Guardian of the Grid

By: Armitage Blade

DISCLAIMER: Don't own Power Rangers.

Prologue: The Legend of the Lightning Child

We all know the story of the Power Rangers. Zordon first chose five teens with attitude as his champions to defend Earth against Rita Repulsa. And, as they say, the rest is history. But, what about before the Power Rangers were selected?

An Eltarian legend foretold of the Earth Power Rangers. The Lightning Mage and the Female Sorceress would do battle, and the Female Sorceress would turn the Lightning Mage's own attack against him. To save the young mage's life, he would be encapsulated in a stabilized time vortex. As long as the vortex's constraints were not broken, he would live.

After the battle, the Lightning Mage had a vision of a far-away planet that the Female Sorceress would target. Accompanied by the latest artificial intelligence technology, he would travel to this planet to attempt to save it from the evil of the Female Sorceress.

Unfortunately, the Lightning Mage would be too weak to withstand fighting himself. So, he bided his time. Since the Lightning Mage couldn't fight for himself anymore, he was using his time until the Power Rangers were chosen to ensure that there would be another Lightning Mage.

He started about thirty years before the Rangers were chosen. He attempted to make links within certain fetuses to the Morphing Grid. Many of his early attempts became miscarriages, dying from the power being sent to their un-developed system.

He made some headway by the eighth year of his experiment. He created children that, when given a direct link to the Grid, could become Lightning Warriors. They were stuck with one color and set of powers. While it was a success, it wasn't what the Mage wanted. He assigned his robotic companion to start constructing morphers and coins. Meanwhile, he continued his experiment.

The very next year, he succeeded. He created a child who could directly link to the Grid, thereby becoming his eventual successor. However, the Mage would have to meet the child on the child's seventeenth birthday to solidify the link. The link would begin to deteriorate after that. The child then had only to its twenty-second birthday to find the Lightning Gem on Eltar to solidify the link.

If the child lived, all Lightning Warriors would be able to access the grid at anytime. If the child died, then the entire universe was in peril.

What Zordon didn't know was that he was the Lightning Mage. Eltarians are not usually told if they are part of a legend until they fulfill the legend. By leaving Eltar for Earth, he set in motion a desperate race for control of the Universe. Other events have compounded the situation. The Lightning Child was born, and her powers came into their maturity the same day Zordon unlocked the five teens' links to the grid. He asked Andros to kill him on the girl's seventeenth birthday.

Dimitria, who had returned to Earth with Alpha 7, knew that time was becoming short for the Lightning Child. She also knew of the Legend of the Lightning Guard, the seven Lightning Warriors that were to accompany the Lightning Child to the planet of Eltar. The seven all protected Earth under the mentorship of the Lightning Mage, Zordon. The seven have all either been through power transfers, either by losing one and gaining another, or changing colors.

"Alpha, it is time. We have a duty to the Universe to finish. Find the Lightning Child and bring her here. Also, start working on a pain medication solution for her. I can imagine that the migraines she has been having are quite painful for her."

"Yes, Dimitria, I will do as you asked. When are we bringing the Lightning Guard here?"

"Once the Lightning Child has been secured, we shall bring the Lightning Guard here. I have their names and coordinates here." She brought a small silver stick-like contraption out of her pocket and inserted it into the computer.

Meanwhile, in a bedroom halfway across the country from Angel Grove, California, a young woman was in a darkened room with a cool washcloth covering her forehead and eyes. She was dressed in a black tank top and blue jeans. Suddenly, in a rush of white lightning, she disappeared.

When she pulled the washcloth off her head and opened her eyes, she noticed she was in a candle-lit room, which didn't bother her migraines.

"Greetings, child. I am Alpha 7."

"I'm Jade, Jade Macco. What am I doing here?"

Alpha sighed. "I'm about to break every rule in the rule book by doing this." He muttered, and then looked into Jade's pale emerald eyes. "You are here because you are part of a prophesy that decides the future of the Universe. Unfortunately, Zordon, the Lightning Mage that set the whole prophesy in motion, did not think he was part of it. The reason your migraines are so bad is because you are Zordon's heir, the next Lightning Mage and Guardian of the Morphing Grid. He didn't solidify your link to the grid, and has already passed on. Therefore, your body is rejecting the link and powers that are rightfully yours."

"But, my migraines have been this bad since I was seventeen." Jade said.

"Zordon was supposed to solidify your link on your seventeenth birthday. He chose that day to die. There's only one way to save you now. We have to call the Lightning Guard and get all of you to Eltar. The Lightning Gem is the only thing that can save you now child. You have until your twenty second birthday to do so."

Jade looked at Alpha in horror. "My twenty-second birthday is in ten days. So, I essentially have ten days until I will die from my body rejecting this power, unless I get to some planet I've never heard of and use some gem to save me?" She gave a bitter laugh. "I've always known that God didn't like me. Here's the ultimate proof."

"Jade," Alpha said, putting his hand on her shoulder. "You'll survive. The teleportation process only takes 12 hours, and you'll still have 9 days to search and find the Gem." He got up, selected a vial, and brought it back to Jade. "Take this medicine, and you'll find that your migraines will be held at bay for 12 hours. I've made enough for you to take with until you get the gem or your birthday comes and goes, whichever comes first."

She took the vial and tossed it back. "Thanks Alpha. I'll join you when I can think without the pain."

"I'll be in the room outside the door." Alpha said, leaving and quietly shutting the door behind him.

He turned to Dimitria and said, "The Lightning Child is secured. Bitter about what's happening, but secured. Can we call the Lightning Guard now?"

"Of course." Dimitria said, pressing the 'enter' key on the keyboard she was in front of.

Seven streaks of light went out, searching for their assigned Guards. One ended up in Reefside, California, and was also the first one back. Another went to Bristol, Connecticut. Three went to Angel Grove, California. One went to Los Angeles. The final one shot out of the Earth's atmosphere, and was the longest in returning, having to go all the way to Aquitar to get its Guard.

The next chapter will talk about the seven Lightning Guards, and what their life's been like to this point.