Title: In Motion
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Abby/Tony
Word Count: 257 words
Disclaimer: All characters mentioned in this ficlet are the sole property of D.P Belisario and his production company and to CBS and Paramount. I wish I own the show but then I would be making this happen on-screen rather than in fan fiction.

"Poetry in motion" fit what she was seeing. Tacky term but considering the current state of her mind, it was the only phrase she could remember. This was pure sexual energy that was oozing out of Tony and he had not even started to take his clothes off.

Her eyes were wide open like some startled deer and her ankles were locked together in a desperate attempt to stop herself from doing a very stupid thing like knocking down Tony and straddling and kissing him….

She blinked, trying to clear her head of the images. Her imagination should have stopped then and there. Despite her nature, there was a line that she couldn't cross. She worked with Tony and wanting to have a real relationship with him was so not cool. And McGee didn't really count. This way more dangerous for her. It was supposed to be a dare, something they could both laugh at together five years later. Instead he had turned the tables on her with oh-so tight silk shirt and tight dark black jeans. If only her panties weren't so wet…

As Tony slipped off his shirt along with a wink and an extra shimmy, her hesitancy changed to determination. In a blink of an eye, she got up from Tony's couch and slowly walked up to him, hips swaying provocatively. He had stopped dancing by the time she had reached him. Standing slightly on her toes, her puckered lips finally met his.

Resisting temptation had never been on her list of virtues anyway.