The summary of this long explanation is that I'm not going to be continuing this story any longer, nor will I be writing anymore OTH fics. Before you yell at me, or if you just would like some sort of explanation and maybe a glimmer of hope keep reading.

Well…here comes that dreaded Author's Note that immeasurably pisses every single person off that has invested their time in reading this fic. Unfortunately I have absolutely no desire to keep writing this. One Tree Hill…just doesn't interest me anymore. The storylines are crap and even though Painful Nostalgia was AU for some reason it makes it incredibly difficult to even deal with the characters. After four seasons I've realized that I really don't care about any of them because they just don't make any sense. I apologize for this, but especially with the lack of attention this story gets it doesn't seem worth it anymore.

My only consolation for you all is if you watch Supernatural. I sort of swapped OTH out for that, being that two brothers who are lanky, baby faced, whiny and "shoot hoops" aren't quite up to contending with two brothers that are buff, attractive, stoic and shoot guns. It's ironic that although the show is about ghost hunting it's more realistic than One Tree Hill has ever been. So I may be writing a Supernatural fic, I honestly don't know. I'm not really into that weird paranormal type stuff so that might make it difficult but we'll see what happens.

And again I'm incredibly sorry for those of you that did really enjoy this fic. I have had some very devoted reviewers and I have you all to thank for helping me stay motivated and get the story this far along. The problem is that's its taken me nearly a year to get ten chapters posted and back then I was at least sort of enjoying the show. The duration of time between updates now might be 5 months if I continued and then OTH probably isn't even going to stay on air long enough for me to post two more chapters.

If I could think of a short way to wrap this up and tie off loose ends…maybe in a one-shot I might consider that. Painful Nostalgia had a ways to go and a lot more back story to unearth. I will try my best to come up with something that's effective in concluding this story but I can't make any guarantees. My decision to stop writing Painful Nostalgia is final though so I'd appreciate it if you all would respect that.