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2 years later - June 22nd, 2009


3:30 pm - Streets of Beverly Hills

"Where are we going?" Sam asked smiling at her two friends. Clover sighed. "I told you we are going to find your wedding dress." Clover parked her car in the parking lot. They walked for a few minutes until they stopped. Alex gasped. "Whoa. This place sure is big." The were standing outside the biggest bridal dress emporium they had ever seen. "Let's go in." Clover led Sam inside taking her hand. As soon as they got inside a worker approached them grinning widely. "Hi there, may I help you?" Clover nodded reaching into her purse pulling out a sheet of paper. "We have an appointment." The lady took the slip and glanced at it. "Yes, you do. With Ms. Abbot, for a wedding dress." She glanced at her watch. "And you're right on time. Please follow me." She led the three of them through the maze of bridal gown displays to a neat row of large doors at the back. When they reached the one with the words Ms. Abbot written on a neat plaque they stopped. The assistant opened the door then stepped to the side gesturing with her hand for them to go in.

They walked into a large office to meet their consultant. Ms. Abbot sat behind a large desk. She was a young lady, with brown eyes and dark brown hair that was parted to the side and held up neatly in a bun. She stood up to shake their hands. "Hi, and welcome. My name is Rachel Abbot, but please feel free to call me Rachel. I will be the one responsible for helping you find what you need." She paused smiling. "Now, which one of you is the bride-to-be?" Sam stepped forward smiling. Rachel smiled. "Congratulations, I wish you all the best with your wedding." Sam nodded smiling. "Thanks." Rachel gestured to the chairs in front of her desk. They all sat down. "Miss Simpson, right?" Rachel glanced up from a sheet of paper. Sam nodded. "Okay, before we begin I want to start by telling you that I do not want you to feel pressurized into picking a dress too early. Take as much time as you need to make your selection." Sam nodded.

"Now." Rachel leaned forward on her elbows. "Do you have any style in mind? A material maybe or colour?" Sam shook her head. "No not really." Rachel nodded. "Well an ivory wedding gown looks really nice on a redhead." She paused. "That's advice from my experience." Sam smiled. "Okay then, we'll go with ivory." Rachel smiled. "Great. Okay, follow me then." She stood up walking out of the office followed by the three girls. She led them to an isle marked Illustrious Ivory. "Here we are. Feel free to look around, and please ask me if you'd like to try one on. Once we've found the gown you want we can go to fitting and altercations if they are needed." Clover grinned pulling Sam towards the mass collection of wedding gowns. "Come on already!"

4:00 pm - Creations Bridal Dress Emporium , Ivory Department

Clover pointed to a dress. "How bout that one?" Sam glanced at it. It was a strapless full ball gown with silk bodice and a ruffled floral skirt. "Uh, I don't like the top, it's too plain." Alex agreed, nodding. Clover shrugged. "Okay fine." Five minutes later Clover had another dress to show her. "Oh Sammie, look at that one!" Sam and Alex both walked over to it. The gown itself was pretty but Alex pointed out the length of the train. "Clover it's soo long, we don't want Sam to trip." Clover sighed. "Fine." They walked for another minute when Clover stopped them again. "You are gonna love this one!" Sam directed her eyes to the dress her blonde friend was pointing to. It was a flat dress, very fine crystals were all over the skirt. It was strapless. Sam considered for a minute than shook her head no. Clover let out a breath continuing to walk down the department.

Sam sighed knowing the reason why she was having so much trouble picking. She wanted Tim to be there too, which was silly because he wasn't supposed to see her in her wedding dress. It was bad luck for a groom to see his bride in her wedding dress before the wedding. She knew that, still she missed him and wished he was there. Clover and Alex kept Sam busy with the wedding arrangements and away from him. They insisted that she spend time focussing on the wedding.

Sam smiled. She had been doing that. Not just since they officially announced that they were getting married, but since the day he proposed to her. No. Even before that. Sam knew in her heart that she had always wanted to marry Tim Scam. Ever since she met him, ever since the day they met eyes in Jerry's office all those years ago. Sam had wanted to be with him. Once he had proposed she had always dreamt about what it would be like, her wedding day. What it would be like to stand at the alter and exchange vows with the man she had grown to love more than anything or anyone she could think of. It was finally happening and she couldn't be happier.

And it was because of that, that staying away from him was pure torture. She smirked. Of course she did have a way of "accidentally" showing up when he was talking to her friends or at the same place for lunch. Her friends didn't know that she met him on the sly. Clover snapped her out of her thoughts pointing to another dress. Sam gulped. This one had a patterned bodice with crystals shaped like snowflakes, and the skirt was covered with white fur. Alex shrugged. "Clover, in case you haven't noticed-" She paused. "Sam is getting married in August! She'll totally die of heat!" Clover rolled her eyes. "Oh come on there isn't that much fur." She turned to face Sam. "Is there Sammie?"

Sam gave her a fake grin. "Uh no..no there isn't THAT much fur, but-" Sam stopped talking. Clover placed her hands on her hips. "But what?" Sam sighed. "I don't think a fur skirt would be very comfortable on my legs, it would itch." Clover sighed. "I think you should try it on before you decide." Sam winced then nodded okay not wanting to upset Clover because she was working so hard. Of course she wasn't going to pick that one. If Clover insisted on that gown then she could always pretend that she was allergic to fur and start sneezing. Sam smirked while thinking. "That would work." She watched Clover write down the number of the fur dress on the selection paper. They continued browsing the shop and found a couple more dresses that had some problem or another, and a few which Clover "suggested" that they write down. Alex helped Sam come up with excuses for some of the really awkward ones Clover showed her.

There was one dress that was so short Sam was sure that if she sat down anywhere during the wedding it would lift a little too high and show a little too much. And because she was in no mood for a show for her guests Sam denied it saying that she would feel cold. She remembered Clover asking how she would feel cold in August. Another one that her friend Alex showed her was black on ivory with web-like patterns all over the gown. Sam had to bite her cheek hard not to burst out laughing when she heard Clover mumble quietly that it wasn't Halloween. Sam rejected it politely saying it was too intricate. One dress that they were bent on making her choose was a pretty enough. The only problem was that it had gloves and Sam did not want gloves. Her reason was simple enough. She wanted to feel her husband's hand when he held hers. Sam blushed. Okay so it was a small and mushy thing but she was always into small intimate details, it made her who she was.

After spending over to three hours going through a vast number of wedding gowns, and trying on so many that even Sam had lost count (and she was good at math so that clearly meant that she had tried on too many) they were ready to give up. Sam sighed. She had really hoped she would find her wedding gown today, there were only two months to go till the wedding. They made their way back to Rachel Abbot's office and told her that they hadn't found the right one yet. She smiled softly telling Sam it was okay, then she asked if she could have a moment alone with Sam. Her friends walked out of the office wondering what Rachel wanted to ask their friend.

Once they were gone, Rachel sat in front of Sam. "I know that choosing the gown can be overwhelming sometimes that's why I want to ask you something." Sam nodded. "What exactly are you looking for? I don't mean a style or fabric, I mean what effect or feeling do you want when you wear your dress?" Sam blinked. "Close you eyes, and think. You'll see it come to you." She gave Rachel a doubtful glance. "Try it." Sam sighed closing her eyes. At first she saw nothing then she began to think what she wanted to feel like on her wedding day.

She started speaking with her eyes closed. "I want to feel special, and unique and perfect." She though about her fiancée when she said those words, a slight blush on her cheeks. She heard Rachel's pen scratching on her notepad, taking notes. Sam continued. "I want it to feel like a dream." She paused. "No. I don't want it to feel like a dream, I want it to feel like a dream come true." Sam could feel herself smiling. "This wedding is a dream come true, it's the most important thing that has ever happened to me, and I want my gown to reflect that." She opened her eyes blushing, not really knowing where all of that came from. Rachel smiled. "I think I have a gown, a special and unique gown that reflects all those wonderful feelings." She walked over to Sam telling her to stand. "You are going to look stunning." She smirked. "We are going to make your soon-to-be husband's jaw drop. Mark my words." She walked away grinning and Sam followed her.

She was led to a separate display that was covered with a cloth cover. Rachel was about to open it when she turned to Sam telling her to close her eyes. Sam did, and held her breath while thinking "Please let this one be the one." She heard Rachel's voice. "On three. One. Two. Three!" Sam opened her eyes and gasped. In front of her was a wedding dress that couldn't have even been imagined in her wildest dreams. The A-line gown was shaped by a waterfall draping of organza shapes with intricate embroidery decorating the strapless, empire bodice along with the front skirt hemline. There were even delicate matching fabric flowers tucked into the chapel length train. The whole gown looked like it was made from a cloud, it was so delicate and dreamlike. Rachel cut into her thoughts. "It's made from satin and net and comes with a matching shawl that is quite pretty. So what do you say? Like it?" Sam could only nod. She had found her dream wedding dress.

She walked to where her friends were a few moments later smiling. "Guys, I found it." Clover blinked. "Oh my god really?" Alex grinned. "Show us!" They followed her to the display as Clover stated that the dress had better had been very exceptional to beat the fur gown she had chosen. When her friends saw it, the were delighted. "Okay!" Clover grinned. "This totally kicks the other gown!" She glanced at Rachel. Smiling nervously she said. "No offence." Rachel smiled. "None taken." Alex put her hands on Sam's shoulders. "Sammie, it's gorgeous. Go for it." Sam smiled and the three of them walked into Rachel's office finalizing the gown and then they had Sam try it on. When they did, it was perfect and everything that Sam had hoped for and dreamt of.

9:30 pm - Sam's house, Main Room

They got home an hour later. Sam was completely exhausted but she was also so relieved that she had gotten her wedding dress. Now if only she could see Tim. Sam glanced at her two friends. Clover and Alex were busy talking to her mother showing her the dress that her daughter had chosen. Sam turned, facing the other way and quickly pulled out her cell phone and began a text message. I wish you were here. Where are you? I miss you so much. She quickly hit the send key and shut her phone. She turned to her side coming face to face with none other than Clover. Sam gulped. "Hey Clover." She said nervously smiling at her friend. Clover frowned shaking her head. "I saw that." Sam winced, knowing she was in for a earful.

Clover sighed. "Honestly, I can't believe you!" Sam sighed. "Clover." Her friend shook her head. "No Sam, I thought we discussed when you could talk to him. Right?" Sam nodded. Clover smirked. "So then why the text message?" Sam groaned. "Oh come on Clover, I had a moment of weakness okay?" She sighed when she noticed that Clover was still frowning slightly. "Seriously Sam, you are going to have the rest of your life to be with Scam, spend a little time with your friends!" Sighing, Sam nodded. "I'm sorry." Even though she really wasn't. She was just sorry that she got caught. She ran her fingers through her hair. "But...I miss him." Clover raised an eyebrow. Sam blushed. "Oh come on Clover, I haven't seen him in almost three days!" Her friend only sighed telling her that she would let it slide just this once. Sam let out a breath when Clover stopped berating her while thinking "Good. Next time I'll be more careful."

