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(chapter two: house call)

Minoru Kokubunji was stirred from sleep by Yuzuki. She told him that Hideki was on the phone. The call was urgent.

The twelve year old forced himself out of his bed and to the video phone. He saw Hideki pacing back and forth impatiently, until the older teen saw him.

"Minoru! There you are!" Hideki yelled.

"What's so important that you have to call this early?" Minoru asked through a yawn. "Can't it wait until later?"

"No, it can't wait! There's something wrong with Chi!"

He had Minoru's attention. "What's wrong with her, Motosuwa?"

"I don't know...I don't even know how it's possible! Minoru, please, just get over here now!" Hideki's face took over the entire screen. He must have been close to the phone. He looked panicked. "Please, Minoru!"

Minoru sighed. "Very well. I'll come over. But I want a full explanation upon my arrival."

"Believe me when I say you'll get one. Thanks, I owe ya." A frantic Hideki hung up.

Minoru turned to Yuzuki. "Can you drive me to Hideki's?"

The persocom nodded. "Yes, sir. I'll pull the car out to the driveway."


Minoru had barely knocked on the door when it flew inwards. Hideki stood across from him, eyes wide. He didn't say hello. He pulled Minoru to the kitchen. Behind them, Yuzuki followed, closing the door.

"Hideki, please explain why--"

"It's Chi! Look at Chi!" Hideki yelled, frantic. He pointed to the form on the floor.

Minoru followed his panicked gaze, his own eyes widening. "What on Earth...what happened to her?"

"I have no idea!" Hideki shook his head. "I woke up and she was like this! Minoru...she's bleeding. That's not supposed to happen with persocoms, is it?"

"Are you positive that this is her own blood?" Minoru asked doubtfully.

"Am I positive? Look at this!" Hideki held out one of Chi's arms. There, crimson lines crossed over each other. Blood dripped from the wounds slowly, pooling on the floor. He had tried to mop up some of the blood with a few kitchen towels, but he just didn't have enough. Blood stained towels were thrown in the sink. The area where Chi was looked like some kind of sinister crime scene.

Yuzuki let out a startled gasp. "Oh, my. Is she alive, Minoru?"

Minoru knelt over Chi, frowning. Nothing was adding up in the boy's mind. Chi was a Chobit, a persocom with far more abilities than the average persocom had. She and her other half seemed to have some kind of power that was almost supernatural. But did supernatural mean...no. There was no way that Chi could be turning into a human...

He saw her bare chest move, a sign that she was breathing. That in itself was strange. Persocoms had no internal organs; there was no need for her to breathe. But she was, even if it was weak.

"How is this possible?" Hideki asked. He had asked himself this countless times in between his discovery and Minoru's arrival. He still hadn't come up with an answer.

Minoru turned to him. "Hideki, rinse out a couple of those towels. We need to bandage her wounds first."

Hideki nodded. Ignoring the squeamish feeling that was rising in the back of his throat, he began washing out the alarming amount of blood that he had mopped up with several towels. He handed one pinkish, dripping, hot towel to Minoru. "Here."

The persocom expert began wiping the blood away from Chi's arms. Chi wasn't conscious, so she took no notice to the steaming hot towel. As he cleaned the blood away, he noticed the wounds. It was clear that this blood was Chi's, but it wasn't clear how she was able to have blood. Shaking his head, he pushed all questions to the back of his mind. Now wasn't the time. Chi needed help.

Hideki passed more dripping wet towels to Minoru. Minoru wrapped Chi's wounded arms in the towels, then mopped up the rest of the blood with the extras. Hideki plugged the sink and filled it with steaming hot water and detergent. They let the extra towels soak in there, while they sat Chi up.

"Why is she naked?" Minoru asked, curious.

"Ah...well..." Hideki blushed again. Here was another inconvenient moment that made him look like a dirty pervert. And the porno DVDs scattered around the apartment didn't help. Sighing, he began explaining what he had dared to tell no one else. He told Minoru about Chi's attempts to make him happy, how he had almost deflowered her, her attempt to make him happy earlier, and his discovery.

