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Chapter 10: Fallen Angel, No Longer an Angel

Sakura heard talking. She didn't know whose voices they were. Then she felt a soft feeling under her. She felt very relaxed, she layed with her eyes closed for a couple of minutes until all of her memory began to come back to her. Where am I? What happened? Wait a second…I was in Heaven, and God and my family..and SASUKE!

"Sasuke!" The young girl yelled as she sat up. She opened her eyes to look around the room, she still didn't know where she was. The room was filled with everything a teenagers room had. It looked like a teenage girl's room to be exact, white walls with pink poka dots on them.

She turned her head toward the sound of the voices, only to see a tv turned on. She looked down to see that she was sitting on a bed. She looked around the room looking for answers when she saw a poster on the wall that said, "Sakura Haruno's Room!" it was in her handwriting too.

"This is my room. Then this is my house. Where's my family?"

Sakura leaped up out of bed and walked out of her room only to see a hall way. To her left there was the end of the hall with a window, but to her right the hall continued. She walked out of her room to the right to pass a bathroom and then another room. She opened it to see it looked like a boy's room. She figured it was Ban's room. She hurried down the hall to come to stairs that went down. She raced down them only to come into a living room with a large tv and two chairs and a couch. She saw across the living room was another room, a larger room, a master bedroom. This must be Mom's room.

Turning away from that room she walked into the next room, which turned out to be the kitchen with large windows that showed the yard that had trees and grass covering it. Then she saw Amiee and Ban sitting at the table looking out the window. Amiee, seeing her daughter walk in the room, smiled.

"Hey, you like the house sweetie?"

"Yea, its pretty big." Sakura said walking toward them.

"I'll say. It's pretty sweet, way better than what he had back 300 years ago." Ban added in.

"You know, God told me before he sent us here that he gave us the knowledge of these modern day devices and how to use them. Like the microwave, the oven, how to cook, and how to drive a car. So we are pretty much fixed up. I can't believe how great things turned out for us."

"Really? That's cool. I always wanted to drive a car. Sasuke always made it look so fun. Oh!-Sasuke! That reminds me that I have to go find Sasuke, God told me he's at the beach."

Sakura turned and was about to dash out of the door when her mother stood up and grabbed her by the shoulder.

"Hey I have to go now!" Sakura said.

"Sakura, you can't drive. You're under age."

"What? Well how old did God make me?"

"A 15 year old."

"Well Sasuke is 15 and he drives."

"Yes, but God explained this to me, Sasuke has what they call a hardship and he can drive because his parents are too busy with things to take him places. But you don't have a hardship and so you have to wait till your 16 to drive. Sorry honey but I don't want to disobey the rules here when God just sent us here."

"Oh, so how do I get there?"

"Your brother can take you and drop you off, you can ride back with Sasuke."

"Oh okay! Come on Ban!"

Sakura grabbed her big brother's hand, as she just about dragged him out the door. Once outside in the carport there were two vehicles. One was a small red convertible with a black top on it. Sakura figured it was her Mom's. The second one was a dodge truck that had really big mud tires on it and spot lights on the top of the truck's cab. It was jet black.

"Pretty sweet, eh? God fixed me up pretty good with all this. This truck is badass." Ban said admiring the truck.

"Yeah, its cool, I just wish I had a cool car."

"Your time will come."

"Umm…my time will come…well shit I was created like 300 years ago and I still can't drive a car by myself when people who were just born 16 years ago get to drive."

"Hey well life isn't fair. But come on hop in."

The two siblings climbed inside of the tall black truck, once inside, Ban started the truck. The truck roared loudly as it came to life. Ban smiled at how the pipes on the truck sounded. He then backed out and headed toward the beach.

It's a good thing God gave us the knowledge of everything here, its like we have lived here forever. Because Ban just got here and he knows where the beach is..this is way too cool..

"So if I'm here as a 15 year old, then how old are you?" Sakura asked.

"God told me I was a 20 year old, because in our old life, I was 5 years older then too."

"Oh so your not in high school, your in college then aren't you?"

"Yeah. My life is pretty sweet."

"Do you always say sweet?"

"Yeah, surfers always say that."

Sakura smiled. "You're a surfer?"

"Yeah, God gave us all some kind of hobby so that we can fit in with other people. I think God said you can sing and dance really good."

"Okay sing and dance? And when did God tell you all this?"

"When that Carrie girl was sent to come get me and mom and then the talked to us about everything. And then we went into another room when you came and you know the rest from there."

"Oh. What can Mom do?"

"She can cook."

"Haha. That's nice."

Sakura looked out the window as she began to see the ocean and the beach. But they were still a little ways away because it wasn't Sasuke's spot that he loved to be at all the time, his spot was at the very end of the beach. She smiled as she saw surfers out in the water.