Her mother walked over to where she sat. "Sam sweetie, I have a surprise for you." Sam raised an eyebrow. "A surprise?" Gaby nodded. "Well what is it?" Gabby smiled. "I'll show you." Gaby took her daughter by the hand. "Stand up." Sam followed her mother's directions. "Close you eyes." Sam closed her eyes slowly. She waited for something to happen. After a minute passed Sam was getting annoyed and was about to ask what was going on when she heard a familiar voice. "Sam." She thought for a moment. "That sounds like..but he's in England for business. Could he really be here already?

Letting out a breath Sam said. "Daddy?" Sam opened her eyes to see her father standing in front of her smiling warmly. Sam gasped, then grinned running over to meet her father. "Dad!" Sam hugged him, smiling widely. "Dad, you're here, you came!" He gently ran his fingers through his daughter's hair. "Yes. I wouldn't miss your wedding for the world." Sam smiled leaning back to look at her father. He looked like the dad she knew. Short auburn hair, dark brown eyes, an average frame and a loving smile. This was definitely Shawn Simpson her dear father.

"Daddy, thank you so much for coming early." Her dad smiled lifting her chin. "I don't want to miss any part of my dear daughter's wedding. I want to be a part of the preparations, like a father." He paused looking her in the eye. "Be there for you." Sam smiled softly at him. He cleared his throat a second later. "But enough of this! Sam you must be tired, go get some sleep." Sam nodded walking away from her father to say goodnight to her friends and her mother. "Night mom." She turned to smile at Alex and Clover. "Goodnight you guys." Sam dragged herself up the stairs to her room. All she needed now was a good night's sleep and a shower. She made her way into the attached bathroom next to her room.

She sighed contently, as she let the water soak her tired body. She was so happy that her father was here now too. Everything was perfect. She frowned. Well, almost everything. She still missed Tim Scam. She wondered if he got her text message. Sam smiled as she let her mind drift back to the time when she had decided that she wanted him to meet her parents. It was one year ago and Sam remembered it like it were yesterday.


Flashback - 1 year ago


Sam smiled as she led him to her house. She wondered if was her imagination or if he indeed did look a little bit tense. Sam smiled inwardly. There was no reason for him to be nervous because both her parents knew how much she loved him, there was no way they would turn him down. But, of course he didn't know that because she hadn't told him. She smirked, glancing to look at his handsome face which displayed little hints of nervousness. There was something amusing about seeing him in turmoil because usually he was so cool and confident. She loved that about him. They finally reached the door and they both stopped outside for a moment. Sam turned to face him. "Nervous?" He smirked. "Funny. Samantha. Really." She stifled a laugh then turned to face the door. She knocked and waited. "Good luck." She whispered turning to face Scam. He scoffed. "Like I ne-" he didn't get to finish his sentence as she quickly leaned on her tiptoes and brushed her lips against his. She broke away from him when she heard the door open. Her mother stood in front of them.

Gaby smiled at her daughter then turned to look at the man who stood next to her daughter. He was indeed very handsome. Dark brown hair, a muscular build which was visible even through the blazer he wore, and eyes a gorgeous shade that she had never seen before. Gaby smiled at him warmly. "Hi." He nodded. Gaby narrowed her eyes. For some reason she felt like she had seen him somewhere before, but where? Her eyes lit up a moment later. "I knew I saw you before! Aren't you that tour guide from that Spa Resort?" Sam's eyes widened in horror as she realized what her mother was referring to. She cut in smiling. "No mom, he isn't a tour guide. He works with me." She turned to look at a confused Tim Scam. Her mother paused for a second. "Do you have a brother?" He shook his head no. Gaby frowned, then shrugged. "Forget it. But I really thought you were that tour guide." Sam smiled nervously. "No mommy, that wouldn't make any sense." Gaby nodded. "You're right it wouldn't. Please come in and sorry about that." Sam watched her mother leave then turned to face him. He looked it at her with an evil glint in his eyes. "A tour guide huh?"


End flashback - Present time 2009 :


Sam burst out laughing in the shower. She kept smiling as she dried off, put on her robe and made her way out of the bathroom and into her room. She froze when she saw him sitting there on her bed. Sam smiled walking over to him. He smirked when he saw her. "You just can't keep away from me, can you?" Sam raised an eyebrow. "You got my message?" He smirked laying back on the bed closing his eyes. "Obviously." She went and sat next to him, glaring playfully. "I blame you." Tim smirked letting out a small chuckle. "Blame yourself." Sam gasped. "Why you!" She stood up with lightening speed and grabbed the fist thing she could find which just happened to be her pillow and started whacking him with it over and over again. He only chuckled and after a few moments he let out a yawn. Sam glared walking away from him. A moment later she smirked, turned around and hurled the pillow at him full force when he wasn't expecting it.

Tim sat up, and caught the pillow with one hand in midair, not even flinching. Sam grit her teeth in annoyance. He smirked. "You've got to try harder than that." She glared walking over to him with her arms crossed over her chest. She scoffed. "You think you're so good." He closed his eyes as his hands reached out to grab her waist. He pulled her to him. "That's because I am good." He smirked peering down at her flustered face. "And you know that." He captured her lips in a passionate kiss and Sam gave in easily enough moaning when he deepened the kiss and smiling when they pulled apart.

She sighed wrapping her arms around him. She buried her face in his chest smiling happily. "I missed you so much." She said looking up to meet his eyes. He smirked. "Good." Sam gave him a light punch on the chest and he only chuckled. He rested his chin on the top of her head, holding her in his arms. "So you up for a little shopping tomorrow." She smirked glancing up at him. "That depends, is Clover going to be there?" He smiled cupping her cheek. "Nah. Just the two of us." She smiled placing her head on his chest once again. "Good." They stayed that way for several more minutes and Sam enjoyed having him there with her. Tim ran his fingers through her wet hair. "So." He began. "Where do you want to go for our honeymoon?" Sam blushed hiding her face in his chest, she mumbled "Wherever you want." He lifted her face with his hand making he look at him. "You pick." Sam sighed. "I don't care where we go as long as I'm with you." He smirked speaking in a sarcastic tone. "Well...that IS the point of a honeymoon." She resisted the urge to punch him again. "Ha ha. Very funny."

He smiled. "Seriously Samantha." She sighed closing her eyes. "Okay. Fine. If you are going to make me choose, I say we go to a place that's scenic yet adventurous. With lots to do, but also with privacy." He tilted his head. "How does a luxury stay at the Kauai Marriot Resort in the Kalapaki Beaches sound?" Sam gasped. "A resort?" He nodded. "A private resort." Sam raised an eyebrow, smiling playfully "And what if I get bored?" He smirked looking at her intently. "I won't let you." Sam blushed looking away from her soon-to-be husband. Tim took her hand in his. "Samantha, look at me." She did with love and adoration in her eyes, a slight blush on her cheeks. "I only want to give you the best." Sam smiled. "You already are." She looked away blushing harder, and biting her lip nervously. He placed his hand over hers again , his voice a mere whisper as he spoke. "Sam." His eyes bore into her. She grinned turning around and facing him. "The resort it is then!" He blinked, then smirked. "I knew you'd say that." She smiled hugging him one more time. "Good thing you know me so well." Smiling he returned the hug. Sam sighed contently as she thought "Just two more months."

10:00 am - Samantha's House, Samantha's Bedroom

Sam sighed as she slept, a smile on her face. Gaby gently knocked on the door to see if her daughter was awake yet. Seeing that there was no answer, she carefully let herself in. She smiled when she saw Sam's sleeping form. She sat next to her and gently moved the hair that was blocking her face. Sam smiled and hugged her pillow. Gaby was debating whether or not to let her daughter sleep a little more but she stopped when she heard her daughter's voice. Sam turned to lay on her back. "Tim.." Gaby's eyes widened as she realized her daughter was dreaming, and dreaming about the man she loved. She smiled shaking her head. Sam always did have a habit of mumbling in her sleep. She sighed and gently shook Sam. Sam closed her eyes tighter and kept sleeping. Gaby poked Sam in the shoulder. "Come on wake up lazy." A moment later Sam turned to face her mother, slowly opening her eyes. "Morning mom."

Gaby smiled telling Sam to wake up. Sam sighed. "What's the hurry mom, let me sleep a bit more." Her mom smiled. "Oh I would but Sam, Tim's been calling ever since 8:30 and he's left a lot of messages too. You don't want to make him angry now do you?" Sam yawned, stretching then sat up with a start her eyes wide when she heard his name. "Tim called?!" Gaby nodded. "Ten times." Sam gasped jumping out of bed. "Oh mom, he's gonna be so mad, I was supposed to be ready hours ago!" Her mother smiled. "Calm down dear, he said he would be here to pick you up in a half hour, okay?" Sam nodded, hugging her mom and then proceeded to getting ready as fast as she could.

11:00 am - Elegance Jewellery Boutique, Inside

Sam stared at the vast collection of bridal jewellery that stood at display in front of her. He stood behind her smiling. Although Sam appreciated the wide variety and styles that she could choose from, she did not want a repeat of the bridal store episode. She turned to look at Scam confused. "How am I supposed to choose?" He shrugged. "Browse around, and when you find something you like. We'll go from there." She smirked. "Gee thanks." Tim smirked playfully. "No problem." Sam groaned as her eyes scanned the collection. Her gown called for a necklace that would hug her lower neck. She spent the next half hour or so going through the various sets. She frowned when he asked her if she liked any of them. She smiled. "They are nice..but.." He finished for her "Not what you want." Sam nodded. A worker approached them holding a black jewellery case. "Oh good you are here." Sam shot the man a quizzical look not knowing what he was talking about.

She turned to look at Tim but he only gave her an innocent expression. "Miss Simpson right?" Sam nodded slowly. The worker smiled relieved. "Thank goodness. I'm sorry I'm late, but here it is." He held the case out to her. Sam's eyes widened. "Uh I think there's been a mistake." She felt Tim place his hands on her shoulders from behind. He whispered in her ear. "Take the case Sam." She frowned but took the case from the smiling man because Tim knew something or another about what was going on. "Thank you." She was about to open the latch when she paused, hesitating. Tim whispered again. "Go on, open it." Sam sighed not believing him. She turned to face him. "Tim, this belongs to someone else, I don't want to take it." He shrugged. "What's the harm in looking?" She shook her head, defeated. 'Fine." Sam carefully held the case in one hand and used the other to open the latch, lifting the lid. She gasped when she saw the set.

It was absolutely gorgeous. It was a diamond set and it glimmered in the light. It consisted of five even rows of wavy diamond strands. In between each wave was a delicately shaped diamond flower, starting with two in each vertical line and adding one more each time. The middle of the necklace had five diamond flowers decorating it's vertical line. At the bottom of each final flower was a vertical addition of a small diamond strand and each one of those ended in a large tear drop shaped crystal. The same crystals adorned either side of each flower on the necklace. The earrings too were fashioned with one of the same type of diamond flower and had three delicate two-inch diamond strands handing down from it. At the end of each central stem hung a teardrop crystal, similar to that of the necklace.

