Don't lose your way with each passing day,
You've come so far don't throw it away,

Why do you annoy me so much ??
Was it possible that we were a couple ??
But that would make me I won't say it !
We will find out soon...
"Hey Duo,are you ok ?" Katie called out to me."Yeah,I'm where is this guy we are suppose to meet here?" I
asked Katie."He called us by the radio saying that he will be here in 10 minutes...but that was only five minutes ago....he'll make
it if he is a friend of yours so don't worry,he will make it here.." Katie said to me,jumping of the gundam's leg after asking it to
lay down. I hope so....

Live believing - dreams are for living,
Wonders are waiting to start.

I hope you are alright Duo....after all it could of been my fault you left anyway... Are you alright Heero? The
wing zero asked curiously. "Yeah,I'm fine....just worried about the ammount of damage done to the Deathscythe Hell, that's all.. far are we away from them ?" I asked the wing zero or my nickname Zero. we will be in sight of them in two minutes.
..would you like to pilot now? Zero asked, because at the moment it was in auto pilot."Yes, I like to try and calm down abit
before seeing Duo.." I said taking control of the gundam. we are in sighting view now... the deathscythe hell is directly
below us..we will land in that clearing The zero said into my head as I piloted.

Live your story - Faith, Hope and Glory
Hold to the truth in your heart.

"I see something coming...I think its the wing zero..." Katie said looking behind Cley Hill. "Are you sure that it is the
Wing Zero?" I asked Katie. I know it is! A voice said coming from somewhere. "W...who said that???" I said jumping away
from the Gundam and hid behind Katie who was in defense mode (gun and everything). Its me, must
have a very bad case of ammesia not to remember me...The wing zero will be able to help you.. The deathscythe hell
said to Katie and me. "What do you mean?" Katie asked putting her gun back into her pocket. One time another pilot
suffered Space ammesia...which is worse than normal ammesia...the only thing that cured it was the zero system...
the zero system was placed into two gundams later it was three..the gundams are or were "The Wing Zero, Epyon and
Sandrock...but the sandrock was I right?" A voice said from behind us. Yes you are...but you knew that
anyway Heero The deathscythe hell said to the boy behind us.

If we hold on together,
I know our dreams will never die.

"So,it is true are suffering from ammesia just like Quatre said..." I said in a low whisper, but not low enough.
"Quatre! So that is the name of that boy that made Duo freak out....why did you send him?" The girl yelled at me. "Katie...Its
alright....I remember faintly that this boy is like that...." Duo said calming the girl down. "Ok, just don't push your head too
much..I'll go and keep cleaning the gundam while you guys chat....and kid don't push him!" Katie said and threw a look at me,
then walked off towards Duo's gundam.

Dreams see us through to forever
Where clouds roll by,

I feel better now with him around but why? The only way to find out is to ask...I guess.... "Um...." I started. "Its
Heero.... and yes we were best mates... like Trowa and Quatre... I'll leave it to you to figure out our secret.... but still I am
curious into how your gundam got into a wreck like it is...." Heero said watching Katie finish the clean up of the head. "All I
remember is waking up inside of it and jumping out.... that is when I met Katie.... I have been living with her and going to the
same school and I also work voluntary up the school's library at their Breaktimes and Lunchtimes..." I said sitting down on a
stump without taking my eyes away from the boy, he seemed surprised by what I said. "What is the matter,Heero?" I asked him

For you and I.

"What is the matter,Heero?" Duo asked me. I was shocked to find out that once a always happy and full of energy boy
is now a....a...square! "I..I am use to more of hyperactive Duo......not a librarien..." I said almost muttering. "It keeps me
occupied and busy..... I didn't know about the gundams and their pilots till the other day when....... that kid came in..." Duo said
looking at the ground, by the sound of his voice... holding back tears. "Its Ok Duo....

Souls in the wind must learn how to bend,
Seek out a star, hold on to the end.

"I have finished the head, Duo....hey um..." Katie said coming over to us. "Heero, we better go back to Katie's place
soon or her parents will worry" I said looking at Heero. "I am booked at a hotel near here so... I better go soon." Heero said
cooly. "Hey Heero.. um.. what is so special about the Wing Zero?" Katie asked Heero carefully. "It has a cockpit system in it
that can make people go crazy... only two of us 6 living pilots have mastered the system" Heero said."The two people are you
and Zechs Marquise aka Millardo Peacecraft" I said remembering it. "Yes, that is right Duo" Heero said happily.

Valley mountain, there is a fountain
Washes our tears all away.

"We cycled here on bikes which are hidden near here.." Katie said grabbing her rucksack, after helping me and Heero
hide the Deathscythe Hell and Wing Zero. "We hid them in a hut near by here" I said to Heero. "I have a spare you can use
Heero...If you want to" Katie said putting her hand into her pocket. Heero jumped back, still not trusting Katie. "Its Ok Heero..
.she is getting her keys out" I said calming him down. Is he always like this?? I thought to myself as we came to the hut.Katie
unlocked the door and let Heero go in first. "You go first..." Katie said to Heero. Heero just shrugged and stepped into the hut.

