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Chapter 13

Sun looked up from her laundry; she still felt this odd sense of deja vu. Jin had been gone now for days and it seemed to be a repeat of when he was on the raft, separated from her. She missed him so badly, but yet there was still hope that he may return, lingering in her heart. After all Michael, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer came back.

It seemed like her prayers had been answered when someone tapped her on the shoulder. Sun turned around and Jin was standing behind her. A smile had lit up his face and he beamed at her. Sun let out a scream of delight and relief. Her husband had returned. She straightened up and embraced him. She was so happy to see him.

"Are you hurt?" She brushed her hand against his face.

"No not much." He smiled.

"I'm so glad that you're back, Jin!" She spoke.

"I could not leave you. I had to come back."

Sun motioned for him to sit down, "Please, tell me. What happened?" She asked.

Jin hesitated, but then began to speak, "They drugged me, just like the others and held me captive, but I escaped." He summarized. There was flatness in his voice that reminded Sun of the time he had come home from work bloodied and had lied to her. Something wasn't right. Jin was lying to her, but why?

She pulled back from him and felt a chill run down her spine, "What's wrong?" He asked.

"You're lying to me." Sun spoke, fear in her eyes.

"What are you talking about Sun? I wouldn't lie to you." Jin pleaded, "Please believe me."

"No, you're not the same." Sun got up. She had no idea what had happened to Jin, but there was a difference. He seemed almost mechanical, like something else was inside Jin's body. But it wasn't the man she had fallen in love with or married.

"Get away from me!" She yelled and ran off, leaving Jin alone.

Kate saw Sun running toward her with a distraught expression on her face.

"What's the matter?" Kate asked, worry in her voice. Jin had returned with Charlie and had gone straight over to Sun. Kate thought that Sun would be ecstatic to see him again

"It's Jin, something is not the same." Sun was now close to tears.

"Wait, calm down," Kate said in a comforting voice, "What's not the same about him" She asked.

"When you love someone, you know them inside and out. But Jin is not the same. Michael, what was Michael like when you found him?" Sun asked, her face flustered with emotion.

"I don't know," Kate spoke, "He was kind of withdrawn, but we just assumed it was because he didn't have his son back." Kate thought back to the time when her and Jack found Michael in the woods.

"Are you sure about this?" Kate asked, "It could just be a mistake."

"No, get Jack." Sun said determinedly.

Kate ran off to go get him and told Sun to keep calm. Kate wasn't sure if she believed Sun, but she decided to trust Sun. What could the Others have done to Jin? Brainwashing crossed her mind and the strange implants in the back of their necks. Kate's hand felt the small cut on her neck. It was almost fully healed, she felt so vulnerable not knowing what that thing was doing. It made her feel like some sort of experiment.

"Jack!" She called to the doctor. He had just left Charlie and Desmond in the tent who were talking together.

"What is it?" He asked, confused by the look on her face.

"It's Jin. Sun claims he's not the same." Kate told him, knowing jack wouldn't understand at first.

"Is he sick?"

"No, Sun says that Jin just isn't acting normal." Kate re explained.

"Okay, I'm coming." Jack said briskly.

A lot of medical conditions entered Jack's brain as he followed Kate. It could just be stress that was causing Sun to think Jin was different, or the shock of being taken by the Others may have caused Jin to act out of character. Mental diseases can be developed later on in life like schizophrenia or bi polar disease, but then again, what if the Others were responsible for this? They had proved that they had highly advanced technology; they could have done something to Jin.

Jack and Kate returned to where Sun was sitting quietly on the sand. "Sun, are you alright?" Jack prepared to make a medical analysis and find out what was causing this strange behavior.

Sun nodded, "He's different. A different person." Jack made out.

"Are you getting enough rest?" He asked soothingly.

"Yes!" Sun shot out, "I'm fine! It's him." She looked desperately at Kate for assistance.

"Where is Jin?" Kate asked, panic in her voice.

Claire was carrying Aaron in her arms; he was getting quite big and starting to observe more of his surroundings. His tiny fists would pick up leaves and stones so now Claire had to be extra careful and watch him all the time. She didn't want him to choke or eat something poisonous. There seemed to be a bountiful amount of dangers on the island just waiting to have there go at her son.

Claire was on her way over to Charlie, she had heard that he was back from the forest and in Jack's tent hurt. It wasn't like he was dying or anything; he had just done something to his arm. Nevertheless, Claire wanted to see him and make sure he was all right. She felt warmth in her heart now whenever she thought about him and knew it was love growing. Claire had made up her mind now that Charlie was right for her and Aaron. Her son needed a father and this felt like the right choice.

As Claire drew nearer, she saw Charlie laughing and talking with Desmond. She had never really liked Desmond after what he had said about Aaron's father. It seemed like Desmond was sticking up for Tomas. That's' why she stopped when she saw them enjoying each other's company so much. It almost felt like Charlie had found a new best friend. Claire had grown so used to him hanging around her and worshipping her that it felt oddly strange to be in the backlight. Slowly, jealously was wrapping itself around her mind. Maybe she shouldn't go over there. It would be strange to just pop up and disturb them. Instead, Claire veered off and directed herself to the edge of the beach where she stood in the wet sand, letting the water run over her toes.

Farther off, Claire spotted Jin coming toward her. News travels fast on the island and Claire had already heard about how Jin had found Charlie hurt in the forest and they had returned to the camp. Claire smiled, happy to see him as he approached her.

"Hi Jin!" Claire greeted him perkily, unaware of Jack, Kate, and Sun now searching fearfully for Jin at that very moment.

Jin nodded, but he seemed preoccupied. Something was troubling him.

As Charlie was lying in Jack's tent, talking to Desmond, he heard a familiar, yet dreadful scream being carried by the wind. His blood ran cold, Claire.

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