Sam stared at it, her eyes wide. She heard Tim whisper again. "Well, what do you think?" She spoke silently. "It's so beautiful." Sam pouted. "It would be so perfect with my gown." She sighed sadly. "Too bad it belongs to someone else." She heard his voice again. "You like it that much?" She nodded. "It's perfect, like it's made for me, but it isn't." She felt his arms wrap around her waist. He spoke in a low whisper, his cheek pressed against hers. "That's because it is made for you." Her eyes widened in shock. "What!" She turned around to face him. He smirked. "Sam it's yours." She raised an eyebrow as he explained. "I got it made a long time ago." She smiled. "How'd you know I would like it?" He smirked. "Sam I know what you like, that's why I got this ready without seeing your gown." Tim paused, smirking slightly. "I know what you want." She stared at him as her eyes shook. "Tim." He smiled putting his hands on her shoulders. "Let's have you try it on." She slowly nodded blushing as he led her to a mirror.

She placed the case on the ledge and opened it. She was about to try it on when he stopped her. "Allow me." Sam blushed nodding as she faced forward looking at the mirror. He brought the necklace around her front and slipped his fingers to the back of her neck to close the clasp. Sam gasped as she felt his warm fingers glide across her skin, a pure contrast to the feel of the cold necklace. The mix of the two left her skin tingling at the back of her neck where his fingers touched her. Tim brought his hands to her shoulders holding her there. Sam glanced into the mirror staring at the necklace that he had put on her. It was perfect. She stole a quick glance at him in the mirror too unable to keep her eyes away.

He placed his face in the crook of her neck speaking against her skin. "It looks even nicer on you." She blushed heavily much to his amusement. Tim gently placed a gentle kiss on her neck making her blush harder. He moved away from her smirking. "You do like it right?" She nodded her head vigorously and he smiled. They left the store soon after paying for the set.

12:30 pm - Samantha's House, Outside

She couldn't stop staring at her necklace and the man who bought it for. She stole glances at him the whole way to her home. Sam got out of the car and turned to smile at Tim. "Thanks." He nodded then turned driving away. She watched him until she could no longer see him anymore. Sam made her way into the house holding her necklace case. Clover and Alex smiled as she entered. "You're back early." Sam nodded. "Yeah, he had everything picked out already." Clover raised an eyebrow. "Really? Ok then, let's see." Sam smiled handing Clover the case and both her friends peered in. "Gosh, Sam that really is beautiful." Alex commented. Clover gasped. "Where does he find these things?!" Sam let out a small laugh.

"Oh we have something to show you!" Alex grinned. Sam turned to her smiling softly. "What? What is it?" Alex nodded to Clover. "Ta-daah!!" Clover reached into her bag and pulled out a hulking, large cream envelope with a red circle in the middle, and a single golden rose pattern over that. She beamed as she handed it to Sam. "Open it Sammie" Alex grinned. Smiling, Sam sat down the couch and opened the gorgeous envelope carefully pulling out the contents. A medium-sized rectangular box landed in her lap. It was bright red in colour with golden patterns that looked like small rays covering the entire box. It was held together with a gold tassel. Sam carefully untied the knot and opened it. Absolutely stunning. Inside was a neatly rolled scroll, again tied with the same beautiful gold tassel. Her hands slightly shaking Sam took out the scroll allowing the box to sit on her lap. The scroll was made out of fine red woolly paper with golden bars for framing. Unravelling it her eyes widened as she read the scroll:

Timothy Scam


Samantha Simpson


Invite you to Celebrate with them this Special Day

A Celebration of Love


As they are United in Marriage

Amongst Friends and Family

On the day of

Wednesday, August Twenty-second,

Two Thousand Nine

at Five o' clock p.m.

at The Grand Palace

in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles


She stared at it, her heart thumping hard. It was her wedding invitation. Her wedding invitation! An announcement of the marriage between her and Tim. It was really happening. Sam could feel tears of joy well up in her eyes. Lately she had become very emotional, it was hard to believe any of this was happening. It seemed so surreal.

"So Sam do you like it?" Sam could only nod as she held back her tears. "Aww Sammie." Alex sat next to her rubbing her back. "Are you okay, you're not sick or hurt are you?." Sam smiled as Clover rolled her eyes. "Uh du'h, she's happy Alex. Tears of joy." Alex stuck her tongue at Clover and Sam just smiled.

Clover joined her two friends on the couch. "Let's brainstorm. What do we have left to do before the wedding?" Alex pulled out a list. Clover raised an eyebrow looking at her. Alex pouted. "What? I forget things easily okay." She read the list. "We still have to decide on our bridesmaids gowns, we need to find gifts for Sam and Tim, and we still need to -." Clover held up at hand. "Hold it! I mean for Sam. What do we have left to do for Sam?" Alex blinked. "Oh." She laughed a little embarrassed. "For Sam we need to buy shoes." Sam blinked. "Oh that's right we forgot about shoes." She sighed. She had hoped that her own shopping was finished so that she could concentrate on finding Tim a gift. Clover put her hand on Sam's shoulder. "Don't worry about it, I'll find you the perfect shoes." Sam looked up at her. "Really?" Clover nodded. "Who else more qualified? I probably have the biggest shoe collection in all of L.A."

Sam frowned. "I dunno, I don't want to burden you. You guys have enough things to do for yourselves." Clover shook her head. "Sam there are roughly two months till the wedding. It's enough time to find a dress and gifts trust me." Sam still shrugged. "But Clover-." "No buts." Clover smiled. "I insist. I need to be the one to get the shoes!" Alex and Sam both looked at their friend. She smiled nervously. "I mean I WANT to be the one to get the shoes. Please. Please Sammie?" Sam smiled a moment later. "Fine. Just make sure they are comfortable. I'm gonna be standing a lot." Clover smiled. "Only the best for the bride! Don't worry I'll get you shoes you are going to love!" Sam watched her friend excuse herself taking out her cell phone and going outside to make a private call.

Alex shook her head. "She's really weird sometimes huh?" Sam smiled, nodding. Alex grinned. "Okay so it looks like you are going to have some free time tomorrow. Any ideas for what you are going to do?" Sam smiled. "Take a break and then maybe go shopping, I need to get something for Tim." Alex smiled. "Oh, you are going gift shopping aren't you!" Sam nodded. "Yeah. I want to look around you know find the perfect thing." Alex got up smiling. "Yup. Good luck with that." She left the room leaving Sam alone. She sighed and shifted herself on the couch so that she was laying down with her back against the edge. Closing her eyes Sam made a mental list of possible gifts for her groom.


1 week before the Wedding - August 11th, 2009


2:00 pm - Samantha's House, Sam's Room

With just one week to go before the wedding, everyone was busy getting final things done. Sam sat in her room reading a book. She was trying to relax but she could feel anxiety in her mind. With the wedding being in a week she was having a difficult time doing anything at all without thinking about him. She closed her eyes picturing him in her mind. She was so deep in thought that she didn't hear her door open and the footsteps of someone approaching her. Sam snapped her eyes open when she felt an arm wrap around her waist. She glanced to her side. Seeing it was him she returned her gaze to the words on the page she was "reading".

He frowned bringing his hand to grip the side of her revolving chair. He turned it towards him bringing her with it. Taking her book out of her hands he smirked placing it on her lap. "What's up?" She smirked. "What does it look like?" He shook his head suppressing a smile "What-" He paused, amusement could be seen on his face. "Who were you thinking about?" She gave him an innocent expression. "Mark." He raised an eyebrow. She held up her book smiling. "It's the name of the guy in the novel I'm reading." He smirked. "Oh?" She nodded. Tim sighed, a hint of a frown on his face. "In that case, keep reading." He turned to walk away from her hiding his smirk as he did. He knew that she would come after him.

She sighed. "Wait!" She called after him, putting her book down and walking after him. He kept walking even though he heard her call him. Opening the door he stepped outside but before he could leave she reached him grabbing his arm. He allowed her to pull him back into the room. She closed the door and turned back to face him.

Before she could say anything he let out a sigh, frowning. "I'm deeply insulted Samantha." She gulped, seeing how upset she had made him. He continued looking away from her. "To think that you'd rather read a book than spend time with me, it's very upsetting." She came closer, so that she could see his face. He looked angry. "Are you mad at me?" She asked biting her lip, afraid that he really was. He glared at her crossing his arms over his chest. "Damn right I am."

She sighed as she gently grasped his arm standing next to him. "Please don't be mad at me." He still looked upset, refusing to look at her. "Tim, don't be upset. I was just joking. I was thinking about you, who else could I be thinking about a week before our wedding?" He sighed. "Don't lie to me Samantha." She shook her head desperately. "No. No! I am not lying! Tim." She paused wrapping her arms around his waist. She buried her face in his chest. "I would never lie to you. I could never lie to you."

Her position caused her to miss his smirk even though it stayed on his face. She took a deep breath. "I am so sorry. Please forgive me." She began raising her head slowly to glance at his face. "Please Tim?" She gasped when she saw him smirking. His amusement was clear on his face.

Sam glared pulling away from him. "I don't believe you! You knew I was..oh forget it!" She turned away from him intent on leaving the room. Sam took the few short steps needed to get to the door. As she went to turn the doorknob, she felt his arms wrap around her waist tightly from behind. She gasped turning her head as best as she could to yell at him. "Let me go!" He only smirked bringing his lips to her ear. "Not a chance."

Sam struggled as he dragged her away from the door. Her attempts were in vain as she was powerless against his strong hold. She let out a shriek as he lifted her off the ground still holding her from behind. She peered down looking at her feet which now hung at least a foot off the floor. She mentally cursed him for being so tall, he overpowered her in so many ways. She tried using her hands to pry his arms of her waist. Tim chuckled walking backwards until he fell back on her bed taking her along with him.

She fidgeted until he let her go and she rolled away from him. She frowned then lay next to him facing the ceiling. He turned to her laying on his side. Tim smirked when he saw the slight frown on her face. He silently wrapped an arm around her waist bringing her closer. She continued frowning looking away from him. She tried using arms to put some distance between them. Tim smirked pulling her even closer. She now lay with her hands trapped against his chest, and her body pressed tightly against his. He smirked when he saw her eyes which were now wide from surprise. Sam shook it off closing her eyes, and frowning. She opened her mouth to say something but he seized his chance pressing his mouth against hers.

He felt her eyelashes brush against his cheek as he kissed her softly. Using his arms he pulled her to lay on top of him while his mouth was still against hers. Tim held her against him kissing her over and over again, until he broke through her anger and he felt her kiss him back. She smiled into the kiss opening her mouth to his whenever he asked with his tongue. After a few moments the were forced to pull apart from lack of air. Sam rolled off him facing the other way. She took deep breaths blushing heavily. Sam held her breath when she felt his mouth on the skin of her neck. He left a trial of hot kisses down her neck as she moaned.

Turning quickly she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her lips to his in a heated kiss. Her fingers dug into his hair as she kissed him over and over again. After a few moments she pulled her lips away from his. She was blushing hard but still kept her arms tightly around his neck. She sighed light-headed and warm from their kisses. He smirked using his finger to lift her chin, making her look into his eyes. "Still mad?" She shook head smiling. "No." She lay her head on his chest closing her eyes. She could never stay mad at him, at least not for long. He brought his hand to rest against her back holding her to him.