"Will you teach me how to surf someday? It looks fun."


"So are we like the new kids in town?"

"Yeah, God said we just moved here and stuff."

"So what's our story, where did we move from and why?"

"We moved from Atlanta, Georgia because we just wanted to. And for the book our dad died in a car crash."

"Our dad? We have different dads."

"Well yeah I mean why say that we are half siblings. I mean if your dad died then it would be weird if mine died too. I mean if I say they got divorced then when I make friends they will want to see him and then what?"

"Oh good point."

"And let me tell you, I'm not about to pay some random guy to act like my dad."

Sakura laughed. She never knew her brother had this personality. He never really talked to her before, but she forgave him and their mom both because now she understood what was really going on.

"Well here we are. Have fun making up with your boyfriend."

"He's not my boyfriend….yet!"

Sakura hopped out of the truck as it hummed away and then speed off when it got back to the main highway.

"Now to find Sasuke…"


With Sasuke….

The once again depressed boy sat on the beach looking out among the water, he had came to the beach everyday since she had left which had been a week, a rather long week for Sasuke. He had skipped school everyday, and this is where he came, his parents didn't know about it and his friends thought he was sick.

His face was lifeless, he was pale and didn't move much, his once bright and beautiful eyes were now dull. He looked like a zombie. He wasn't even very alert anymore. He didn't look around when he heard noises close to him at all. He didn't move if anything moved out of the corner of his eyes.

This was just like how it was before she came and his friends had just died. Without her around, all the memories came back to him about what had happened and now he had to be depressed because the only girl he had ever loved left him. She had refused to be with him and that tore his heart up.

"Sasuke…?" A soft female voice came. It sounded like it was sad or pained. But Sasuke knew this voice, it was all too familiar. He couldn't help but to turn his head at her voice.

He was shocked to see it was actually wasn't just in his mind, she was actually here. He just starred at her in aw. She was just as beautiful as before. Her skin was pale and creamy while her eyes sparkled like two green diamonds. Her glossy pink hair seemed to be longer though. It came down to the middle of her back. She was wearing a light gray top that had very short sleeves. It had two white buttons on it and it was low cut but didn't show any of her chest. The shirt came down a little past her waist as that met with blue jean shorts that were a dark blue and were fairly short. Then her legs were small and beautiful, they were pale and creamy like the rest of her skin.

"Sasuke…? It's me Sakura…" Sakura said only noticing that he was just starring at her. She grew worried looking at him. This is how she had met him in the first place. Lifeless. It was right after his friends had died and she immediately felt horrible to see what she had done to him by leaving.

She kneeled down in the sand next to Sasuke and grabbed his hand. She squeezed it tight in hers. She leaned her head closer to his, as if trying to get a better look of him. Her other hand came up to hold on side of his face. Worry appeared in her face along with pain.

"Sasuke please talk to me."

He just looked at her. He blinked as began to move his hand up to touch her face as well. He moved his thumb over her cheek. As he felt her face, confusion was expressed in his face.

"Your a lot warmer."

Sakura smiled. She knew exactly what he was talking about, being an angel made her a little colder than a human, but now that she's a human, she's warmer and happy that he noticed.

"Because I'm human."

Sasuke now only looked more confused. He parted his lips slightly as he was about to ask another question, but Sakura put her hand on top of his mouth, signaling that she didn't want him to speak.

"I went back to Heaven and God had a talk with me and I decided to come back for you. I'm not an angel anymore, I'm human, just like you."

Now the color began to come back to his face as he began to understand. His eyes began to brighten, he then smiled.

"You're going to stay? With me?"

"Yes, I'm here to stay." Sakura smiled back as she moved closer where her lips came close to his ear. She then whispered, "By the way I live right next door to you."

Sasuke smiled as he used both of his arms to wrap around Sakura's waist to bring her where she was pressed up against his body. Sasuke leaned his head down as he kissed her. Sakura smiled against his lips as she opened her mouth to kiss him back. Sasuke and Sakura's tongues met as they both pressed closer together, leaving no space in between them.

As they were both kissing, they positioned themselves where they were laying down in the sand with Sakura on top and Sasuke on bottom. Sasuke had his hands on both sides of Sakura's hips, every once in a while he would squeeze her sides, making Sakura let out a light moan. After a couple of minutes Sasuke got aggressive and turned it where he was on top of Sakura pinning her down, his lips parted from the kiss as he began to kiss her neck. Sakura then had chill bumps going through her body.

Sasuke then rested his head on her chest as he was out of breath from kissing so much. Sakura used her right hand to play with Sasuke's hair, as she looked up at the sky as she saw it was dark, and the stars where out.