Worlds are swaying - someone is praying,
Please let us come home to stay

I looked around the hut. All there is a couple of bikes against one wall and three chairs that were covered in patches.
"We use this as a hide away in the summer... when we nothing to do.... we come up here and muck about" Katie said watching
me look around the hut. "It is Ok Heero, here is the spare bike... its Katie's sister's bike but I am sure she wouldn't mind..."
Duo said pulling out a red mountain bike. "We better go before we miss my mum's cooking Duo" Katie said leading her purple
mountain bike out of the door. "I don't want to miss that... missing your mum's cooking is like.. like not listening to loud music.."
I said leading out the spare blue mountain bike. At least his personality hasn't changed I thought smiling to myself. "Come on
then let's go" I said leading the red mountain bike out of the hut. Katie locked up and then got on her bike. "I hope your cycling
skills are great... its a bumpy ride down." Katie said and cycled off taking the lead.

If we hold on together,
I know our dreams will never die.

The route we took was the fastest but also the most bumpest one. "Are you ok Heero?" I said stopping to check
Heero."Yeah,I'm much farther is it?" Heero asked us. "We are over the worst areas.... sorry to take this route but
ever since the army has gotten bigger I prefer to keep out of sight" Katie said with a sigh. "Its ok Katie, come on race you back"
I yelled as we came out of the woods. "I'll beat you again Duo!" Katie yelled flipping a switch to change her gears. "Come on
Heero! Keep up!" I yelled..that sounded familier..

Dreams see us through to forever
Where clouds roll by,

"Come on Heero! Keep up!" Duo yelled back to me. I smiled then changed my gear to a higher one. "Come on then,
Maxwell!" I yelled overtaking Katie and Duo."That sounds familer too, but still...your on Yuy!" Duo yelled after me. "How did
you know his name?"Katie asked Duo. "Must be my memory returning..come on! Let's beat that perfect soldier home!" Duo
yelled and changed his gear once more."Right, We will beat him anyway... Heero do you know the way?" Katie yelled after me.
"No,tell me which way then?" I said stopping outside of the woods. "We can go along the bumpy road or go uphill to the high
road...which way Katie?" Duo asked Katie who was mucking around with her rucksack after stopping. "Let's have some fun
and go the bumpy way... have you got you helmet Duo?" Katie asked Duo pulling out two helmets. "Yes, but I hate wearing it
because...." Duo started."Because of your braid? You haven't changed much you Baka!" I said in a whisper.

For you and I.

"You haven't changed much you Baka...."Heero said to me as I placed my helmet on my head and did the buckles up.
He doesn't call me that....only another person calls me that...."That's not right Heero...but I don't know why..."I said to
Heero,watching him adjust the straps on the spare helmet."I know......"Heero said placing the helmet on his head."Come on
guys let's get a move on already...we can disguse this tonight...after all it is Friday..."Katie said pushing off and headed left
down a hill that was in a bad shape. "You'll enjoy this Heero... I don't know why but I have an urge to call you hee-chan?" I
said shrugging and pushed off. "Like Katie said earlier, take your time remembering.." Heero said following me.

When we are out there in the dark,
We'll dream about the sun.

This is where Duo has been hiding? A small village.....with this girl...I'll have to e-mail his professor when I can.
..I thought to myself as we came out of what they called a farm and headed down a little lane. "Place your bike here Heero,
Do you like dogs and cats ?"Katie asked me,as we all took our helmets off."I don't know...are they friendly?" I asked hiding my
worried tone of voice. "Ralph has never bitten anyone...just don't tease him with food and you'll be fine..Mum..I'm home" Katie
said calling into the house as we walked in."We better take our shoes off and put into the porch..hi Mrs Gilbert.." Duo said
taking his shoes off and picked them up and saw a woman coming down the stairs. "Hello Duo, who's your friend ?" Mrs
Gilbert asked seeing me. "His name is Heero...Heero this is Mrs.Gilbert, Katie's mother." Duo said introducing me to Katie's
mother. "Hello Mrs.Gilbert.... I have heard about your great cooking from Duo and Katie...." I said politely. "Well,tonight is
Spaghetti of course Katie got home so quickly... Katie why don't you help Duo and Heero clean up and prepare
for tea..." Mrs.Gilbert said to Katie, then headed to the kitchen.

In the dark we'll feel the light,
Warm our hearts, every one.

