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"Jason!" Lois yelled, standing outside the apartment building. "Jason!"

"That didn't go well," Clark replied.

"What did you expect?" Lois asked. "He was going to just accept it? I remember how I took it."

"Yeah," Clark smiled. "Pity it made no use throwing dishes at me. Bounced right off. What a waste."

She slapped him in the arm. "Can you see Jason?" she asked.

He squinted at the distance, and then nodded his head.

"I think I need to talk to him alone," he said.


"Hey," Clark said, sitting down beside the boy. Jason was sitting with his knees up, his head between the knees.

"Can I be left alone?" Jason asked.

"Yes you can," Clark replied. "But is that what you really want?"

Jason was silent.

"Let it out," Clark urged.

"Why?" Jason asked. "How come you're my father?"

"I never knew," Clark said. "I left and when I came back I found out..."

"But I thought Richard was my Dad. Now I've lost him."

"Lost him?" Clark queried. "How? He's still around."

"But you're my father."

"So? It's not like he's died," Clark told him. "If you both want to have a relationship, why let the lack of blood get in the way?"

"But he isn't my father..."

"Shall I tell you something?" Clark asked. "My parents aren't really the Kents."

"They aren't?"

"Nope. They adopted me," Clark explained. "And treated me as their own. Am I supposed to love them any less?"


"And neither do you," Clark said.

"But it feels like everything's going so fast," Jason complained.

"Don't let it," said Clark. "Relationships aren't something you force. It's about feelings. Whether or not we get along is beyond our control. Sure we can try, but it's a two-way street. We don't choose who we love. Just relax and let what should happen, happen."


Jason walked into the house, and kicked the door in anger. He stormed up the stairs.

"How did it go?" Clark asked Lois when she entered.

"Terrible," she replied. "He finished last."

"In every race he entered?" he asked.

"Every single one of them."

"I think that's settled then," Clark said.

"Settled," Lois asked. "What?"

"He's gotten none of my superhero genes," Clark said. "He's a hopeless human who can't run faster than a bullet. I should be ashamed."

"Idiot," replied Lois, who then laughed.


"Dad, Dad!" Jason yelled.

"Yes?" asked Clark, checking his tuxedo in the mirror.

"The wedding's already started," Jason said. "Mum's already at the altar, waiting for you."

"What?" Clark exclaimed. "What's the time?"

"Time to get married," Jason replied.

Clark rushed out of the door, and then walked back in, an annoyed expression on his face.

Jason laughed very hard.

"Got you!"


"Where are we?" Lois asked.

"Don't open your eyes," Clark laughed.

"Well, we shouldn't be too far from the hotel," Lois pleaded. "I can't leave the boy alone in a hotel in the Bahamas."

"Even if it's our honeymoon?" Clark asked.

"Even if it's our honeymoon," answered Lois. "We couldn't keep our hands off one another before marriage, so he's tagging along now."

"You can open your eyes now," Clark said.

She opened her eyes, and promtly gasped. She clutched Clark even harder. They were quite high in the sky. She'd never get used to that shocked feeling whenever she realised she was in the air.

"Where on earth are we, Clark?" she asked frantically.

Everywhere she looked, she could see water. The endless spread of the ocean expanded in all directions.

"It's beautiful," she whispered. "You even got the sunset, you romantic."

"Some call that corny," he wondered aloud.

"I call it magical," Lois assured him. "I could stay here forever."

"And do you know the best part of all this?" Clark asked with a wide smile.


"We're all alone."

"How true," she said.

He leaned into her, and kissed her. Softly at first, and then it then got far more heated, and frantic...


"You're what?" exclaimed Jason, now a teenager.

"You heard me."

"You were always super to me, Dad," Jason said. "But you've lost your mind."

Clark removed his glasses.

"So?" Jason laughed. "I've barely seen the guy before."

Clark levitated off the ground a bit.

"Seen this before?" he asked with a grin.

Jason fainted.

"Why didn't you tell me before?" he asked when he got up, and was given time for it to sink in.

"What?" Clark asked. "Expect a kid to keep this a secret? Ridiculous."

"I could've kept it hidden," Jason argued.

"Perhaps you could've," Clark said thoughtfully. "But it would've been too much to ask."

"Perhaps it would've been," Jason said. "Enough with the could've and would'ves. What do you do with your powers?"

"What do you mean?" Clark asked.

"Have you won bets, checked into girl's changing rooms, done something to make you gain from?" Jason asked excitedly.

"Let's say for the sake of argument that I did," Clark said. "Do you think I'd tell you?"

"No, not really."


"And to conclude this year's graduation, Jason Kent will say a few words to the graduating class."

Lois and Clark stood and clapped as hard as they could.

"Are you crying?" asked Clark incredulously. "He hasn't even started to talk yet."

"Hush you."

Later on, neither Clark nor Lois could remember a word Jason said. They were too preoccupied with beaming at him, the proud parents of the handsome young man who spoke so elegantly. They loved the praises they got from the other parents. Especially Lois.

"Looks who's getting a big head on her son's success," Clark whispered into Lois' ear.

"Shut up," she whispered back. "While I was changing his diapers, you were doing inter-galactic travel. I deserve this."

Jason led the students in throwing the graduation hats up in the air, in the university lawn. In the commotion of so many hats being thrown up, only Lois and Clark noticed that Jason's one kept going up and up in the air.

The hat didn't come back down. Lois and Clark looked at each other.

"You're kidding me..." Lois said.

"Talk about late development," Clark said back.

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