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Chapter 1

Kate coughed as she fell to the ground. She was forced back up by an unseen hand and continued to walk. She was hot and sweaty and the burlap sack over her head only intensified the heat.

The Others had made Kate, Jack, and Sawyer cross the jungle when Michael and Walt had sailed away. It was slow going, considering that Kate could not see where she was walking. Several times she had fallen into holes or ditches or rocks with holes in them. But still, the Others forced them to walk through the night, only occasionally taking breaks.

After long last, they stopped and were allowed to rest; Kate could hear Jack and Sawyer being herded by the Others. The girl named Alex who Kate kept getting brief glancesof took the sacks off their heads. She also removed the gags from their mouths. As the fresh air hit her face, Kate felt much better. Alex allowed the hostages to drink some water by holding it up to their mouths, for their hands had been tied together. Henry stood off to the side watching them closely. The firelight showed the deep scars across his face.

Kate looked around and saw that they had stopped in a small village like the one Michael had described. A little ways away, there was a metal door set into the ground like a bunker. Kate rewetted her chapped lips as Sawyer started to speak.

"Hey Freckles, enjoy the hike?" He asked.

"Oh you bet Sawyer. I'm glad this is not a serious enough situation for you to stop cracking jokes." Kate replied, "Jack, are you okay?" Kate checked.

"Yeah," he panted, "I think this is the place Michael talked about."

"Great observations there Sherlock, guess what, we're also on an island!" Sawyer spoke sarcastically.

"Oh God," Kate groaned, "If I have to put up with you all night going on like this, I might kill myself."

Sawyer was about to reply when a woman approached them. She wore a drab dress like the others and introduced herself as Ms. Clue. "I need to ask you a few questions," She spoke as she kneeled down in front of them, "Can you confirm that you were all passengers on Oceanic Flight 815?"

"No, we all decided to get on Puff the Magic Dragon and fly here." Sawyer spat at her.

"Yes, we were on that plane," Kate hoped that by cooperating with Ms. Clue then she could gain her trust and maybe escape.

"Jack Shepard," Ms. Clue turned to Jack, "your reason for travel was because you needed to ship your father's coffin to Los Angeles for his funeral. If I'm not mistaken."

Jack was stunned, how could this woman he had never met know about that. He hadn't even told Kate that much, but nevertheless, he nodded.

"Kate Austin," The strange woman continued, "Your reason for traveling to Los Angeles was because you were being detained by a marshal for killing your father, your childhood sweetheart Tom, running from the law, and other minor felonies."

"Yes," Kate replied weakly. There was no way that she could have known that information. She had never spoken of Tom or her father. Who were these people? She wondered.

"And James Ford, you were arrested in Sidney when you were discovered to be a con man and was being deported back to the U.S for sentencing."

"This ain't any of your damn business woman! You'd better stay the hell outa my life!" Sawyer shot at her. He struggled against the ropes that bound him.

"That was very good for today; tomorrow we can start the tests." Ms. Clue concluded.

The three sat there for awhile quietly emerged in their own thoughts, then finally Sawyer spoke, "I didn't know you had a childhood sweetheart Kate."

"Shut up."

Charlie stood there with a crowd of people swamping him and asking him what to do. Charlie backed up, trying to buy himself some time.

It was the morning after the hatch had "exploded" and when the rest of the survivors had discovered that Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Locke, Mr. Eko, Sayid, Desmond, Jin, Michael, and Sun had not returned yet, they started to panic.

"Don't you think we should go after them?" One person asked.

"No way! We already have lost too many people out there!" Another person argued, "Besides, they can take care of themselves."

"Bloody hell," Charlie muttered to himself. He had no idea why all these people were asking him what to do. Jack was the one who made all the decisions. But now that the A team was gone, people started to randomly turn to him because he had been the one to emerge from the jungle after the explosion. Charlie guessed they thought he knew why the others had left, but frankly he never paid much attention to the adventures of Jack and his gang.

"Okay," Charlie started out, "Okay, I think we need to check out the hatch and find Eko and Locke. Okay?"

Claire approached and started to calm everyone down, "Jack and the others should be back soon. Just settle down."

"I wouldn't be too sure about that guys."

Charlie and Claire turned around and saw a very exhausted Hurley standing there. He was covered in dirt and his frizzy hair had leaves in it.

"Hurley, what happened? Where's Jack? Why have you guys been gone for so long?"

"Dude, I need to sit down." Hurley collapsed on the sand. Claire gave him a cup of water and waited for him to catch his breath.

Finally Hurley spoke, "When we were going to get Walt back, we found out that Michael was leading us into a trap. He killed- Hurley stopped, unable to continue.

"He killed who?" Charlie asked impatiently.

"Ana Lucia and Libby." Hurley croaked out.

"Oh my God," Claire whispered.

"He did it to get Walt back. He said that he had to and that he needed to bring me, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer to do it." Hurley almost seemed to be justifying Michael's actions. He took another sip of water and continued, "We were brought to the Others and they tied us up. They gave Michael a boat and let me go."

"Why did they let you go?" Charlie asked.

"The Others let me go because they said I had to tell you guys not come after the Others to get Kate, Sawyer, and Jack back." Hurley admitted.

"What about Sayid, Jin, and Sun? Did they get captured too?" Claire asked.

Hurley just shook his head, "No, I don't think so. I didn't see them."

"Fantastic, now they've gotten themselves in a rut and we don't have a doctor anymore." Charlie sighed.

"Quiet Charlie, do you want the other survivors to hear you." Claire said, "It's going to get bad when they hear the news. It might cause them to panic more. I mean we should tell them, but we have to do it carefully."

"Dude, I don't know. I don't know how to run a jungle society." Hurley said tiredly.

"They're going to know that something's up." Charlie said, brushing sand off his jeans, "I'm going to go talk to Bernard about this."

Charlie walked off and headed over to where he saw Rose and Bernard at the cloths line.

"Jack's not coming back?" Bernard worriedly said as Charlie told him the news. Rose stood next to him.

"That's what it's looking like. I don't know if I should go after him or what." Charlie replied.

"Hun, weren't you going to go to the hatch and look for Locke and Mr. Eko?" Rose reminded Charlie.

"Yeah, but I don't know what to do. Who would I even take?" Charlie asked.

"I'll go." Bernard offered, "And I could probably get Steve to come too."

"Charlie, I'll come too." Claire approached the small group.

"But Aaron," Charlie protested.

"I can watch him." Rose said.

"Thanks Rose." Claire spoke handing the baby over to the other woman, "When are we leaving?"

"But it's dangerous." Charlie was still trying to dissuade Claire from coming with. He didn't even want to go to the hatch.

"I guess the sooner the better." Bernard decided.

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