"Is Spaghetti your favourite meal Heero?" Katie asked while taking me and Heero upstairs. "I don't really have a
favourite..." Heero said quietly. "You're lying!You like a fish dish that Wu-man cooks..." I said smiling. how did I know that??
? "You're right Duo, and its Wufei... at the moment he's in a village called Sherington.... Quatre and Trowa are in Salisbury...."
Heero said to me. "Come on Heero give his brain a break already! When we went to see the doctor he said that we are to take
it slowly otherwise we could cause serious damage!!" Katie said opening a door. "Here's the bathroom, there is hot water in the
left taps and towels in the cupboard... I'll be in my room if you need me..." Katie said to us and went into her room... where we
heard tapping of keys on a keyboard. "She has a pc in there... she works on stories on wizards and stuff." I said to Heero, as I
turned the hot tap on and placed a plug in the drain. bleep bleep bleep A bleeper sounded. "What's that?" I asked hearing a
wierd bleep coming from somewhere. "Its my laptop, I better check what its bleeping about.." Heero said taking off a little bag
that held a laptop. tap tap tap tap that's all you do!! I thought to myself watching Heero type away on his laptop. "Where's
the nearest training area for the armies?" Heero asked me. "In the middle of the Salisbury plain..." Katie said coming out of her
room. "Why,what's the matter?" I asked. "There are mobile dolls there that will have to be destroyed.. we can use the parts to
repair the Deathscythe Hell... that way Duo you can battle..." Katie said to me. "How did you know?" Heero asked closing his
laptop. "I'm a pilot myself.... besides you were planing to use the Zero system to restore Duo's memory... now is the perfect
time to do so..." Katie said. "Ok, we will move out at 0900 tommorow morning... It will give us time to contact the others and
come up with a plan."Heero said."Tea time everyone"Mrs Gilbert called up stairs.

If we hold on together,
I know our dreams will never die.

"Ok this is it girl,we've been busy but we should be ready" Katie said inside a hanger that was well hidden in the woods.
"This looks like the Wing...." I said looking at Katie's gundam. "Its the Wing's twin....Dr.J couldn't complete it in time for
operation M... he left me to complete it and use it in this area.." Katie said to me. "Morning people, wow is this your suit?
It looks familier..." Duo said looking at Katie's suit. "I made it purple where the blue was on the are we ready to go?"
Katie asked pushing a button on her suit. "I guess we are.... I'll ride with you Katie" Duo said coming towards us. "Your riding
in the Wing zero..... don't worry zero will behave... I am riding with Katie" I said to Duo, who looked nervous. "Ok,um what if
I lose control ???" Duo asked me. "You won't! Zero will not allow it!" I said knowing Zero."Ok, If everything is ready we
better go" Katie said grabbing hold of the rope and climbed up.

Dreams see us through to forever
As high as souls can fly,

"We better go careful! These are some virgos.... they are only testers of mobile dolls" Katie said to me. "Are you ok
Duo?" Heero asked me. "Yes, I'm are right about Zero, Heero...what's that on the scouters?" I asked, seeing four
shapes on the scouters moving around battling. "They are the other gundam pilots, I'll radio them now so they won't attack us"
Heero said. "Ok, there are some virgos heading for us along with two of the gundams.... Sandrock and Heavyarms if I am
correct.." Katie said. "I'll get them!" I said transforming the wing zero and pulled out the sword saber. clink slash BOOM The
two virgos went as I cutted through them. "Hey Heero, any luck in finding Duo?"A face showed up one of the screens. its the
kid from the library "I have, he is piloting the Wing zero" Heero's voice said on the radio. "Oh.hey Duo... excuse me but
there's a suit I need to destroy!" The boy said and flew up to Katie's gundam. "No,leave it alone!" I yelled quatre....trowa....
wufei or q-man..trowa and wu-man..."Why, its an enemy..." Trowa said to me. "No, its not.... Its Heero and my friend
Katie....its the Wing's twin !" I said to all of the others."Ok, I have destroyed the main control unit by the computer.... all I need
to do is destroy the building.. hey Heero you better hop out and explain to the boys.." Katie's voice said in the radio. "Alright I'll
land and wait..." I said landing and opened the cockpit up. "Cool,see you in minute.." Katie's voice said in the radio and flew

The clouds roll by, for
You and I.

"So,that's what happened...." I said finishing explaining in what had happened in the last few days. "So, Duo have you
got your full memory back?" Wufei asked Duo. "Yes... so what is going to happen to Katie?"Duo asked all of us."Well, she can
join us...we will have to ask her when she comes back...." I said checking my laptop. "I heard that guys..." Katie said, making
Quatre,Wufei and Trowa jump. "You''ll have to get use to that..." Duo said laughing. "Ha,ha,ha yep...come on we better get out
of here before they find out about the six of us here..." I said getting up. "My mum won't mind...besides I have finished
Kingdown anyway..." Katie said to us. "Cool, I'll ride with you...I dislike Wing Zero alot....." Duo said going with her.
its nice to have you back Duo.......