Title: Rain.
Characters: Bryan, Tala.
Rating: PG.
Gerne: Humor.
Notes: Rain is good. Cleaning after the rain... not so much.


Bryan liked rain, mostly because Tala didn't... but also, because white clothes went a nice and decadent transparent when they were wet. Also, because Tala looked amusing when he was soaked to the bone and seething.

"I hate rain," The redhead sulked, glaring at the wall.

"I know," Bryan replied in his most patient voice, which was anything but.

"And I'm making a puddle," The Capitan continued, looking bemusedly at the water gathering at his feet.

"All too true," The Falcon commented dryly, eyes still glued to the TV.

Tala looked at him for a long moment, shivering slightly when thunder struck in the distant. Bryan kept his eyes fixed on the screen.

"Whose turn to clean up is it?" Tala asked finally, watching the pale haired teen with measurement.

"Hm?" Bryan shrugged, "Ian's."


And then the redhead proceeded to take off his cloths methodically and twist them so that they were rid of most of the water... which ended up on the floor. Bryan didn't complaint when he went to snuggle next to him, merely smirking at the upcoming disaster.