Title: Sunset.
Characters: Kai, Tyson.
Rating: PG.
Gerne: General.
Notes: Mm, Haven't done this in a while.


Kai thinks it's amusing, how everything ended up back where it started. Or rather, at the time it started.

He remembers the first time they met, at sunset in the river bank. The first time he left, at sunset in Russia. Every time he went away, the sun was dying in the distance, every time he came back, the dusk was setting in.

"What are you thinking about, Sourpuss?" Tyson asks as he pokes his side, grinning.

"Sunset," Kai answers with a suffering sigh, looking at his companion almost irritatedly.

Tyson beams.

"Really?" He shrugges, falling down on the grass next to him, "It's my favorite time of the day too."

Kai grins secretly at that, and decides that yes, he too loves sunsets.