Always on my mind.

'Maybe I didn't treat you'
'Quite as good as I should have,'

Watching that Baka leave was hard for me but then it happens......Of course we haven't know
each other for very long but still it feels like we have known each other for years...If you
don't come back I don't know what I am going to do...
...I'll probally self-destruct but then if you found out what will you do ????
Are you ever going to come back ??? If so please do soon.......I..I don't know what I am going
to do without you......

'Maybe I didn't love you'
'Quite as often as I could have,'

Heero thought to himself looking out of the window in his bedroom at the safehouse that Duo
and himself rested at.It has been 3 weeks since Duo was ordered out to a mission delivered by
Professor G,Duo's teacher.A couple of days after Duo left,Heero got a e-mail from Doctor J
telling him about a new mission that had turned up.Heero read it carefully and found out that
it was a mission for all 5 gundams......

'Little things I should of said and done
'I never took the time,

I'm not late...there's Trowa and Quatre fighting the Leos and Wufei is fighting the Aeris but
where is Duo ??? "Heero to Trowa,any sign of Duo ?"I said to the heavyarms pilot."Trowa to
Heero,no,there is no sign of him...I thought that he was with you ?"Trowa's voice said in the
radio."He was but he left to do some mission somewhere and hasn't come back!"I said into the
radio."I don't know then Heero,Quatre has been with me and Wufei was in the mountains....have
you contacted Professor G ?"Trowa asked.'Why haven't I thought of that ?!?'"No I haven't...I
thought that if he doesn't show up here then something might be wrong !Like it said in the
briefing,all 5 gundam pilots must be there !But Duo isn't here "I said while chopping up some
Leos and then moved to get rid of some aeris.

'You were always on my mind,'

"Good they're here,Master O please do the pleasure..."A voice said in everyone's radio.
BANG BOOM BANG.The Leos and aeris we didn't destroy blew up leaving us and a tank alone."Its
Doctor J and the others,is Professor G there ?" I said looking at my screen.I watched as Trowa,
Wufei and Quatre got out of their gundams and headed over towards the scientists."Are you going
to come out Heero ?"Doctor J's voice in the radio asked.I opened my hatch door and jumped out
of the gundam,then I saw him Professor G."Where's Duo ?"I yelled at Professor G and whipped my
gun out."Duo should have been back by now,I will have to see where he is........huh Doctor J
there is no sign of Duo's gundam anywhere in Europe where I sent him to..."Professor G said to
Doctor J.'No'I thought and rushed off back into the Wing Zero and took off
to Europe..I turned off my radio as I transformed into bird mode.

'You were always on my mind,'

That was 2 weeks ago and I have searched everywhere in Europe apart from one country where
I am travelling to....The Uk.....Duo if your not here I don't know where you are.....

'Maybe I didn't hold you
'All those lonely lonely times,

I wonder where I am ???? The last thing I can remember is crashing in these woods and piloting
this wierd robot..."AHH,I'm inside it !! Where's the exit ?!?...ah there" I screamed and
pressed a button and opened the wierd suit's hatch and jumped out of it."This is wierd....I
can't remember anything and my head really aches.....Huh ?Who's there ?"I yelled into the
woods."Are you OZ or Romafeller ?" A voice yelled from the trees.OZ ?? Romafeller ?? "What do
you mean ?? Ahh !!" I yelled and then belt down because my head hurt."Are you ok ? I guess you
need help....come on I'll take you back home"The voice said,a young girl appeared while
putting a gun away."Thank you,where am I ?"I asked the girl."You are in Codford,Wiltshire..
..what's with the mobile suit ?"The girl asked "I don't know.....I can't remember anything