A few moments later he sat up. Sam stared at him, her eyes asking her where he was going. He smiled taking her hand in his. "Come with me." Sam raised an eyebrow. "Where?" He shook his head "Just come. You'll see." He got off the bed and pulled her up with him. Opening her door he checked if the coast was clear than ran down the stairs still holding her hand. She grinned as she let him lead her to his car.

4:30 pm - Outside The Grand Palace Hall

Tim stopped his car outside a huge building. He smiled clearly excited and got out of the car. He came over to her side and pulled her out too taking her hand in his again. As much as she enjoyed just being with him, she still wanted to know where they were headed. She glanced at his smiling face. "You still haven't told me where you're taking me." He smirked.. "You're a curious one Sam, but I told you that you would see. Now let's go". He paused at the entrance of the convention hall. Turning to look at her he asked. "Do you know where we are?" She glanced up at the name of the building. "The Grand Palace" She nodded. "Yes I do. It's a really nice convention hall." She glanced at him. "I love this place, it's so beautiful." She frowned slightly still trying to figure out why he brought her here.

He could tell she was confused. He gently held her hand. "It's a surprise." Tim walked through the entrance as she walked next to him. She stared at the beautiful atmosphere inside the hall. It was painted in rich hues of brown and gold. Elegant chandeliers hung from the ceiling and the walls were covered with beautiful artwork from famous artists. She read the names smiling as she knew each one. "Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci." She paused when she came to a painting by an artist she knew but couldn't remember the name. She glanced around trying to see the name of the artist. She frowned when she couldn't find it. "Matisse." She glanced up at Tim. He pointed o the painting she had been looking at. "That one is by Henri Matisse it's called "La Danse". She gave him an adoring smile as he kept walking finally stopping outside a set of large ornate double doors. He pushed open the doors to the Terrace Room.

Sam gasped. Nothing could have prepared her for what she saw. The room was humongous, with high ceilings and millions of tiny lights. Their were ornate fountains set up in different places in the room. There was a crew of men setting up the tiny golden lights that were all over the room. Their was a red carpet that started from where they stood at the entrance and led all the way to the front of the room to where Sam knew the alter would be. Their were chairs being worked on in neat rows extending across the room. They were covered with cloudy white material with false rose attachments at the back of each chair that were red in colour along with white lilies. The walls were a golden colour with designs and each had antique holders for fresh flowers for the day of the wedding.

There was a pair of workmen finishing painting the edge of one of the walls. There were more people bringing in even more decorations and statues. There was a row of elegant large chandeliers that were golden in colour with white patterns, fastened in a row on the ceiling of the room they stopped a little before the area of the alter. Silky white drapes covered the front of the room and more were being attached right before her eyes. the whole room had a glow to it, it seemed like a dream.

She couldn't bring herself to speak. He placed his hands on her shoulders. "It's not quite done yet but I wanted to show you." She stood still in shock not knowing what she did to deserve all this. At that moment she wanted to kiss him and she would if she hadn't been interrupted. A smiling woman approached them. "Mr. Scam, how nice to see you here." Sam stayed silent as he introduced her to the woman as his fiancée. The lady's eyes lit up as she looked at Sam. "So you're the lucky girl." Sam nodded smiling, still unable to speak. "We are having the hall done in a theme of red roses and white lilies." She glanced at Tim as she thought. "My favourite flowers." He gave her a soft smile and she returned it. The lady continued. "It's not finished yet, but it is going to be stunning. Absolutely beautiful. I guarantee you will love it." She walked away from them shaking their hands in turn.

Sam turned to Tim smiling. He shrugged, "That was Mrs.Collins. She's been designing for years." He turned to Sam looking a little concerned. "Are you okay with the hall?" She let out a laugh. He raised an eyebrow. "What's so funny?" She smiled reaching up to cup his cheek. "Am I okay with it? I love it Tim Scam and I love you!" She leaned forward on her tiptoes and gently brushed her lips against his. Pulling away she smiled as she held his hand walking out of the room. She gave him a sidelong glance. She wanted to tell him that had always wanted to get married here but somehow she felt that he already knew that. Just like he knew everything else.

The Day Before the Wedding - August 21 st, 2009

9:00 am - Samantha's House, Samantha's Room

Sam sat up stretching. She blinked her eyes several times then glanced at the clock. She rolled off her bed, took a quick shower then went downstairs to meet her family. Her mother was in the kitchen and Sam stuck her head to see her. "Morning mum." Gaby turned to her daughter smiling. "Morning sweetie. Your father's in the living room, your friends are here too dear." Sam nodded walking into the living room to be greeted by her friends. "Look here comes our little bride!" Clover grinned as she made Sam's entrance known. Sam smiled walking over to sit with her friends and father. Clover stood up a moment later. Sam glanced up at her. 'Where are you going?" Clover smiled. "I need to show you something, I'm gonna go get it okay." She left the room leaving Sam with her father and Alex.

Her dad gave her a soft smile. "So tomorrow is the big day huh?" Sam blushed nodding her head. Alex sniffed patting Sam on her head. "Yup, our little Sammie is all grown up." They all laughed at her little joke as Clover came into the room carrying a shoebox. Sam glanced at the box. "Oh right, my shoes." She moved to take the lid of the box. Clover smirked. "I told ya I'd get them." Sam nodded as she lifted the lid. The shoes were very pretty. They were mini-platform Ankle Wrap sandals with 4 inch stiletto heels. They were adorned with clear rhinestone jewel ornamentation that hung in wavy rows on both sides of the shoe, a flower on the front.

Sam glanced at the heels. "Clover, they are very beautiful but." Clover raised an eyebrow. "But what?" Sam shrugged. "They look kinda uncomfortable." Alex nodded in agreement. "Wait, you should put them on to break them in! That way you'll know if they are uncomfortable!" Sam grinned "That's a great idea!" She picked up one of the shoes, until Clover stopped her. "That's a horrible idea!" She frowned. "You don't trust me do you?" Clover glanced at them with narrowed eyes. Sam sighed standing up. "I do trust you Clover it's just.." Clover shook her head. "No. no. no. If you did you wouldn't be testing them out!" Alex glared. "That's insane! She has to try them on!" Clover stared at Sam. "You can try them on later. Right now we all have spa appointments." Sam fidgeted with her hands. Clover sighed. "Oh come on your shoes can't take preference over hair and nails!" She didn't gave Sam time to respond as she pulled her to her feet pushing her into her room to get ready.

1:00 pm - Beverly Hills, Luxuria Spa

Sam smiled, as she sat in the pedicure spa chair. Clover and Alex sat in the chairs on either side of her. The girls who were working on their feet were around the same age as them, and very chatty. "So, who are you marrying?" Asked the blond one named Mona. Sam opened her mouth to answer but another one named Carlene, cut in. "What's he like?!" Sam smiled softly. "He's amazing." Clover giggled. "Aww Sammie, I think she wants to know what your guy looks like." She turned to Carlene. "Right. Right?" Carlene nodded vigorously. Sam sighed leaning back on her chair while Clover discussed her fiancée with the pedicure girl. "Oh is he tall?" The girl had a dreamy expression on her face and Sam just shook her head smiling softly. "Yeah, he's really tall, I think he's.." She turned her head to Sam a crease in between her eyebrows. "How tall is he?" Sam let out a annoyed sigh. "Clover." Clover shook her head smiling nervously. "Forget it." She turned back to the girl.

"How tall is your boyfriend?" The girl thought for a moment then pointed to a guy standing off to the side talking to some other women. "He's about that tall." Clover glanced at him. "Oh he's taller than him by at least a couple of inches." The girl shrugged. "Okay. What does he look like?" Clover smiled. "You should ask Sam that." The girl turned to face Sam but backed off when she saw the murderous look she was giving her. Clover shrugged. "He's got dark brown hair and sea-foam eyes, and-" "Wait!" The girl pouted. "What's colour is sea-foam?" Sam tried not to slap her hand on her forehead for the girl's stupidity as she thought. "She's wearing a sea-foam coloured shirt." Clover frowned, there had to be an easier way of doing this.

"Oh wait!" Clover reached over the edge of the chair. She grabbed Sam's purse. "There's gotta be a picture of him in here somewhere." Sam snapped. "Clover, put it away!" Clover raised an eyebrow. "What, you got love letters in here too?" Sam blushed looking away as Alex stifled a laugh. Sam grimaced as she heard Clover rummage through her bag. Of course she had a picture of him in there. She winced when she heard Clover's squeal. "I found it!" Alex craned her head over. "Let me see!" Clover turned to Alex, confused. "You know what he looks like." Alex shrugged. "So." Carlene's squeal attracted the other girls who were working around them who stopped and came over to Clover. Sam groaned as twenty-three women now stood trying to catch a glimpse of her fiancée.

"Oh he's so hot!" One screamed. The one she was sure was Carlene said "So that's sea-foam, nice!" After ten minutes of so, the photo finally made it's way into Samantha's hand. "You are so lucky." Carlene said. "I'm totally jealous, he's way better then Brad." Sam smirked. "Thanks." Okay, so hearing compliments about her fiancée did make her feel good inside. She placed the photo face up on the side table next to her water bottle. Glancing at it, from time to time when the others weren't looking throughout her spa treatment.

9:00 - Samantha's House, Main Room

Clover, Alex and Sam were sitting in the main room having their little get together before the day of the wedding. Clover sat on the couch admiring her nails along with Alex. Sam smiled as she glanced at her engagement ring.


She did that a lot. She thought this was some kind of dream and at one time if she looked she was sure it would disappear. But thankfully, it was there on her ring finger the night before the wedding. Tomorrow they all had appointments at the same salon to get their hair done. The details of the ceremony were already finalized. Her wedding planner had called earlier to verify the last minute changes, even though there weren't many. Everything was in accordance with the theme of her favourite flowers from her hair, to the hall to the wedding cake! It was all done with red roses and white lilies Everything was perfect, just as it should be. Sam smiled staring at her ring again.

"Earth to Sammie!" Sam snapped out of her trance to look at Clover. Sam narrowed her eyes. "There was something I needed to ask you, but what..." Sam looked down for a moment then smiled. "Oh yeah. I wanted to try on my shoes." Clover shrugged. "Sammie, you're going to wear them tomorrow." Alex sighed. "I don't see why she can't try them on." Clover faced Alex slightly annoyed. "I never said she couldn't, there just isn't any need." Sam opened her mouth to protest but Clover walked over to her pulling her up with her arm. "It's 9:00 Sam you need to go to sleep!" She said pushing Sam into her bedroom. "Isn't it a bit early?" Sam asked turning her head. Clover sighed. "No. You need your energy tomorrow Sammie and nobody likes a zombie bride. Now go!"

She pushed her inside with one final smile. Sam stood in front of her closed door for a few minutes confused, wondering if Clover was trying to hide something about the shoes. She shrugged a small smile on her face as she walked over to her vanity desk. She sat on the chair finding her hairbrush and gently combing her hair with her eyes closed, trying to relax. Her nerves began to kick in and she began to wondering if something bad would happen. She shook it off smiling. No. Nothing was going to go wrong. The last two years had been absolutely wonderful. Tomorrow was her wedding, to the man she loved so much. She had been waiting for this day for so long. how could something possibly go wrong? It just wouldn't be right.

