The Last Story I'll Ever Tell...

I'm Rose Tyler, and I've seen and done things most people wouldn't have dreamed possible. I've lived a life so utterly full and fantastic, but like every story.. there comes a final chapter.
This is mine.

After seeing the Olympic Games 2012 - in which Papa New Guinea took the gold (much to my amazement, and the Doctor's absolute hysterics), I still couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to happen. Something ... final.
Looking across at the Doctor in the console room, I would catch a fleeting expression there - haunted, almost scared even. We'd laugh it off, as we always did to disguise the mood we both shared, but that didn't make it go away.
There was a tang in the air, a storm was approaching.
Only we didnt know how close it was.

When Mum called me, it was almost a relief. When she'd explained about the ghosts, well naturally we said we'd come right home.
And that was it.
The beginning of the end.

I'm Rose Tyler. And this is the last story I'll ever tell.

If you think I should continue... nows the time to tell me! Otherwise I'll ditch.