'And I guess I never told you
'I'm so happy that your mine,

"Thank you".I said to the hotel clerk."You're welcome,enjoy your stay with us."The hotel
clerk said with a smile.I won't be staying here long....I have searched all of Wales and
Scotland and half of England...where are you Duo ?
"May I help you with your bags sir ?" A bag clerk asked."No thank you....just give me the
directions to my room and I will be fine." I said politely."Yes sir,its up the stairs and
first door the right,no.213"The clark said pointing to the nearest set of stairs."Thank you
again" I said and left to climb the 213...this is it !,a single
bathroom....everything a guest needs....I better e-mail Doctor J and tell him about this

'If I made you feel second best
'Duo,I'm sorry that I was blind,

"Ammesia,a not too serious case..he will recover well...just go careful till then ok ?"The
doctor said to the girl."Ok thank you for checking him out Doctor...are you ok now ?"The girl
asked me."Yeah,my name is Duo...I think and your's is ?"I asked the girl."Oh my name is Katie,
are you hungry Duo ?"Katie asked me."Yes,very....."I said pausing."Ok, come on then I'll cook
something back at my place.."Katie said helping Duo off the bed."Is it ok if I stay with you
till I overcome the ammesia Katie ?" I asked Katie,as we walked out of the sugery and along
the village highstreet."Sure,If I explain it to my parents I'm sure that they will not mind."
Katie said while we walked through the village.I wonder if I had anyone close like Katie or a

'You were always on my mind
'You were always on my mind,

"Ok,Doctor J and thank you for asking the other pilots for searching" I said to Doctor J,in the
videophone link I hatched up."Good luck Heero and I will give the other scientists the orders
they must pass onto the other boys."Doctor J said and logged off.I have Doctor J and the
others involved now....I wonder if it was my fault ??Well its too late to do anything now..I
said while logging off the laptop and saw the clock on the wall.22.45 If I want an early start
then i better go to bed...better put the sign on the door first....night Duo...where ever you

'Tell me
'Please tell me what's on your mind,

I wonder what my life was like....I..I remember a boy about my age...but who is he "AAHH !!"
I cried out."Duo,Duo are you ok ?" Katie said looking at me."Ye...yeah just another headache
that's all....thanks".I said accepting the glass of water."Its a school night....mum thought
that you might want to go with me to school...don't worry about the uniform...well you can use
your normal clothes that you were wearing when I found you."Katie said while she mucked about
with her rucksack."Thank you....Um so what time is school ?"I asked Katie."We will leave the
house at 7.50 tommorow morning to catch the bus at the top of the can sit next to
me,I will explain to the bus driver that you are new and then when we get to school,we will go
up and get you sorted out,tutor and classes..the normal school stuff"Katie said zipping her
bag up and hanged it on the back of her door."Ok,so I guess that we go to sleep now " I said
to Katie laying back down in the bottom bunkbed."Yes,don't worry though I will be sleeping in
the spare room next can have my room...the alarm will go off at 7 tommorow morning..
..sleep well Duo"Katie said leaving the room and turned the light off."Night Katie"I said and
fell asleep.

'Give me
'Give me one more chance to satisfy,

I have recieved e-mails from Trowa and Wufei..but Quatre is still searching the schools....I
better do some searching around the hospitals as Trowa and Wufei has searched the streets and
churches...Please let me find you Duo !!
"Room service,your breakfast sir..."A waiter called through the door."Leave it outside..I will
pass you the tip in a minute...".I called and grabbed my wallet pulling out a œ5 note."Ok,
Thank you sir"The waiter said and I heard him walk away.I quickly whipped on a t-shirt and
went to open the door and pulled the trolley with my breakfast on it."I wonder how Duo is
anyway....I hope he is alright"I said to myself sitting down on the edge of the bed to eat my