Sam reached into her desk pulling out a piece of paper. She grabbed a pen and began doodling to calm herself down. She knew full well that she was going through pre-wedding anxiety, it happened to everyone and it was happening to her too. After a half hour of doodling she found herself writing words. She began writing her name:

Samantha Simpson ...

She stared at it for a moment. Reading her name out loud. She blinked, tilting her head to the side, writing it out again.

Samantha Simpson ...

She frowned slightly. Closing her eyes for a minute she brought the pen back down and wrote it one more time.

Samantha Simpson ...

Sam shrugged. Then closed her eyes. A second later she brought the pen back down writing again.

Samantha Scam

Sam smiled staring at the words on her paper. Samantha Scam. She said it out loud. She loved the way it sounded coming out of her mouth. Still smiling, she stood and picked up the frame sitting on top of her desk. She smiling staring at his photograph. She would have never thought she of all people could ever be so much in love with someone. Sam smiled, remembering their past as enemies. "Back then who would have thought that we would fall in love and eventually want to spend our lives together?," she said to his photograph. Over the years she had grown to love everything about him. His gorgeous eyes, his playful sexy smirk, his presence. Everything about him was special to her. She loved the way he mocked her at times trying to make her mad, but knowing that he never could. She loved how he could make her want him more and more every time they were together. He drove her to her farthest limits, and she loved him for that because no other man had ever done that to her before.

The way she wanted him, the way she wanted to be with him, wanted to please him. The desire for her to be the only one for him was so strong it was overpowering. It took over her mind and settled deep in her heart. She knew that if he had asked her she would have given herself to him whenever and wherever he wanted. But he hadn't. Sam smiled. He'd rather wait for her to be his forever and then claim her for himself. "He can be such a gentleman when he wants to be." Sam smirked. Now two years later, it was time.

She smiled down at his photo in her hands. "I love you so much." She could hardly believe that tomorrow would be the beginning of their lives together as husband and wife. Still holding the frame she walked over to her bed. She laid down holding the frame against her chest for a moment then set it down on her bedside table. Her smile stayed on her face as she let sleep come to her while she stared at his picture.

Day of the Wedding - August 22nd, 2009

5:00 pm - The Grande Palace, Terrace Room

Sam smiled as she walked down the isle with her father's arm holding hers. She kept looking forward watching the image of her soon-to-be-husband coming closer and closer. He took her breath away standing there in dark tuxedo looking more handsome than ever. Sam finally reached him and her father released her leaving her to stand beside Scam. She smiled up at him taking in his face, as he smiled back at her. The minister smiled when they turned to him.

"Ladies and gentlemen we are ready to begin." The minister started the ceremony and Sam kept glancing at Tim. He was watching her too and Sam looked away blushing shyly. Finally there was silence and the minister told them to join hands. When they did he began to speak. "Dearly beloved. We are here today to witness the love between two people." Sam glanced at Tim smiling softly.


As Sam heard the voice she suddenly felt very terrified. She glanced at Tim and they both turned around to face the one who had spoken, along with the rest of the people there. Sam stifled a gasp.

"What's he doing here?" Sam thought angrily.

It was him. the one responsible for all the pain Tim had to go through in the past. The one responsible for almost killing both of them. The one who had betrayed Tim as a friend.

Michael stood before them.

She stared at him, eyes narrowed wondering what he was doing here at their wedding. He stood silent saying nothing but for some reason she didn't like the look on his face. Unconsciously she moved closer to Scam.

Jerry began to stand from his chair but Michael turned to him. "Relax Jerry. I'm just here to congratulate my "best" friend.." He glanced at Tim. "On his wedding day." He turned around facing a fuming Tim Scam. Sam stood near him clutching his arm standing determined at his side. "Well, well, well. What do we have here." He glanced looking at Sam standing there in her wedding dress.

Tim glared at Michael taking a step closer causing Sam to let him go. "What the hell, are you doing here?" he hissed. Michael smirked bringing his hand to rest inside his blazer. He spoke calmly. "Did you really think you'd get away with taking everything away from me?" He looked up him with a sadistic gleam in his dark eyes. ""Did you Tim?"

Giving him a hateful glare, Tim moved closer to Michael. He stopped midway when Michael pulled out a gun pointing it towards him. He smirked bringing the gun to point towards Samantha who stood next to him. Tim moved protectively in front of her standing in the path of the bullet.

Michael let out a chuckle. "Aww Tim, I'm not here to kill your little slut." He pointed the gun directly at Tim. "I'd much rather kill you." He fired the gun.

Sam's eyes widened as she let out a scream. "Tim!" She tried to push him away, but she wasn't fast enough as the bullet pierced through his heart.


Michael shot again and again, shooting him several times. He smirked as Tim began to fall backwards. Sam caught him before he hit the floor cradling his head in her lap. A group of guards dragged Michael away who sneered at Samantha before being dragged away by the guards.

Sam stared down at Tim. His face was twisted in pain and Sam could see all the blood that was flowing out from all over his chest. He opened his eyes giving her a weak smile. Sam felt tears well up in her eyes and they rolled down her cheeks. He brought his hand up to her cheek wiping away her tears, wincing from pain. "Sam don't cry." Sam's body racked with sobs as she wrapped her arms around him. "Tim." She ran her fingers through his hair, sobbing.

"Sam please don't cry. " He clutched her hand bringing it to his battered heart, covering it with blood. "Promise me." Sam stared at his face hearing his soft voice. Tears continuing to fall from her eyes. "Sam." He said again and she listened bringing her head closer to his. Pain was etched on his face as he spoke. "Promise me." Her eyes shook at his words. "Promise me, you'll forget...about me." He said the words with great effort. Sam shook her head furiously. "No! Don't say that! You're going to be okay!"

He gave her a painful smile.

"Forget about me."

He gasped a moment later closing his eyes. Sam watched in horror as his head tilted in her lap and after a moment of fast movements he stopped, laying still.

Completely Still.

Sam held her breath, shaking as she brought her ear to his heart and listened for any sign of a heartbeat.

There was none.

Sam snapped her head up in shock peering down at his face. His body covered in blood. His eyes closed.

Sam took shallow breaths holding him tighter.


She gave him a gentle shake.


He didn't move, or open his eyes as she had hoped. He lay still, unmoving in her lap.

Her body shook with sobs as she stared down at the face of the man she loved, the one she was just about to marry and start a new life with, laying still in her lap. Her wedding dress was soaked in his dark blood. There was blood everywhere.

Blood on his body.

Blood on her hands.

Sam could feel her eyes closing, and all she saw was the colour of blood everywhere dancing in front of her eyes.

Everything was a blur...


Sam shot up screaming. Her heart was pounding inside her. She felt her eyes water as she remembered everything. Every detail.

The wedding.

The blood.

The death...

of the man she loved.

"Tim!" She cried clutching her head. She gripped her hair shaking her head madly. Tears fell down her cheeks wetting her clothes but she didn't bother to wipe them as she kept crying in the darkness.

She gasped when she felt herself being pulled into an embrace. Her eyes widened and she began struggling trying to break free of whoever held her. "Let go of me!" She shouted thrashing around wildly.


She stopped dead when she heard her name. It sounded like... She shook her head no, it couldn't be him. This was just a cruel joke her mind was playing on her. Tim was gone. "But then why do I feel like.." She pulled away from the person to switch on the lamp. Turning around she let out a gasp.


11: 00 pm - Samantha's House, Samantha's Room

It was him. He was alive! Sam threw her arms around him holding onto him as if he'd disappear the moment she decided to let go. He stared down at her running his fingers through her hair. "You okay?" She nodded against his chest, but he could feel her trembling.

He leaned her back gently laying her back on the bed. She stared up at him with big scared eyes. He could hear the trembling in her voice when she spoke. "You died Tim. I saw you die." He let out a breath of relief finally knowing what this was all about.

Smiling, he came closer gently kissing her forehead. That seemed to calm her down a bit as he felt her sobs reduce. When he pulled away she was still afraid, he could see it in her eyes. Tim gave her a reassuring smile pulling her back in his embrace, holding her against him allowing her to feel his presence. She choked on a sob as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

He rubbed her back softly attempting to calm her down. Finally she stopped crying and her breathing returned to normal. Tim began speaking while holding her in his arms. "You must have had a nightmare Sam." Sam nodded clutching onto his back. He ran his fingers through her hair smiling as he felt her relax. She closed her eyes snuggling into his chest feeling his strong heartbeat racing there. She stayed quiet for a moment then spoke against his chest. "But I saw you die, he killed you."

He raised her chin with his finger peering into her eyes. "Who did?" He asked softly stroking her cheek with his thumb. "Michael." Tim smiled at her concern and worry for him. He pulled her back in his arms. "Michael is in jail Samantha. And he's not getting out for a long time." He stoked her hair again. "Don't worry about him, he isn't going to hurt us again." Sam nodded, relieved that everything was a dream. Still it was so real it ate away at her mind.

She sighed leaning tighter against his chest. He was right it was just a nightmare, it wasn't going to happen. He glanced down at her face and noticed the small frown that was there. Smirking he wrapped his arms around her holding her tighter against him. She relaxed her shoulders as he nuzzled her neck with his face. Feeling that she was still upset over the dream he decided to make her feel better.

He lifted her chin and brought her face closer to his so that she could feel his breath on her when he spoke. Sam stared up at him, her emerald green eyes showing compassion and concern. "I'm here Samantha." Tim brought his lips towards her neckline. He kissed a path down her neck. "To protect you, and watch over you." He gently nipped his way back up her chin with his teeth. She moaned closing her eyes a small smile forming itself on her lips. Tim smirked seeing how easy it was for him to distract her. She opened her eyes a moment later to stare at him. She raised an eyebrow wondering why he was smirking. He offered no explanation as gave her a light shove making her lay back on the bed.

Sam gasped as he crawled on top of her pinning her under him. Tim placed soft kisses on her neck making her moan softly. He moved downward running his lips over her collarbone. Tim smiled when her heard her soft sighs. She opened her eyes a moment later, her eyes dark with desire as she stared up at him. Tim brought his lips closer to hers and she closed her eyes awaiting his kiss that she wanted so badly. Smirking he stopped when his lips were less than an inch away from hers. She pouted waiting for him to kiss her. Sam shot her eyes open annoyed that he had stopped, and when she did she caught him smirking.

They held that position for a few moments watching each other until he leaned down and brushed his lips against her forehead. He whispered softly. "See you at the alter." Sam saw him smirk, clearly amused as he got off her and quickly made his escape out of the window from where he had come. She glared slightly angry that he had left her there alone and wanting him. She sighed shaking her head. "He's so gonna pay for that." Sam's lips curled into a devious smile as she forgot about her nightmare and thought about her soon to-be-husband.

Day of the Wedding - August 22nd, 2009

3:30 pm - The Grand Palace, The Bride's Dressing Room

Sam stood nervously in front of a floor length mirror in a pure white towel. She couldn't believe she had made it to this moment. She couldn't believe this was really happening. She was a bride. Her hair was half up and half down in a elegant way. The bit that was pulled up met the part that was free in the middle. The ends of her hair was teased into waves and they held together like a series of neat knots in the center. All of it was held up with beautiful pearl pins. Her hair was parted to the side and layered back into a French twist. Wisps of her hair were left to hang down delicately over her cheeks. She had small white lilies held near the knot, to match with her bouquet which was made of white lilies both large and small, rose buds and blood red roses surrounded by a under laying set of dark and light leaves.

