk.

"I remember you. You sang with Jake and Will Keller. James took me to see you. My cousin, Lilly, is dating Will. She's nineteen to Will's twenty-one. But Jake's only how old, thirteen, and he can play like that?" Bethany asked.

"Yes, I found it hard to believe he was thirteen when I first heard him on the radio. When I saw him in person I was surprised, in a pleasant way."

"I couldn't believe you were seventeen and you could sing like you do!" Bethany said.

"Music has always been my refuge. My sister, Emily can play piano very well. But- our home got bombed, our piano with it."

"Oh, I'm so sorry!"

"Thank you," Violet said.

"Wait- you were Will and Jake's friend. The one whose home got bombed. Your sister had jsut left for America?"


"Does she know?"

"Yes, she took it very badly."

"Where are you staying?"

"With Edmund and his brother and sister-in-law."

"What about your mum?"

"She is staying with Edmund's parents and two sisters."

"That's good, I'm glad to hear you are all alright."

Violet smiled. "I can tell we're going to be great friends!"

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