Someone is at it again, and this time he is creating a plan for the ultimate revenge and to destroy WOOHP to the core. Jerry sends the spies to find him at an island where he is believed to be hiding. Though only one spy makes it to the island successfully. Now she is without any help, without any gadgets, and alone with him on the island...

1:45 am - WOOHP top criminal holding facility

A high pitched security alarm rang throughout the building as a cell door was opened. The prisoner ran through the halls of the building. "At last he thought, "Once again I am free." The prisoner managed to get outside through the rain, and hide in the nearby forest. He stumbled across the forest through the darkness. The rain made his bangs stick to his face making it even harder to see. He stopped running and hid in a small clearing which could not have easily been spotted from the outside. He panted and desperately tried to catch his breath, failing miserably. "Tomorrow" he thought "I will leave this place." He set his head down on the cold ground and rested. He would need his strength tomorrow, and if he was not found tonight he would be far away by day.

5:00 am - unknown area of forest around WOOHP facility

The man silently rose from his resting place. The first thing he noticed was the wound on his arm and his throbbing headache. He walked over to the only source of water he could find, a small river and drank hungrily. He then splashed his face with water hoping to calm his racing nerves. The water did little to help ease him, He looked over his reflection in the water. His dark brown hair was a tangled mess and his face was smudged with dirt. His green eyes were full of fatigue and exhaustion. He also noted the dark spots under his eyes. He sighed and then studied a wound he had gotten during his escape yesterday, the blood had tried on his wound and it stung painfully. He washed the wound with water and dressed it with his little resources. This was not a life he had chosen to live, but know was not the time to think about that. He picked up his black trench coat and cautiously began to make his way out of the forest. He had to get out of there before they found him. He thought little about his plan for revenge at the moment, all he could think about was escape.

2 weeks later 12:30 pm - L.A Beverly High School

Three girls walked together through the halls of the school toward the cafeteria. They're names were Alex, Clover and Sam. Clover was the first to speak. " I am soo sick of all these projects, I mean just cause' its time for finals it doesn't mean that all the teachers have to give so much work! She clenched his fists out of frustration. "Oh come on Clover", said Alex " this happens every year." Clover looked up at her friend and continued on angrily, "Yeah well, teachers don't have to be so harsh every year, I mean a girl has other things to do like shopping, keeping up with seasonal trends, and doing regular class work, and then they give us more." She stopped walking." I don't about you guys but I have a very tight schedule" Clover slumped her shoulders slightly. Her other friend Sam smiled at her, " It's okay Clover really, I'll help you with you're finals and then we can go shopping together, all three of us. It's really not that bad I will we'll all be fine just don't stress too much." Clover looked over at her friend and smiled, " Thanks Sam you are the best." The three continued their walk to the cafeteria for lunch. They were just about to open the door when the ground under them gave way and the three fell through an all too familiar tunnel. Clover shouted "Uhh, doesn't Jerry understand that we have no time for this right now!" Alex looked at her friend and said, "Well I don't think Jerry understands any our problems!" The tunnel ride ended and the girls landed on their bottoms. "Ouch!" Clover said " Seriously Jer, why don't you just try the X-powder next time, I really didn't need the ride right now! "Sorry Clover" Jerry said, "but this is really the only way to get you girls here ASAP." Jerry turned to his computer, "Now enough complaining you have work to do." "Guess who broke out of prison and is plotting WOOHP's downfall yet again?" Sam sighed deeply, "Le'me guess is it Scam?"...


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