Her makeup was done and she was already wearing her beautiful diamond earrings. She tilted her head to the side as one lightly settled against her cheek. "There all done", said her stylist as she sprayed some finishing hair spray on her hair to hold it up. "Thanks Sarah." Sam said softly while inspecting her hair in the mirror. There was a knock at the door. Sam glanced over to it, realizing it must be her bridesmaids Clover and Alex. She had called them here for last minute consultations. A moment later they walked in smiling. "Hey Sammie!" They hugged her careful not to touch her hair.

"You look absolutely stunning." Clover said smiling. Sam smiled glancing at her friends. "You guys both look gorgeous." They were both dressed in their bridesmaid dresses. Their twin gowns both had a strapless bodice with an overlay of asymmetrical draping that went to the natural waistline along with a matching tie sash on the A-line skirt. The only difference was the colour. Clover's was a soft pink and Alex's was a claret shade. Clover had her hair up in a bun, the front of her hair parted to the side. She wore silver hoops in her ears and a matching silver bracelet on her left hand. Alex's hair was in her usual style but she had some of it pulled to the side with a matching floral pin with small pearls. She was wearing silver dangling earrings and a silver chain bracelet with a claret coloured flower dangling off the clasp.

Clover smirked. "Yes we always look gorgeous." They all laughed. Alex glanced at her watch noticing it was now 4:15 pm. "Sammie, we need to get you in your dress! there is less than an hour till the wedding." Sam let out a breath closing her eyes. "Okay. But guys, I can't find my shoes." Clover smiled walking over to a table in the room and retrieving the box. "They are right here." She smiled and Sam sat down putting them on. They fit perfectly and felt nice too. "I think I can survive in these." Clover smiled. "Of course you can, what did you think they'd be like?" Sam shook her head smiling. They spent the next half hour or so getting Sam into her dress and putting on the rest of her jewellery. They did a few last minute touch-ups and made her stand in front of the mirror with her eyes closed.

"Okay, on three", said Clover. "One...two..." "Wait!" Alex grabbed the bouquet sitting on the table handing it to Sam. "Okay now." Sam opened her eyes slowly. She took a deep breath, staring at the girl in the mirror. She was now dressed in her beautiful gown, with all her jewellery, a shawl around her arms and the bouquet in her hands. "So.." Clover said smiling. "Perfect right?" Sam turned to face her. Alex clapped her hands together. "Oh he's gonna love ya!" Sam blinked as Alex blushed. "I mean he already loves you..he'll think you look wonderful." Clover smiled putting a hand on Sam's shoulder. "What she means is that he won't be able to take his eyes off you." Sam blushed glancing at herself in the mirror.

Her mother came in a moment later followed by her father. Sam turned to them both smiling. Her father was wearing a black tuxedo with a silver tie. His hands were in his pockets, his brown eyes showed happiness. Her mother was wearing a long grey and silver dress with small hints of embroidery and sparkle. It was floor length and criss-crossed at the front with a single layer of lace. She was also wearing silver shoes and her hair was pulled back from her face and held back with a matching large clip.

Sam walked over to her mother carefully and hugged her as her father rested a hand on her shoulder. "How's our little girl?" Her father asked smiling at her. Sam smiled. "Alright, a little nervous though." He smiled softly at his daughter gently razing her chin with his finger. "Don't be nervous dear, you look great." Sam smiled. She was actually worried because of the nightmare she had had last night. Of course she hadn't told anyone except for Tim. Sam smiled. They didn't have secrets in between them. He had assured her that it was a dream and she wasn't going to be bothered by it. She glanced up at her dad smiling. "Okay Daddie." Gaby smiled at her daughter and husband.

She glanced at the clock. Twenty minutes till five o'clock. "Sam dear, it's time." Sam took a deep breath. It was time. She nodded at her mother and smiled. Time for the moment she had always been waiting for.

Day of the Wedding - August 22nd, 2009

5:00 pm - The Grande Palace, Terrace Room

The doors opened and Sam heard the orchestra playing before her father whispered to her. "Ready?" Sam smiled nervously, her hands tightening a bit around her bouquet. "As ready as I'll ever be." Sam smiled as she walked down the isle with her father's arm holding hers. She gulped feeling her throat go dry at the sight of so many people. Glancing around at the room she tried not to gasp at how beautiful the room was. There were roses and lilies everywhere. She smiled when she saw Alex and Clover standing to the left side of the alter off to the side. She glanced to the right her eyes widening as she saw him.

He took her breath away and she couldn't stop staring at him. Tim looked wonderful. No. More than wonderful. He was looking completely gorgeous. His dark brown hair was in it's classic style and it glistened under the lights. He stood wearing a velvet and satin notched tuxedo over a crisp white shirt with a black bowtie. Tim looked up catching her eyes with his. Sam felt something inside her releasing and a blush spread across her cheeks. She felt like there was only her and him there. She looked away when she felt she couldn't hold his hypnotic gaze. She took small glances at him as she came closer and finally stood in front of him. Her dad smiled at him and gently released her placing her hand in his. Sam smiled keeping her eyes downward.

Tim smiled as he watched her. His Samantha, standing in front of him blushing. She looked absolutely beautiful. Perfect. Her fiery red hair that he loved so much was beautifully styled and held back. Her head was lowered keeping him from seeing her beautiful green eyes. He smirked knowing that he wanted her to look at him again and he knowing he would make her. He stroked her hand with his thumb over her knuckles and she glanced up at him suddenly. Sam felt herself melt with his simplest touch and she didn't quite understand how he managed to do that every time. She blushed but kept her gaze locked with his as the minister began the ceremony.

"Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to witness the love between two people. We are here to watch them pledging their love for each other. And to join with them in celebrating the happiness of sharing that love. God blesses all who love, and God will bless Timothy and Samantha today as they exchange their vows." He turned to Samantha.

She smiled finally finding her voice. "In the presence of our families & friends, I take you, Timothy Scam, as my life mate. She looked deep in his eyes as she continued. "I belong to you. I offer my life to you. I give to you my protection, my commitment, my loyalty, my heart, my soul and my body. Your life, happiness & wellbeing will be treasured and placed above my own for all time. You are my life mate, mine for all eternity and always in my care."

He gave her a warm smile as he spoke." In the presence of our families & friends, I take you, Samantha Simpson, as my life mate." He held her hand a little tighter. "I belong to you. I offer my life to you. I give to you my protection, my commitment, my loyalty, my heart, my soul and my body." Her eyes shook as she heard his words. He smiled looking only at her as he continued in a firm tone. "Your life, happiness & wellbeing will be treasured and placed above my own for all time. You are my life mate, mine for all eternity and always in my care."

"May God bless Timothy and Samantha. May they have happiness now and for all eternity." The minister smiled at the two of them. "May they find a world of love with each other, and the happiness of an everlasting love. Now let us all congratulate the joyful couple." He turned to

smile at Tim. "You may kiss the bride."

Tim gave Samantha a smile before leaning in to kiss her. She felt his warm breath on her face and she glanced at him through half-closed eyes before she closed them. She wanted to remember this moment. His lips met hers in a soft kiss that ran deeper when she opened her mouth to his. He wrapped an arm around her waist holding her to him as the kiss went on for several moments. Applause erupted throughout the room and Sam could hear people cheering. Finally he pulled away, simply holding her hand in his.

Sam blushed as he held his arm out to her and she linked hers through it walking down the isle with him. She held onto his arm tightly as they walked forward and Sam couldn't stop smiling. She turned her head to look at Tim. He was smiling down at her. She leaned her head on his shoulder, smiling. They were married at last.

11:30 pm - The Grande Palace

The party had gone late into the night and finally Sam found herself alone with Tim. She was very tired but also very happy. Sam stood at the foot of the stairway leading to their room. She winced in pain when she saw the amount of stairs she would be climbing with her aching feet.

"I'm so sore." Sam said glancing at the stairs. He smiled. "Aren't you glad we're staying here tonight?" She nodded. Slowly looking away from him she missed his smirk.

"My feet hurt so much..." She complained, glancing to look at her new husband (it felt so good to say that) and the innocent look he bore. He smiled softly. "Is that so?" He said, acting as if nothing was wrong...

Wait a minute.

Sam narrowed her eyes in thought. Clover DID refuse to explain to her why she chose such uncomfortable shoes, (she had suspected she did it on purpose), plus now Tim acting as if nothing was wrong...

She gasped looking straight at him. "You two planned this, didn't you!" He shrugged closing his eyes. "I don't know what you're talking about. And besides.." He paused glancing at Samantha, a serious look on his face. "Why would I do that?"

She rolled her eyes not believing the innocent act he was pulling off so well. She mentally cursed him for being such a good actor. "Because you knew you'd have to carry me!"

Tim scoffed shaking his head. "Oh please Sam." He stifled a laugh clearly amused by her. "If you want to walk..." He smirked watching her glare at him. "Go right ahead. Just don't blame me when the pain gets worse." She frowned not saying anything. Tim turned to her smiling in a sly way. "Of course, I wouldn't mind carrying you if.." He stopped and smirked. Sam raised an eyebrow. "If what?" Tim sighed smirking. "If you ask, nicely."

She tilting her head to the side smiling. "Fine." Sam gave him a sweet smile. "Can you please help me, dear husband of mine?" He smirked coming closer to her and whispering in her ear. "I'd love to." He picked her up bridal style and proceeded up the stairs. Sam wrapped her arms around his neck then looked away from him blushing severely. He smirked, completely amused by his new wife. "You know you look adorable when you're trying to be angry at me." She blushed harder closing her eyes to avoid looking at him.

Sam opened her eyes when she felt his breath closer to her face. She looked up just in time moving her head to avoid his kiss. He raised an eyebrow watching her. She smirked as she avoided another kiss. At this point he was beginning to get annoyed. She smirked playfully. "What's the matter, tired already?" She gave him an innocent look.

He smirked. "Nah, just curious...Why didn't you stop me at the alter?" She stayed quiet for a second thinking then answered with a smirk. "A woman has the prerogative to change her mind." Tim tightened his grip on her, smiling. He realized she was trying to get back at him for last night when he had left her without the kiss she so badly wanted. "I can always change your mind." He smirked. "Let me show you how." Sam smirked waiting for him to do something to try and get to her. She frowned when he didn't. He smirked noticing her slight frown but said nothing. Of course he hadn't given up on her.

They reached their room and he opened the door putting her down so she could walk inside first. Her eyes widened when she saw the room. It was so beautiful. Drapes of the richest maroon colour hung over golden walls. Their were candles everywhere illuminating the whole room. There was a beautiful patterned carpet on the floor which was red and white in colour. And again there were roses and white lilies placed in several areas. While she was busy admiring the room she didn't notice him slowly coming closer.

