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"I envy you sometimes, Kairi." Naminé said as her red-haired sister dropped a large amount of Valentine's Day cards on her bed. Every Valentine's it was like this: almost all the boys in their school would give Kairi cards, chocolates, some even gave her jewelry! But, Naminé...she only received one card from one person, every time.

The red-haired girl let out a sigh of relief once the load of the gifts was released. Kairi sat down at the edge of the bed and picked up a box of fancy looking chocolates with the name written in curly letters. "Why's that?" She opened the box and held it out to her blonde sister, who was sitting on the floor, drawing something. "Chocolate?"

Naminé shook her head and answered, "Because you have a lot of admirers." 'And more friends then I'll ever have.'

Even though they were twins, Kairi and Naminé were too different people. Kairi was a social butterfly that attracted people and friends like a magnet. She was talkative and seemed very good at holding a conversation. Naminé, however, was quiet and kept to herself and her drawings a lot. The only friends she knew she had were Roxas and Sora.

Kairi blinked at her sister's answer. "Really?" She said in confusion. "Well, I envy you, too..." Kairi said.

The blonde blinked. She opened her mouth to speak, but hesitated. After a moment, she asked, "Why?" Her sister placed the box of chocolates back down on the bed before looking down at the floor.

"Well, you're a great artist and all I can do is draw a doodle; you're a great cook, a good listener, and you get good grades in school. There are a lot of things about you that I wish I had!"

Naminé smiled and closed her sketchpad. "Really?" Kairi nodded. She started to smile. "Thanks. I think I'll go call Roxas now. He probably wants to tell me how his date with Olette turned out." The blonde twin walked out the room, leaving her sister alone.

Kairi picked up the chocolate box again and laid it on her lap. She picked up a small, coconut-covered one and popped in her mouth, while thinking, 'I also envy you...because Sora gave you a card, and he didn't give me one...' She sighed and fell back on the bed, the large amount of cards serving as a pillow. "Maybe next year..."


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