Minoru listened, a frown pulling his lips downwards. He was an advocate for a persocom's innocence; he protested against the new PersoEroticas and several previous attempts at a persocom made for sex. He believed that a persocom was created to be a personal computer, not a sex machine. He didn't tell this to Hideki though, since Hideki made it clear that he didn't want to deflower Chi.

"We know that Chi is a special kind of persocom," Minoru began. "There is only one Chobit currently in existence, though she is technically two in one. She seems to have a power that borders on the supernatural. Tell me, Hideki...has she seemed depressed lately?"

"Well, she saw the ad for those new persocoms, the PersoEroticas. She seemed really depressed about that. And before that, she seemed depressed at anything that was sexual, since she claimed that she could never make me happy like that." Hideki peered at Minoru. "Why? Do you know what's wrong with her?"

Minoru shook his head. Thoughtfully, he replied, "I don't know a lot about Chobits, or Chi in general. Like I said, she seems to have this strange power. I'm thinking that she wanted to please you so badly that she wished she was human. It seems like her wish is being granted."

"But she still has persocom ears," Hideki pointed out.

"Yes...I think if she really is turning human, she will lose those. How soon, I don't know." Minoru's gaze met Hideki's. "Hideki...I'd like to keep Chi under observation for a while. Would you mind staying at my place for a while? You and Chi, that is."

"Ah..." Hideki was surprised. "What would you observe?"

"I want to see just how human she is. Then, maybe, I can create a theory as to how she is turning human, and why."

Hideki nodded. "I have to go to school and work, though."

Yuzuki spoke up. "When you are away, I will keep Chi company."

Minoru nodded again. "Yes. I think it is better to keep her under observation at all times. She must not be left alone again."

Hideki nodded.

Yuzuki turned to Hideki. "Where do you keep Chi's clothes, Mr. Motosuwa? I would like to get Chi dressed before we leave."

"We're leaving now?"

"The sooner, the better," Minoru replied. "You better get packed, too."

Hideki nodded. He led Yuzuki to his closet. It was jammed full of his clothes, and Chi's. Chi had more space than Hideki. Below the clothes was a dresser that held their underwear and socks. Yuzuki picked an outfit for Chi to wear, then went to go dress her.

Minoru joined Hideki over by the closet, politely turned away from the two girls. He watched Hideki stuff clothes, books and schoolwork into several bags.

"How long do you want us to stay with you?" Hideki asked.

"A week, for now. If that's okay with you."

Hideki nodded. "I can't thank you enough, Minoru. I'll owe you big time if you can figure out what's up with Chi."

"You needn't worry about that. Right now, we just need to take care of Chi."

Hideki nodded again. He was glad that he had called Minoru. The twelve year old had a calm that Hideki couldn't hope to possess, along with an unrivaled knowledge of persocoms. If there was anyone who could figure out what was wrong with Chi, it would be Minoru.

Yuzuki's voice rang out. "Chi is dressed, Minoru. Are you ready to go?"

Hideki was ready, so Minoru called, "We'll be there in a minute."

Yuzuki insisted that she carry Hideki's bags, so Hideki carried Chi. They exited the apartment and headed to the car Minoru and Yuzuki had arrived in. Hideki was glad it was night time. If anyone had seen him carrying a bleeding persocom, they would have automatically assumed he was a murderer of some sort. They wouldn't think about the persocom part, just the fact that he was carrying a bleeding female in his arms, getting into a sleek black car with his accomplices, one holding bags that could possibly hold other dead bodies.

This thought struck him as absurd. He assumed that strange thought meant that he hadn't completely lost it yet, he was still sane for the moment. He allowed a small, amused smile to exist on his lips only for a moment. There were more serious matters at hand here, like Chi's safety. There wasn't time to be making up crazy murder mysteries.

The four drove off into the night, headed off to the Kokubunji mansion. Hideki held an unconscious Chi close to him, her head in his lap.

What's going on? He asked himself, not for the first time that night.

(/chapter two)