Tim smirked noticing that his wife was completely preoccupied, meaning that she wouldn't notice him coming closer. Grabbing her hand came behind her trapping her against the wall with his body. Sam let out a gasp in surprise leaving him to smirk. His hand hers firmly against the wall as he placed gentle kisses along her neck, nipping the soft skin. She moaned softly tilting her head. "Tim..." He smirked knowing that he was affecting her. His other hand moved down her back reaching for the zipper of her gown.

Tim paused bringing his lips to her neck once again placing kisses there. He slowly pulled down the zipper, taking his time allowing his fingers to graze against her skin. She squirmed slightly letting out a gasp as he brought his hand to her lower back tracing his way to her neck with his fingers as the gown slowly fell to her feet.

She now stood wearing the mid-thigh silk slip that had been hidden beneath her gown just a moment before. She gasped suddenly missing the warmth of the gown. He pressed closer and she held her breath as she felt his chest pressing into her back warming her instantly. He brought his mouth back to her neck and continued kissing and nipping at it slowly.

Sam closed her eyes as his right hand moved to her bare knee then it moved upwards tracing her outer thigh. Moaning softly, she brought her fingers to grasp the hand that was lingering on her thigh and she moved it upwards bringing his arm to wrap around her waist.

He continued ravishing her neck with kisses and she leaned back resting her body against his, her eyes closed in bliss. Tim turned her around to face him burying his face in the crook of her neck placing kisses against it. He moved his mouth away from her neck to stare at his bride. She stood in front of him softly lit and beautiful in the dim light, staring at him.

She brought her hand to cup his cheek and she stared at him with a dazed look in her eyes. As if she was hypnotized, she actually started to lean forward to kiss him but stopped when she realized what she was doing; submitting herself to his touch.

She blushed shaking her head slightly. He smirked, knowing that he was easily winning over her will. He moved his lips toward her mouth but was surprised when she quickly slipped away from him. She frowned bringing her arms to cross over her chest, but he caught them before she could finish and held them against the wall trapping her body against him.

Sam gasped not believing how fast he was. She closed her eyes moaning helplessly when she felt his provoking lips on her collarbone, on her neck, nibbling on her vulnerable skin. He gave her no time to think as kept his lips against her skin slowly bringing them closer to hers. Tim brought his hand up to hold her chin in place making sure she wouldn't be able to move her head this time. He inched towards her lips stroking her chin with his fingers keeping her occupied. He placed kisses from her chin to her lower neck, making her gasp.

"You want me to stop?" He said between planting soft kisses on her skin. He trailed a line of kisses from the corner of her mouth to her ear. "Do you?" She frowned when she realized she was loosing her inner battle. "No..." She said slowly finally giving in to his seduction. He smirked slowly removing himself from her body then moving away from her altogether. She opened her eyes to see him standing a short distance away but close enough to touch, his arms crossed over his chest a teasing smirk on his face.

To her, he had never looked more handsome or devilish. She sighed not understanding how he always seemed to win with her. It didn't matter though, she needed him to continue what he'd started. She moved closer, until her feet were touching his, and stared into his eyes, holding her breath while she waited for him to touch her.

He didn't.

Sam took a deep breath realizing that he wanted her to make the next move. Her hands came up behind him to grip his shoulders, her fingers digging into him, expressing her desperate need for him. Still, he did nothing but stand still. She looked up to see the victorious smirk on his face. Leaning up on her feet she kissed him. She gasped from the sudden pain in her aching feet but forgot about it when she felt him return her kiss. Sam reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, digging her hands into his hair. He deepened the kiss opening his mouth to hers. One hand slid down to her waist, pulling her up against him.

Tim wrapped both his arms around her waist firmly dragging her even closer to himself, leaving no space in between their bodies. They broke the kiss a few moments later pulling apart for air. He stroked the side of her face with his fingers, holding her face in his hand. He knew her little squabble with him was over. She stared at him with pure want in her eyes. A moment later he closed the gap between their lips and kissed her again. He deepened the kiss, opening his mouth and stroking his tongue over her lips until she opened her mouth and his tongue moved inside. She wrapped her arms around his neck pushing her fingers into his hair, she moaned deep in her throat.

Tim brought his fingers to her hair breaking the kiss. She smiled and stood still while his fingers carefully removed the pins that held her hair up. After a few moments her hair came cascading down over her shoulders, stopping at her waist. He came closer running his fingers through her hair and burying his face against her neck inhaling her scent.

His hands ran over her bare arms to grip her shoulders as he held her against him. Tim brought his hands away from her shoulders to wrap around her waist while he left a trail of kisses on the side of her neck down to her bare shoulder. Sam gently lifted her face from his body and pressed her lips against his ear kissing her way down to his cheek. She pressed her lips against his chin as her hands moved to untie the bowtie around his neck. She took it off a moment later leaving it to drop on the floor.

Her fingers moved down his chest to the buttons of his blazer. She undid them slipping her hands under the blazer against his chest to pull it off. It slipped off his chest easily and she managed to get it off one of his arms and he pulled it off the other. She continued doing the same with the velvet vest he was wearing, tugging it off a moment later. Sam smiled at him softly as he placed his arms around her waist drawing her up against him again.

She traced her lips across his face stopping to nibble at his earlobe. She felt his grip on her tighten. She kissed her way down the side of his neck dragging her teeth against it as her fingers moved to the collar of his shirt. She unbuttoned the first button, then paused kissing the skin that was shown. She moved to the next button doing the same until he stopped her midway grabbing her wrist and pulling her against him. She looked up into his eyes and he smirked.

He lifted her and carried her to the bed, then gently set her down. Tim stood towering over her with a smirk on his face. She pouted missing his warmth, and reached up to grab his arm pulling him down next to her. He leaned over and kissed her forehead moving his hands down to grasp her waist.

She placed her hands over his giving him a mock glare. "In case you've forgotten, my feet still hurt." He smirked. "I know." Tim moved downward and brought his hand to her foot. She glanced at him curiously. "What are you doing?" Tim faced her smirking, a glint of amusement in his eyes. "You'll see."

He pulled off her shoes and that made her feel a little bit better but it also reminded her how much her feet hurt. She gasped from the sudden pain. He rubbed her foot with his palm. Sam tried not to gasp from the feeling of his fingers on her skin. Tim gently slid some of his fingers in between her toes, teasing her. She squirmed at the ticklish feeling. He moved his index finger to the sole of her foot drawing on it with his finger, making her take a sharp intake of breath. He traced the arches with his thumb and she gasped.

Sam sat up reaching for his hand trying to get him to stop his teasing. Smirking he brought his lips to her heel and placed a kiss there. Lifting her leg up and out of her reach, he used his teeth to nip the flesh that was there. She bit her lip closing her eyes as his mouth moved upwards on her leg nipping and kissing its way to her knee.

She tried jerking her leg to stop him but her attempts were in vain because he was holding her leg firmly, and she could not get it out of his grip. His lips moved higher against her leg and she didn't bother suppressing her moans any longer. His hand brushed against the edge of her slip pushing it up higher, exposing more of her pale warm skin.

Her breathing had proceeded to a pant now, her chest rising and falling quickly. Tim released her leg letting it fall softly against the bed. She blushed still feeling the tingle of his lips on her leg as he moved to sit behind her. She sat up running her hand against her leg as her back pressed slightly against his chest. His right arm crept around her waist slowly, and it finally stopped when it was wrapped around her tightly. Tim used his other hand to move the mass of her red hair aside, dragging his fingertips across her back. Placing his hands on her shoulders he pulled her closer.

Sam smiled as his mouth found its way to her ear and he gently placed kisses against it. As his teeth lightly nipped at her there Sam moaned pressing her body harder against his. His mouth moved down her neck gently kissing and nipping its way down to her shoulder. He stopped, removing his arm from around her waist. He brought his hands up her arms softly caressing them.

Tim brought his lips to leave a trail of passionate kisses against the back of her neck. His fingers moved to the small zipper that was holding up her slip. Pulling it all the way down he let his hands stroke the bare skin of her back, making her shiver slightly from the intimate contact. Tim pulled at the slip getting it to fall fully from her back. It hung loosely over Sam's chest barely covering her, as Sam held an arm to her front holding it against her chest to keep it from falling completely.

Her back was bare to his view except for the small undergarments she was wearing. Closing his eyes Tim brought his mouth to the bend of her neck gently sucking at it while his hands explored her lower back, gliding over her skin. She moaned softly, as her breath came out in short puffs. Tim lifted his face from her neck gently running his fingers over her exposed shoulder. Using her legs to turn around she faced him. Smiling seductively, Sam grabbed his collar with her right hand, still keeping her left hand holding her slip to her body. Pulling him to her she kissed him eagerly. He played with her hair sinking his fingers into it while she kissed him. Sam broke the kiss sliding her fingers down his chest slowly unbuttoning his shirt with one hand, while bringing her lips lower kissing her way down his chest.

She brought her free hand up to the back of his neck, gripping his hair in her fingers as she kissed him again. Keeping her left arm firmly against her chest she slid her right hand down to grip his shoulder her fingernails digging into his skin. Keeping her mouth firmly against his she leaned backwards to lay on the bed taking him down with her to lie against her body.

He brought his lips away from hers to leave a trail of kisses on the side of her neck down to her bare shoulder. His hand moved to grip the edge of her slip as he began to pull it off her chest. Sam smiled closing her eyes until she remembered that there was something she needed to do. "Wait!" She gently touched the side of his face to get his attention. "I need to give you something." He smirked pressing his lips against her skin. "I already have what I want most." Sam blushed shaking her head. "No. No. No. Tim.." She managed to slide out from under him clutching her slip to her chest.

"I need to give you your wedding gift." He sighed, looking a little frustrated. "Now?" She nodded smiling. "Yes. Now." He shook his head sighing in annoyance as he watched her pull on her slip, zipping it up and then hop off the bed out of his reach. She walked over to the table in the corner of the room and bent over trying to get something. Scam smirked as his eyes followed her body taking in her form as he waited for her to come back to him. He took of his shirt, tossing it aside. She finally returned, walking with her hands behind her back, a huge grin on her face.

She reached him still smiling as she told him to close his eyes. "Why?" He asked raising an eyebrow. "Because I want you to. Just do it already!" She said smiling. He crossed his arms over his chest. "What for? You already told me that you were getting my present." She frowned bringing one hand forward to poke him on the chest. "Close. Your. Eyes." Tim rolled his eyes before closing them, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. Normally he'd be annoyed taking orders, but he found her so amusing that he chose to listen to her instead. She handed him a wrapped box and he opened his eyes to watch her stepping away from him.

Smirking he grabbed her wrist. Bringing her closer he pulled her in his lap. Sam smiled as she sat on his lap with one arm around his neck to keep her balance, her legs hanging over his right knee. She watched him as he pulled apart the wrapping quickly getting to the box. He lifted the lid and smiled as he pulled out a keepsake golden frame. There was a picture of him and Samantha from the wedding on the left, both of them were smiling. To the right there was a poem:


I'm going to try to say the words
that my heart wants you to know
I want you to see what you mean to me
and why I love you so.

Nobody else can know my thoughts
and touch my soul like you can
No one can melt my heart like you do
simply by holding my hand.

With a loving glance or a tender kiss
you make my cares disappear
Warm thoughts of you surround me
and always keep you near.