'Little things I should of said and done
'I have never took the time,

"Are you enjoying yourself Duo ?" Katie asked me as we walked towards what Katie calls the
english block to the library."Its ok,so why are we heading to the Library again ?"I asked Katie.
"I work there Lunch times and chat with my friends break times..I just want to introduce you
to them and we will be staying there the next lesson doing science work"Katie said opening the
door to the English block and turned to climb some stairs."Why ?" I asked trying to get rid of
all of the questions in my head."I get bullied in that science group when taught by the other I work up here that ok ? Hey Lewis wait up !"Katie said yelling at a
bleach-blonde boy about my age."Hey Katie...who's your friend ?"Lewis asked cheerfully."His
name's Duo,I tell you when we are in the office"Katie said."Ok,morning Mrs Pickles"Lewis said
to a teacher behind a computer after opening the door."The library is bigger than you described
Katie !"I said looking around the room seeing different displays."Is it I haven't noticed..
..why don't you go and take a seat while I talk to Lewis a minute ok ?"Katie said and
disappeared into the office.I placed my bag on a desk by a window and pulled out my writing
pad that Katie gave me and doodled a picture of a boy I was dreaming of during the night.

'You were always on my mind,
'You were always on my mind,

"Ok,thank you".I said and pulled out a piece of paper crossing off another hospital.I have
checked all of the hospitals in this county and no one has been admitted....Duo where are you ?
? bleep bleep My laptop videophone.."Doctor J,do you have news for me ?" I asked seeing Doctor
J's face appear on my screen."Yes I have Heero...Some new boy pupils have started at 4 different
schools today...unfortuantly they do not give a description of them...I will get the boys to
search some and Heero get some won't do anybody any good if you get sick !"Doctor J
said seeing the tiredness in my eyes."Ok Doctor J,tell the boys I wish them luck" I said
turning off my laptop and caught a taxi back to the hotel I was staying at...please be in one
of those schools Duo...

'You were always on my mind,

"That looks easy " I said watching Katie putting books back on the shelfs."It is Duo,do you
want to try ?"Katie asked holding out a book."Ok,how do I put it away ?"I asked,so that I don't
get it wrong."On the side is a letter and sometimes a dots is upper school and
yellow dots are the special short books...this one hasn't got a dot so it goes in this area..
..ok the letter is S,which is here"Katie said and disappeared around a corner,I followed and
saw where she was pointing to and placed the book there."Wow sound's hard but is really easy"
I said amazed."Yeah,come on you can help me with the non-fiction..."Katie said walking back
the trolley and picked up some big books."uh sure,who's that Katie ?"I asked Katie seeing a
young boy with light blonde hair.
"I don't know Duo..come on let's get these books on the shelves."Duo,I found you...oh man is
Heero going to be glad..."The blonde boy said walking up to me."Wh..who are you ??" I asked
confused."Hey Kid leave him alone...just who are you anyway walking in here and cause him fear!
!"Katie said coming to my defense."Sorry,my name is Quatre and my friend Heero has been
searching for Duo for ages...we need his help...we need your help and your gundam's help to
battle Duo.."Quatre said to me and Katie."You don't understand something thing is
that he hasn't got a clue about his past and the other thing is that he doesn't even have what
you call a gundam !! Now get out of the library and the school and leave us alone !!"Katie said
in a very angry tone.We watched as the boy named Quatre left "Thank you Katie...I guess that's
two I owe you..."I said to Katie."No,don't count that is what friends are for...come on we'll
have a bit of lunch now before continuing"Katie said placing the books back on the trolley and
headed to the office to eat our lunches.

'Maybe I didn't treat you.
'Quite as good as I should have,

Knock Knock,"Heero are you here its me Quatre".A voice said through the door,waking me up."
Quatre,What is it....I thought that Doctor J told you to e-mail me if you found anything....
well ok what is it ?" I asked Quatre opening the door and letting him in."I have some good news
and some bad news...the good news is I have found Duo....the bad news is he has ammesia and is
being protected by a girl.."Quatre said very nervously."A girl ??....which school were you
looking around,Quatre ?"I asked handing him a glass of water."Kingdown School just down the
road....I better inform the others to stop searching..."Quatre said and drank down the glass
of water and headed to the door.ammesia ? now what are we going to do ???"Quatre wait a minute
what about Duo's gundam ?"I asked nervously."Duo doesn't have a clue about his life and what a
gundam is,Heero...I better go...the sandrock is nervous as it is like all of us is..."Quatre
said opening the door."Ok,thank you Quatre.."I said and linked up the laptop to the phone plug
to contact Doctor J.

