Games Up

Summary: Nick and Sara have been hiding something form the team - but Greg saw them, the games up - he knows

The distant echo of far away voices traveled through the near on deserted section of the lab, Sara had pulled him into the garage wanting what little privacy that on the odd occasion could be gained from this place. He wasn't sure what was wrong with her, she hadn't told him. "Sar - What is it?"

She was lent on the wall, "Greg knows" Sara explained flatly.

"What? But …How?" He barked standing up and crossing his arms over his chest.

"He saw us…" She explained, "After shift yesterday"

He shook hi head looking to the floor – sighing- then back up to her, "So what do we do now?"

She shrugged her shoulders, "What can we say… he saw us…"

"No denying it then!" He mumbled, "We should have been more careful…"

"Yeah…we should have" She growled, "You just couldn't wait though could you!" she spat.

He threw her a glare, "you didn't seem to mind"

"I didn't have a choice… you were begging for it" She lost it.

"Well look, there's no good fighting with each other" He shot back.

"Oh, well if you had a little self control…"

"What? So it's all me?"

"Yeah – you had to have it" Sara imitated.

"Look, this isn't my fault…"

"What do we do now?"

Nick sighed, "Well, if he saw us – it means he's taken it back – we're going to have to drink lab coffee"

"Its all your fault!"

He held his hand up, "It was a long shift, I needed coffee"

She shook her head, "Well – I'm not drinking lab coffee – you're doing the coffee run for the next three weeks" With that she left the room – walking down the lab corridors.

Nick growled lowly, damn Greg and his blue Hawaiian