I need nothing more from you than this-
to know that you'll always be mine
And the promise of your love in my life-
until the end of time.

If there is one thing that I know for sure

then it's this...

I will always keep falling in love with you.



Tim turned to his right to glance at Samantha, who was blushing softly. "I wrote it myself," she whispered still blushing as she fidgeted with her hands. Tim smirked inwardly. She was nervous, he could tell by the way she played with her hands. "Do you like it?" Sam tilted her head watching him, waiting for an answer. He closed his eyes smirking. "And you're supposed to be the smart one." Sam narrowed her eyes confused at his words. Tim opened his eyes giving her that smirk that drove her over the edge. "Of course I like it, why wouldn't I?" Sam blushed, smiling. He wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her closer. "So, you'll keep falling in love with me?" Sam blushed nodding. He tilted his head sighing. "I don't know about that. It might be hard. You know I can be a little bit.." He paused smirking while staring at her intently. "Evil." Sam pouted, resisting the urge to laugh. "Oh right, I forgot," she said sarcastically. She gave him a chaste kiss on the lips, smirking. "But I love your evil." He raised an eyebrow, smirking. "But you're supposed to be the "good" girl." Sam sighed leaning her head against his. "Well I'm not anymore." He smirked. "Good. Then we'll have no problems." Sam let out a laugh hearing his words. "He always knows just what to say."

"Okay my turn." Sam raised an eyebrow curiously to humour him, because she knew he was talking about her gift. "Close your eyes." Sam smirked. 'Why?" He smirked. "Because it's only fair. Now, do it." Sam closed her eyes smiling. Tim reached over to the bedside table grabbing a large file. "Okay you can open your eyes now." Sam opened her eyes to see him holding a large black file. He handed it to her. "Open it." Sam did feeling a little nervousness in the pit of her stomach. She flipped the cover open and read:


Plan Outline

Total living: 3,560 Sq. Ft.

Bedrooms: 5

Baths: 4

House Dimensions: 62' 4" x 79' 4"

Great Room: 18' 0" x 20' 0"

Master Bedroom: 18' 0" x 14' 4"

Bedroom/Study, Built-Ins, Courtyard Entry Garage, Deck Patio Dormers, Fireplace, Formal Dining Foyer, Great/Gathering Room, Master Suite, Porch - Front Porch -Storage Space Walk-In Closets, Baths


Sam flipped the next page and saw a series of floor plans. Then she saw it. The sketch of a enormous mansion. Sam turned to him, her eyes wide in surprise. Her smirked, liking her reaction. "I trust you like it?" She blinked. "Your building another mansion for me?" He smiled nodding. "Think of it as a getaway from the world, you know if we want to be alone." Sam smiled, she could imagine that easily. "I think you'll like the location," he smiled turning to the last page in the file and holding it to her. She saw the photo of an island. She paused to take a closer look. Then it hit her. She could feel a huge grin making its way on her face. "It's gonna be on our island?!" Tim smirked nodding. "Where else?" He paused. "So.." He took the file from her placing it on the table. "Do you like it?" Sam sighed. "Seriously, you even need to ask me that?" He sighed. "Not really, but you asked me the same stupid question before so I thought I'd get even."

Sam gasped watching him smirk. "You know.." She wrapped both her arms around his neck, playing with his hair. "If I didn't love you so much..." She gave him a seductive smile staring into his eyes. "I'd be really mad right now." He shrugged, a hint of a smirk on his face. "Well tough luck." Sam smiled burying her head in his chest. Tim sneaked an arm around her waist holding her firmly as he leaned back to fall on the bad. She let out a squeal and he chuckled as his back hit the soft surface.

Sam sighed contently as he placed his mouth over hers in a kiss. His hand slid around to her back, fingertips brushing her spine. He pressed her against him as the kiss went on. Sam felt his fingers tugging at the zipper of her slip, and it came down a second later. Tim slid his hands down to her hips and pulled her against him. "Samantha" He said her name in a mere whisper his lips brushing against hers. She took a quick peak at his face before he kissed her again, this time rolling her over to lie under him.

Keeping his mouth against hers, his left hand gripped the fabric of the slip as he pulled it off her body, tossing it aside. Tim broke the kiss, smiling as his eyes trailed over her body. When he looked to her face he saw that she was watching him, her mouth curved in a smile and her eyes half closed in bliss and desire.

Tim moved his lips to her neck planting kisses on her skin. His breath was hot on her skin as he kissed his way down her body. Smirking he brought his lips to her stomach kissing her navel then leaving a trail of kisses to the side of her waist. She gasped squirming under him. He kissed his way back up to the base of her neck. His mouth moved down her neck, sucking and biting it. His teeth scrapping along her collarbone. "Tim" she breathed. "You're mine." He kissed her lips softly. "And only mine." She smiled staring up at him, love shining in her eyes. "I am." She brushed her lips against his. "Only yours. "

She let her hands roam over his back. It was warm and smooth, the muscles flexing under her hands. Her nails dug into his back as his mouth moved to her chest and he placed kisses there. She lifted his head from her chest. "I love you," she whispered and trailed her fingers lightly through his hair. Tim smiled pressing his forehead against hers. "And I love you " His lips captured hers in a deep kiss as he came closer covering her body with his touch.

The Next Morning...

9:30 am - The Grande Palace, Suite

She woke up slowly. Her eyes opening and closing trying to block out the sunlight. She finally gave up letting her eyes stay open. Her others senses kicked in and she took in her surroundings. She tilted her head upwards and brought her gaze to the man who's arms she was wrapped up in. She lay tangled up in the sheets with his arms wrapped around her tightly. She stared at his face, smiling. His eyes were closed not allowing her to see his dark sea-foam eyes that she loved so much. The eyes that watched over her all the time. She lay in his arms snuggling against his warm body. She smiled when she remembered yesterday. Her wedding. She blushed when she thought about last night something she would never forget.

Sam smiled softly while carefully using her hands to remove his arms from around her. He grunted holding her tighter against him. She smiled gently nuzzling his neck with her face. His grip on her loosened when he felt that she wasn't trying to leave him. Sam didn't want to leave him but she really did need to get up, she never really slept in much. She made a move for his hands again and managed to get him to let go. She smiled carefully crawling out from in between his arms. She pulled off the bed and went into the washroom to take a shower.

His eyes shot open a few moments after she stole away from him. He sat up rubbing his eyes. He thought of following her into the bathroom to surprise her, then he decided against it. His new wife deserved a little time alone. He smirked. She would only get a little time away from him, he wouldn't let her stay away too long. He closed his eyes laying back down, still smirking. He would surprise her whenever she came back.

Sam sighed in the shower allowing the water to wash over her body. She gently rubbed her arms with the soap. She stopped a slight smile on her face as she remembered the way his hands had caressed them. Blushing she resumed her task rubbing soap over the rest of her body bringing back more memories of his touch and his kisses. She finished her shower quickly and grabbed a towel drying herself off. She gently patted her hair shaking out the water. Sam hung the towel back and grabbed a baby blue bathrobe off the rack pulling it on. She pulled it close with the tie then moved to comb her hair. Moving the comb through her hair she paused when it caught on a knot. She frowned removing the knot then tossing her hair over her shoulder. As she did she caught sight of the light bite marks on her neck. She ran her fingers over them for a second then smiled setting down her comb. She wondered if he was awake yet.

Sam turned walking out of the room.making her way to where he lay sleeping. He watched her through squinted eyes taking her in. She was wearing a mid-thigh bathrobe leaving most oh her legs exposed. Her hair was damp, he could tell from the way it stuck to her shoulders. "She must be done her shower"he thought fighting a smirk when he noticed she was coming over to him.

She leaned over him watching him sleep. Her lips curved into a gentle smile as she leaned down and gently brushed her lips against his. She stayed there for a moment then leaned back smiling while glancing at her husband's face. She turned to leave thinking of getting back to drying her hair when his hand grabbed her arm. She gasped, her eyes widening as he pulled her closer sitting up to grab her around the waist. He tossed her to the bed trapping her under him in less than a minute. Smirking, he peered down at her flushed face. She stared up at him, her vivid green eyes wide from surprise.

"I wasn't done with you." he said, smirking. Her expression was dazed and drugged as she watched him "You weren't?" He smirked pressing his mouth against hers. His kiss was gentle at first but quickly became passionate as she opened her mouth to his and his tongue slid inside tasting her mouth. She moaned softly as his tongue stroked hers while he explored her mouth. Tim moved his lips away from hers bringing his mouth to her chin. He planted a kiss there dragging his lips down her neck, placing kisses against it as he moved towards her chest which was slightly exposed because of the V-neck robe she wore. She gasped as his mouth crept lower and lower. "Tim.." He brought his lips back to hers kissing her again.

Keeping his mouth against hers, his right hand travelled down her body to her waist and to the tie that held her robe closed. He undid the knot, using his hand to pull the front open leaving her to lie bare under him. Bringing his arm around her waist, he gently lifted her out of the bathrobe, pressing her against his chest as the robe fell from her body. Tossing it aside, he placed her back down on the bed. Tim placed his elbows on either side of her body, looking down on her.

He smiled when he saw that she was blushing and he let out a small chuckle when she avoided his gaze. She frowned crossing her arms over her chest trying to hide behind them. He smirked running his fingers through her damp hair, clearly amused by the woman trapped under him. "I thought you were asleep," she said still frowning. He smirked. "You thought wrong. I'm a light sleeper Samantha, so for future reference..." He paused bringing his face closer to hers. "Don't you dare sneak out on me." She smirked tilting her head to the side. "Oh? And what are you going to do about it if I do?"

He moved his hand down her leg, then slid his hand back up, his fingers pressing into her flesh, lingering on the soft flesh of her inner thigh. He smirked and she gasped. When she attempted to grab his hand he smirked grabbing both her arms and pinning them to her sides. "Do you really want to know?" Sam shook her head no furiously, much to his amusement. He smirked leaning closer to look her in the eyes. "Too bad." He captured her lips in a passionate kiss, to which she responded a moment later wrapping her arms around his neck. She smiled against his lips allowing him to overpower her, after all she loved it when he did.

10:00 am - W.O.O.H.P. Holding Facility

Two guards stood next to each other talking outside a prison cell. "I can't believe he's finally married." "I know", said the other man. "And to another W.O.O.H.P. agent too." The guard smiled. "I'm so glad Tim Scam is finally happy, he's been so through so much." The other man smiled. "True. Well, we can be sure Samantha and him will be very happy together." The two men continued to talk as the man inside the cell listened in on them quietly.

A glare was on his face as he heard the news.

Tim Scam married.

Tim Scam happy.

It was more than he could bear. After loosing everything, his enemy was happily married while he was stuck in this prison, trapped in this hell. The prison where he had made sure Tim Scam was in for years. The one he had been so sure, he would rot in till the end of his days. Now he was out, and he was in.

Michael hated the irony.

He would never allow him to be happy, not after everything he took from him. "You think this is the end?" He closed his eyes. Michael allowed his anger to control him as he clenched his fist thinking of his enemy. "I didn't want you happy then Tim...so there's no way I'm going to let you be happy now."

He opened his eyes, smirking darkly.

"No, this is FAR from over..."

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