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Chapter 11: Under Your Spell

"Do you think 'Plan Xida' worked?" asked Vida anxiously as she and Xander waited for Nick and Madison to emerge from the Tunnel of Love.

"Of course, it did," scoffed Xander. "It was my plan after aOWWW!" he yelped after being nudged sharply by Vida. "I mean, it was our plan after all."

"Hey guys!" Vida and Xander heard a cheerful voice greet. "Whatcha up to?"

"Chip!" exclaimed Vida. "Where have you been?"

"You guys heard me tell Leelee I couldn't take her to the carnival, because I had a Dungeons & Dragons game in the early evening," Chip responded.

"So you're saying if you didn't have Dungeons & Dragons tonight you would have taken Leelee to the carnival?" mused Xander slowly out loud, trying to make sense of his friend's previous statement.

"Oh never mind," shushed Vida. "Look, here come Nick and Maddie!"

"And they're kissing!" said Chip excitedly.

Vida in her happiness jumped up and down, grabbing Xander's hand elatedly. Xander, equally as thrilled, threw an arm around Vida's shoulder and squeezed her tenderly. Seeing Madison practically sitting in Nick's lap as they kissed, Xander couldn't resist giving a little playful holler at his friends. Vida and Chip soon joined in, whooping and hollering their approval as well.

Hearing their friends, Nick and Madison both turned their heads at the same moment so that their cheeks ended up touching as they regarded over at the trio on the dock. Nick and Madison both then again looked at each other and began laughing as the red ranger blushed deeply. Madison, also somewhat embarrassed, smiled bashfully and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear in her usual, shy manner.

"Come on guys, that's enough," begged Nick as he and Madison exited the boat, but to no avail as their friends continued clapping loudly. "Alright, alright. Is this what you want to see?"

And with that, Nick passionately pulled Madison toward him and dipped her low to the ground as their lips met once again. Wrapping her arms tightly around Nick's neck, Madison now didn't mind if her sister and the guys were looking on. Kissing Nick was too incredible of a sensation for her to care.

"There, are you guys happy now?" asked Nick after he and Madison slowly broke apart.

"No," grinned Vida. "But you two certainly are."

"Yeah," agreed Nick, kissing Madison on the cheek lovingly.

"Yeah," echoed Madison, grinning at Nick gleefully. "We really are."

"So do we get a 'Thank you?' for finally getting you two together?" asked Xander innocently, though clearly fishing for compliments.

"Xander…" groaned Nick and Madison simultaneously.

"Awww look, they're already talking in unison," gushed Chip. "How cute!"

"Thorn, don't make me puke," threatened Vida as her bully persona once again broke through.

"Uhhh, I don't think I'll have too," warned Chip. "Here comes, Leelee."

"Ooo, Nick, Chip, it's you're ex-girlfriend!" teased Vida, who in turn received murderous looks from the two boys.

Yet all five all held back collective groans as the blonde bounced over the group. Madison noticed Nick in particular looked more uncomfortable around Leelee than usual. Giving his arm a supportive squeeze, Madison smile up at Nick, whose furrowed frown immediately switched to a smile as soon as he looked at her.

"Hi guys!" drawled Leelee. "So Nick, I thought I'd offer you first the honor of taking me on the Flying Swings."

"No thanks," said Nick politely as he took Madison's hand to more clearly underline the meaning of his answer.

"Wha, wha, what is THIS!" gasped Leelee in disgust as she glanced at Nick and Madison holding hands and smiling at each other with stars in their eyes.

"I'm with Madison now," said Nick, causing his girlfriend's heart to soar as he made it official. "I've always liked her, and I always will. So it's time to give it up, Leelee."

Leelee looked completely crushed… for a period of about five seconds. She then immediately latched onto Xander's arm. Vida smirked, musing to herself that it was the first time she'd ever seen Xander appear repulsed by a girl.

"Well, Xander you always flirt with me to a sinful extent," said Leelee pompously. "I guess tonight I'll give you the pleasure of returning some of your attentions."

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline," said Xander politely, though yanking his arm away quickly. "I've already got a special girl I'm spending the night with," he said, putting his arm around Vida.

"Xander…" was all Vida could say as the ranger turned pink.

"Chip?" asked Leelee desperately.

"Uhhhh," stalled Chip, wracking his brain for excuses before a brilliant diversion popped into his head. "Hey, Leelee! I heard they were having a shoe sale in Tent 24!"

"Stillettoes!" squealed Leelee, who was off faster than Toby on his way to buy concert tickets.

The five friends laughed and exchanged high-fives at their successful efforts to shoe – literally – away Leelee. Chip, Vida and Xander bounded back over toward the ride area, excited debating amongst themselves whether to attempt the Loop-De-Loop coaster or the House of Horror. Madison started to follow, but Nick – who was still holding her hand – pulled her back.

"I think Leelee will leave us alone now," said Nick happily as he drew her into a hug. "Not like I could have ever gone out with her for real anyway."

"How come?" asked Madison as she snuggled close to his chest.

Nick brushed back a strand of her dark hair before once again leaning down to kiss her. Madison felt one of her feet automatically lift off the ground at Nick's magical kiss. Her heart fluttered like a fairy's wings at their latest enchanted, romantic encounter. Pulling away slowly, Nick's eyes twinkled as he leaned in close to her ear.

"I was always under your spell," he answered.

The End

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