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Title: Inerasable Memories (title was stolen from the themes xD)

Rating: M, for sexual content and an angsty Ed o.o

Pairings: RoyEd, AlWinry

Summary: Ed confesses his love for Roy, but ends up getting turned down. Angry and disappointed, he leaves Central to fight in the on-going war. Two years later, he returns and meets him again, but things are not the same anymore. People change and so do feelings.

Disclaimer: Don't own the characters, only the storyline.


Blood. Pain. He wasn't sure if his eyes were closed or not, but frankly, he didn't mind the darkness. Shouts. Screams. He shut them out of his mind, desperately trying to escape the world from everything. People moving. Crawling. He couldn't move, didn't want to move even. Was he going to die? He didn't care at that point. He just wanted the pain to stop, he just wanted to survive.

He remembered everything, from the moment he stepped on that train, leaving everything behind him in a moment of what people would call impulsiveness. He had offered to go to Drachma, to fight in the War that was taking place there. He couldn't stand to be a second longer in Central City. It had been a long journey, nearly taking three weeks to reach his destination.

He remembered being escorted to General Bell, a fellow State Alchemist, who had assigned him a battalion of around one hundred men, despite the fact that he had no experience with war whatsoever. He had been dispatched, along with his troop, on the southern side of the prosperous city of Zhiang(1). They had been ordered to infiltrate the city, take it and kill everybody who opposed. It had been hard on him, the first couple of weeks, but war taught him that he had to kill in order to survive himself. In order to see everybody he loved again, in order to pick up his old life again. He wasn't proud of it, but his childish thoughts about not killing people were gone and only his survival instincts remained. Not that he had been a ruthless killer; on the contrary, he spared people's lives as much as he could, but it couldn't be helped sometimes.

The people of Zhiang were strong and brave and, needless to say, opposed the Amestris' Army as any other city would've done. Many men died in the months they were trying to capture the city and finally General Bell sent reinforcements, allowing to complete their mission finally. It had been a great relief and he was allowed to take one week to recover from the sleepless nights and troubled days. Of course, he didn't gain an ounce of sleep even in that week, pictures of dying men troubling him in his dreams- nightmares- and images kept replaying themselves in his mind.

The horrors of war would haunt him the rest of his life, he knew that from the first day it had started.

He remembered using his alchemic talents to the fullest; creating weapons, repairing tanks and everything else he could do. He led his troops to victory after victory, earning a famous name and even getting the title of 'hero'. He resented the name and would make sure anyone who called him that would regret it. There was nothing heroic about his actions, he was doing what anyone else would do; fight a war, make sure to survive and yearning to go home. In between he would make sure his troops would make it as well, though he had learned that he couldn't save every single one of them. It had been a hard lesson, thinking back on the many friends he had made and losing them the day right after meeting them.

Two years thus passed by in a blur of blood, agony and hurt. He knew he would never be the same again and regretted ever stepping on that train two years earlier, but nothing could be done about it at that time. The Army had apparently found him too valuable for them to lose such a wonderful soldier and wouldn't resign him, not even when he requested to go home to at least see his little brother. They threatened to strap him down and to accuse him of treason- he would be executed if they would do that and so would all of his men, for reasons still unknown to him.

He would never forgive the army.

He focused back on the present- what had happened in the past mattered not when one was lying in the middle of a battlefield, wounded and worthless. For he was as worthless as a gun with no bullets. He was bleeding somewhere, he felt the red, warm liquid on his leg as he moved his legs in experiment; he hadn't been able to move for a while, but it seemed as though he had control over his limbs again. His automail-arm was broken so using alchemy was useless for him now.

He stood up slowly, hissing in pain as the weight on his legs was apparently still too much for them to handle. He ignored it- getting out of the hell hole he was in was now his first priority. He only had one thought in mind: Get back to Central, go back to Al, back to everyone… I have to go back. It had been the only thing that kept him going. To see his little brother again, to see the ones he loved.

"Major Elric!" a voice sounded in the distance. The man looked up, his blonde bangs covering his eyes slightly as his weary face focused on one of his men who was rushing to his side. "Major Elric, hold on!" The man caught him before he could fall to the ground- he had passed out from loss of blood, stress and anxiety. He could faintly hear a deep voice calling out to him.


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