Three Months Later (Ah, the wonders of time-skipping!)

"Bastard," he grumbled through clenched teeth.

"I told you not to wear your hair in a braid anymore," he replied smoothly, holding up the little band out of the blonde boy's reach.

It had been three months since that day in Drachma. Both men had made it out safely, the war was over and Edward had quit the military permanently. Now that he wasn't a part of the army anymore, him and Roy were able to 'come out', surprising everyone except Winry, Alphonse and Riza.

Roy had been surprised when Riza had told him she knew about their relationship—apparently, she had somehow gotten it out of Alphonse. He didn't want to know what kind of torture she had put the poor boy through, and so didn't question it any further.

Roy had been lucky enough that he had such wonderful subordinates (though he would never admit it). They had been very understanding and even congratulated him with his relationship, with the exception of Farman, who had asked Roy if he was still planning on becoming Führer and making a policy for the female staff to wear mini-skirts.

Roy had thought about it for a while, but then shook his head and had told him that the only one he wanted to see in a mini-skirt, was Edward, on which Farman had shuddered and had muttered a 'no thanks', though he had decided to stick with Roy either way.

Edward had opened up a small lab and was researching new methods for using alchemy—namely for health, which was an admirable thing to do, Roy found. They had moved in with each other, since Edward didn't want to trouble his brother and new wife too much and Roy had to admit he liked the company.

He had been scared at first, when Edward just showed up with his suitcase, entering his house and throwing his stuff in Roy's bedroom. He had to admit that Edward did have some nerve to just invite himself over like that, but that was probably one of the many things Roy liked about him.

He had been afraid—he was scared that he would get tired of Edward if he spent so much time with him. It was a stupid excuse, he knew that, but it was the truth. His relationships never lasted, because the women he had dated were boring and didn't keep his interest very long. When Roy had told Edward this, the blonde had merely shrugged and told him that he wasn't planning on leaving any time soon, even if Roy became tired of him. Roy had chuckled at that.

"Give it back to me, right. Now!" Edward growled, jumping in the air in an attempt to grab it. Roy held it up higher, waving it tauntingly.

"Equivalent exchange, Edo, equivalent exchange," he smirked as Edward pouted.

"Fine, what do you want?" he said, narrowing his eyes.

"Why, Edo-chan, I think you know perfectly well what I want," Roy purred, leaning closer to Edward, who blushed slightly.

"D—don't call me that, bastard," he muttered. He gave a quick peck on Roy's lips. "There, that's enough for the stupid thing, now give it back!" Roy quirked an eyebrow.

"That hardly satisfied me, Edo," he told him.

"Damn it Roy, I'm tired! Can't you ever get enough!" Roy smirked and Edward swallowed nervously—wrong thing to say. The General snaked an arm around the blonde's waist and pulled him closer, giving a small lick at a very sensitive spot on Edward's neck.

"I could never get enough of you, Edo-chan," he murmured. He patted himself mentally on the back when he got a moan from Edward in response and continued to attack his love's neck, all the while guiding him to the bed. Edward kissed him roughly on the mouth as they lied down, Roy hovering over the smaller man as they started to undress each other.

They had to break away several times, groaning as they did so, but eventually managed to get all of the annoying items off of their bodies, both men impatiently grinding their hips together in an attempt to get closer.

Roy loved this part—the part where Edward was squirming underneath him, almost begging him to continue. The parted lips, the flushed cheeks and panting and moaning aroused him so much, he could hardly take it and dipped in for another kiss, relishing in the taste and warmth of Edward's mouth. He heard the blonde underneath him moan as he gently bit on his bottom lip and sucking on it, before he withdrew, getting a small whimper of disappointment from Edward. He chuckled lightly and instead started to suck on his neck, leaving a red mark.

Roy had always been slightly possessive, especially of his blonde boyfriend and always had the tendency to mark him like that, to show that he was already taken. Roy couldn't stand the fact if others would even look at him. Edward had often scowled at him for being an over-possessive bastard with a God-complex when Roy started to kiss him in public, but he didn't care. As long as people knew that Edward was his.

He continued kissing Edward's body—starting off with his neck and going downwards, sucking on one of the blonde's nipples in the process. Edward moaned loudly and tangled his flesh hand in Roy's hair, gently caressing his head. Roy had always liked the way Edward touched him with such gentleness and love—it was much different from anybody who he had ever been with.

Roy decided it was enough with the foreplay, as he couldn't wait any longer—he had to have him now. He crawled up to Edward's face and gave him a passionate kiss, their tongues briefly meeting each other, before he pulled away and lifting Edward's legs a bit. He grabbed the tube of lubrication that was lying on the nightstand and covered his arousal with it, all the while looking at Edward's awaiting face. He liked the way the blonde was always impatient when it came to sex.

Edward gasped when Roy gently entered him—the first time had been very painful for him, but he had grown used to it and the pain was a lot less now, though it was still there. Roy had always gone slow for him, always holding it in until Edward himself was ready. He pushed himself in, all the while kissing Edward's neck, face, chest in some form of apology.

"Roy," Edward panted, a sign for the General that he was ready. Roy started to push him in and out gently, in a steady pace as their pants became heavier and their heartbeats increased. Beads of sweat dripped off their bodies as their pace increased—Roy practically pounding into Edward and the blonde clinging to Roy's shoulders, desperate to have some form of support as his release was near.

"Edo," Roy breathed, kissing the blonde everywhere as one of his hands found Edward's hard-on and started pumping it. Edward moaned loudly, moving along with the hand as he came closer and closer.

Just one more hard thrust from Roy was enough to have them both see stars as they came—Roy inside of Edward and Edward on both of their stomachs and Roy's hand. Before Roy collapsed on top of him, he pulled himself out of Edward and panted heavily. Edward wrapped his arms around Roy's waist and kept him on top of him, burying his face in the black hair.

They both sighed happily, a smile on their faces as they relished in the warmth, despite the overwhelming smell of sex and sweat that hung in the room. They ignored it for the time being and instead focused on each other's body.

The next day, as they still laid in the bed in each other's arms and Roy looked at the peaceful face of the sleeping Edward, he smiled.

And he knew that he would never, ever get tired of this one.

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