Shows about a eight year old little blonde boy laying in his bed.

"Goodnight sweetheart." A woman says kissing his forehead.

"Mommy." He says, shifting a little.

"Yes honey?" She asks.

"C...could you leave the light on?" He asks.

She smiles warmly and flips a nightlight on.

Shows the woman walking out of the room.

"Your such a baby." A little blonde girl says, laying in a bed near his.

The liitle boy rolls over to face a closet.

The door creaks open slightly.

His eyes grow huge.

"S...Shar." He whispers, but she groans and covers her ears.


Suddenly the closet door flies open.

GLH $tudios presents...

9 years later

Shows Ryan Evans looking out of a bus window.

Shows a score board that says East High-84, Channelview High- 83.

"Dude that was the shiz, we smoked em." Chad said high fiving Troy.

Shows a bus driving down a dead stretch of road, surrounded on both sides by woods.

"Oh boy that was fun, you guys are so great, I should have joined the squad." Gabriella says to Sharpay and Taylor, who are both in cheerleader uniforms.

Shows a sign that says welcome to Texas.

"I can't belive we're all the way in Texas." Kelsi says, kissing Jason.

Shows the bus engine begin to pour green smoke.

"Well, we're stranded, in the middle of a dead stretch, fifteen miles away from anyone." Jack Bolton says.

"Well that's great." Chad says.

Shows Ryan looking at the woods.

"So what are we gonna do?" Jason asked.

"We can't walk, all of our cell phones are broken somehow, I guess we'll have to wait." Jack says.

Shows Troy, Gabbi, Taylor, Chad, Sharpay, Zeke, Ryan, Kelsi, and Jason all sitting in the bus talking, other kids talking also.

"Shar what are we gonna do, I wanna go home." Ryan says, a worried look on his face.

"Relax Ry, we're gonna be fine, I'm sure someone will drive by." Sharpay says.

Shows hands on a clock spinning very fast.

"Guys I'm afraid to say that we're stuck out here for the night." Coach says.

Everyone sighs.

"Hey, lets go check the woods out." Chad says.

Shows Troy, Chad, and Jason enter the woods, Ryan watches from the bus sadly.

"Hello?" Troy calls, the moonlight on the only sorce of light.

He looks around, worry rising on his face.

Suddenly a dark figure stands up in front of him...

Shows Gabriella's head laying on the glass, Sharpay's head resting on her shoulder.

Suddenly a pair of hands slam the window.

"CALM DOWN!" Sharpay says, trying along side the rest of the gang to console Troy.

"NO, WE NEED TO LEAVE...there...there's something in those woods." He says.

Everyone's faces turn pale.

" Maybe it was just a joke." Taylor says.

"No... this thing a man, but he ran like an anilmal, he...HE'S GONNA KILL US!" Troy shouts.

Everyone on the bus begins to scream and panic.

Suddenly a thud on top of the bus silences everyone.



Errie Silence...

Suddenly a hand tears through the roof of the bustop and grab Sharpays head.

On August 8...

Shows Chad up in a tree.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" He shouts.

Shows a man standing at the bottom of the tree.

Don't turn the lights out...

Shows Troy charging through the woods, a man on all fours chasing him.

Don't go in the woods...

Shows Ryan holding a crying Sharpay.


He's the Boogeyman...

Shows a tree explode.

Shows a bloddy Troy fall in the middle of the woods.

Shows a group of kids running as the man chase after them.

...and he's commin...

Shows Ryan screaming as the doors to the bus are shoved open and shadowy figure steps in.

Shows Taylor being drug into the woods.

Shows a mouth smile evily, blood dripping from both corners.


Lucas Grabeel

Shows Ryan backing away as the man approaches him.

Ashley Tisdale

Shows a hand stroke Sharpay's cheek.

Zac Efron

Shows Troy running through the woods

Vanessa Hudgens

Shows Gabriella being carried by a shadowy figure.

And introducing WWE's, The Boogeyman...

Shows the man smashing as clock over his head as two explosions errupt behind him.

Darkness falls 2: Who's afraid of the Boogeyman?


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