Loss of Faith

Short, concise, and weird. Written in the third and second person, imagine!

Disc: I don't own FMA. If I did, then I'd know Envy's name when he was alive! º...º

Envy didn't believe in Equivalent Exchange. Because sometimes you give, without getting anything in return.

If he had believed, it was his problem.

After all, and as he had thought from since ever, all, all of it, was all a big lie. And he looked down upon everyone else who had been through the same, because it meant that his mistake hadn't been unique, and that bothered him. Bothered him because it reminded himself to what point his existance in itself was no more than a failure. And the failure of a human, no less.

The world spun around the most basic of the principles: To gain something you must lose something of the same valor.

As simple as that, was the law of Equivalent Exchange.

Well, Envy knew better. Because sometimes you lose without gaining anything. Because sometimes you give, without getting anything in return.

Or, hadn't he lost the love of those he loved, and gotten for that no more than an empty existence and cold stares? Hadn't he lost his own name back then, and gained barely more than the denomination of monster, and the address of the sin that had given birth to him?

Of course that you, the reader, won't know, you aren't Envy. You don't live in a world ruled by the most heartless, merciless law of them all.

But through the ages, Envy's heart hardened even more, if possible, to the point in which spreading a deadly disease across a whole country meant the same to him as staring at a fly. Because there came a time when nothing mattered anymore, and so, the faith in the Equivalent Exchange was lost.

But in truth... he lost that faith the moment his homunculus eyes opened and saw his creator's look of horror. At that moment, he gave all he had to make that one person love him. And got nothing in return.

So go, tell Envy that Equivalent Exchange exists. He'll laugh at you, and tell you that he knew quite a lot of people who believed in it, too.

The same people who crossed the Gate, and never, ever came back.

Eugh. That was so random! And weird, too... The first moment I'm talking about Envy, and then I talk to you! O...O oks... strange. I bet I'm the first one to do that, haha.