"I know what you wished for."

"Hm?" Sasuke said not moving his head from his resting place.

Sakura, still starring at the stars answered him.

"God told me that you said, 'I wish Sakura will stay here on Earth and be with me forever.'"

"Yea, and my wish came true."

"That's because you didn't tell me."

Sasuke smiled. "You don't really believe that do you?"

"Well of course if you tell someone your wish, it won't come true."

"What was your wish? Or has it not come true yet, so you can't tell me?"

"Well, depends, are you happy?"

Sasuke lifted his head up to look at Sakura with a face that said , 'Lady what do you think?'.

"Of course I'm happy, I'm with you and you're the only thing I ever wanted."

"Well then my wish came true because I wished, 'That Sasuke will always be happy' and I'm here to stay so you're staying happy."

Sasuke smiled and kissed her again. He rolled off of her as he went to go sit with his back against a palm tree. Sakura sat between his legs with her back next to him.

"So who is you family?" Sasuke asked resting his head on her shoulder.

"The family God created me with in the first place."

"What? Your mom, Amiee and your brother and your evil dad that killed you?"

"Well not my dad, he's in hell right about now. But when I told you God had a talk with me, my mother and brother talked to me too. They told me…."

Sakura told Sasuke the story of what her mother and brother had told her and how they were suppose to be the new kids in town and that God had gave them the knowledge to work modern day things like the microwave and stuff.

"Wow, I am so happy things worked out for you and your family."

"Yeah, me too. I finally have my happy ending."

"Not yet you don't."

"Hmm? Well what am I missing?"

Sasuke stood up and walked to kneel in front of Sakura as he smiled. Sakura only starred at him puzzled at what he was doing. He then reached in his back pocket and pulled out a black box. Most girls would have figured out what was going on by now but because in her time it didn't really happen this way, she was still confused.

Sasuke smiled as her little knowledge of certain things was just so adorable. He then opened the box to show a beautiful diamond ring. Sakura's eyes widened as she starred at it, even in the night air, it sparkled with only the moon's light. She sweared it looked like it weighted 10 pounds with a diamond that big on it.

"Will you marry me?"

"But we're only 15."

"I know but you don't have to tell anyone, well other than your family and we won't get married until we are out of high school."

"But when did you get this?"

"I bought it just in case you came back, I kept it with me at all times, because I promised my self once you came back I would make sure you wouldn't leave me again. I mean by the way you love that other ring you should be dying for this once."

Sakura laughed. "Yes, I'll marry you, Sasuke Uchiha!"

Sasuke slid the ring on his new finance's hand. He then kissed her again. She wrapped her hands around his neck as she kissed him back. Light rain drops began to come. But the two didn't stop kissing. Sakura could only think.

I guess this is what its like to have a happy ending…the first hour or so of my human life already beats the other 300 years of my life. I really do love Sasuke and this is all I could ever want. God must be weeping tears of joy along with all the other angels in Heaven for me, I finally got a break from all the pain…Thank you so much God…

The End



Sasuke&Sakura: The two stayed engaged all the way through high school. Once in their early years of college the two got married. They ended up having three kids. Two boys then a little girl. Sakura took on the job of becoming a nurse while Sasuke became a guy who builds and designs new car models for very big car dealers.

Amiee: Turned out to be great mom for Sakura and Ban. She did date every now and then but never without the approval of her children. This time she took it slow with love and ended up finding a new husband. He was a business man and a good gentleman. Amiee and him stayed together till the end. He was a great addition to the family.

Ban: Ban became a very popular guy in college. He dated a lot of girls but then one night out in town, he met a girl about his age, only two years younger than him. This girl was Temari. Ban and Temari dated for a while and then finally tied the knot with marriage. They had two little boys.

Shikamaru&Ino: After getting up enough courage, Shikamaru asked out Ino. The two started dating but broke up a couple of times only to get back together. They stayed on and off till they got out of high school, then the two got married, due to Ino getting pregnant. But after that the two stayed together and ended up with one child, a girl.

Naruto&Hinata: As going through high school, Naruto had his go with a few girls but it always didn't stick, he just didn't like them or they didn't like him. As him and Hinata got to their senior year, he began to notice Hinata because she sat next to him to in math and she had to help him a lot. The two started dating and it was like love at first date. The two grew madly in love with each other and married right out of high school. They had four kids. Two girls and two boys.

Neji&Tenten: The two went through high school without breaking up. They always hung out and were never separated. But when they went to different colleges they broke up due to some trust issues that they wouldn't know if the other one was cheating. But one day after getting out of college, they were both back in town and visiting their family when they met back up in the night club of the town. They soon reunited and got married just a year later, having one boy and one girl.


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