Worries Too stuborn...

What can I do for him? I did almost everything I could. But yet, he keeps going through that path.

Overzealous? Perhaps... but I fear for him.

I taught him all I could. I tried to make him understand what means to be a soldier. But to no avail.

He idolizes me. I'm his hero, his main model, his father. He thinks that walking that way is a way to make me feel pround, even when I said the opposite.

One day... I will die. Most likely, it will not be like an old man, but rather at the battlefield. Or even... if I piss some "important" guy off, perhaps I can manage to be assassinated.

Doesn't matter which way. Will you seek revenge then, my son? Will you try to make a better world for my sake?

Can't you see that all I want is your happiness? That all I want is for you to fulfill your dreams? YOUR dreams, not mine.

Even if I tell you in this way, will you understand? Or will you idolize me more?

I see... You will smile... that same one when you realize something very important. And then, you'll have your proof: you'll be sure that my dream is worth dying for.

I sigh and sip my tea. Too much brandy, you complain. I disagree...

Now and since humanity walks in their feet, father disagrees with his son.

I envy you, Reinhard von Lohengramm... At least you doesn't have a stubborn son like me...