Maybe I didn't love you.
Quite as often as I could have,

"Katie,slow down abit...where are we going ?"I asked Katie as we walked in the woods."I am
curious about that wierd robot that I found you nearby....I think can activate its main
computer and see what it is."Katie said holding back some branches."Can you do that ?What
happens if it activates everything not just the memory banks ?"I asked worried about blowing
it up."That is a risk we have to it is...woah,that's a lot of damage...let's hope
the main computer isn't damaged.."Katie said looking at the suit.The robotic suit was badly
damaged and there was a wierd smell around the back of it."Katie,there is a wierd smell around
here...its..leaking..its leaking up by its eyes"I said looking up seeing drips by its eyes."I
have found a way into the main cockpit...maybe I might be able to lay it down so we could clean
it up...huh ,wow Duo get back its moving.."Katie yelled seeing it moving.We watched amazed as
it stood up fully and opened its wings and moved a hand down to our jumping level."We better go
carefull...up please."I said calmly to the robot,and the robot slowly moved its arm up to its
eyes level."Here Duo,you could start cleaning it up while I search its memory banks."Katie said
handing over her rucksack that contained some cleaning items and cloths."Ok Katie and go
carefull,take my friend to your cockpit area please."I said to the suit.The robot lowered its
arm and held it near the cockpit entrance."Thank you...make sure Duo doesn't fall off,ok ?"
Katie said to the suit and got to work searching the memory banks.

'Little things I should of said and done,
'I have never took the time,

"The Deathscythe Hell's hyperjamers are damaged and someone is searching the memory banks
carefully,probally Duo but the girl might be doing is very hard to tell because of the
damage reports flooding in on my computer.."Professor G informed me.I was back in the Wing Zero
flying about to clear my head."The Zero says that it will be able to clear Duo of ammesia but
it will be very dangerous for him....I don't know what we shall do for the girl though...what
do you think Professor G ?"I asked Professor G."I think that you should go and see how badly
damaged the Deathscythe hell is and find the girl and Duo....we shall meet up at a place they
call Cley hill..Ok Heero..till later,good bye"Professor G said and signed out.The wing zero
restored Trowa's memory a couple of months ago so it could restore Duo's too...let's just hope
it works"Wing zero to Deathscythe hell,come in over..."I said to the radio."Wing Zero to
Deathscythe hell,come in over...anyone reply !"I said,almost yelling.

'You were always on my mind,
'You were always on my mind,

"Wing Zero to Deathscythe hell come in over..."The radio blurred into life."UH Duo,the radio
has switched on...what am I going to do ?"Katie asked jumping at the sound of the radio."I
don't know....switch it off somehow..."I yelled to Katie from the suit's head."Ok,can you help
me please "Katie asked the suit in a whisper.The suit's main screen flashed bring up a message.
why are you afraid of the Wing Zero Duo ?.Katie read off the screen."Duo,get down here,will you
! ".Katie yelled to me."What is the matter Katie...huh ??Wing Zero...ain't that the mobile suit
that saved the earth a while back ?"I said reading the screen of the suit."Yes it is...and the
Deathscythe hell was another one...which means are this suit's pilot.."Katie said to
me,making me more confused."That guy...I keep dreaming about...ahh...I can't...can't remember..
.."I said and grabbed my head."Take it easy Duo....don't try to remember too will
confuse yourself and get a major headache.."Katie said helping me into the pilot seat."Y..Yeah,
I guess your right....we better contact that pilot somehow and tell him to land in the field
at the woods edge.."I said gaining my strength back and jumped out of the suit and waited for
Katie to finish.