Van Helsing touched her soft pale skin, not believing what his eyes were telling him

Van Helsing touched her soft pale skin, not believing what his eyes were telling him. Lin stirred and slowly fluttered her eyes open. Anger boiled inside him, why didn't Lin every tell him? Why did she not trust him enough to tell him something THAT important? He got up off the bed and walked towards the door and leaned against its frame.

Lin slowly sat up holding the side of her neck as if it were bothering her. She knew what was wrong instantly after she felt the tension begin to form between them. Her hair flew everywhere, messy as a lion's main in the summer.

Lin slid out of the dusted bed and began to walk to Van Helsing whose back was facing her view hiding the anger that was quickly building up inside him.

"Van Helsing…" she began but stopped since she had no idea what to say. She extended her hand to touch his shoulder but he quickly moved it to face her and grab her wrists. He looked deep into her eyes as if searching for an answer to a question that had been troubling him for a long time. Lin then winced, Van Helsing was squeezing her wrists too hard and it felt like he was stopping the blood flow from her heart to her hands, they then began to feel numb.

"Helsing…" Lin began hoping that he knew he was hurting her. When Van Helsing noticed what he was doing he threw her hands down and turned around back to the door.

"Why didn't you ever tell me?" Van Helsing said not even turning his back to face her.

"I don't know I just didn't want you to hate me or anything." She answered looking down at the dusted old oak floor. Van Helsing turned around and glared at Lin, a murderous hatred overcame him.

"And you mean to tell me I wouldn't get mad if you never told me!" He yelled getting closer to her.

"Excuse me! It is not like I asked for this to happen!" she yelled back into his face.

"But you could have at least told me!"

"Sure, I was going to tell the infamous Van Helsing whose soul purpose of living is to kill vampires and those who help them, Trust me I know, I help you!" Lin spat getting into Van Helsing's face.


When Van Helsing realized what he had just done he retreated his hand back to his side and turned around, back facing Lin.

Lin just stood there dumbfounded as she felt the sting of the slap, slowly making its way up her face burning her right eye.

Anger rose inside Lin, and a feeling of betrayal overcame her senses. 'How could Van Helsing ever think that she wanted something like that to happen, how could he even doubt her for a second for all they had been through together?' She knew Van Helsing had anger issues but that was just ridiculous she couldn't take it anymore, how could she stay with someone who didn't trust her or even acknowledge her when she was trying to explain everything. She was sick of his arrogance and pride; she could take care of herself, she no longer needed Van Helsing. She reached for her blade that lay on her upper right thigh. She slowly took it out of its sheath and……

(hahaha cliffhanger, I'm sorry I have to be mean the story still continues though just scroll down.)

Van Helsing heard the faint sound of the unsheathing of the small blade. He knew what type of blade Lin used or weapon she favored, and the blade she just unsheathed was the one he had given her on their first mission together.

Lin followed Van Helsing to the basement of the church where she was to meet the Father for something urgent. The long spiral stairs creaked upon each weight, screeching long notes of pain as they walked down to meet the end of the labyrinth.

Once reaching their destination Lin saw something she had never seen before. Monks, Friars, and Priests of all kinds from all over, were either testing or developing weapons.

"Van Helsing, what is going on?" Lin asked still following Van Helsing who had not spoken a word since he told her that she was being summoned by the Father now was no different.

"Oh Carl," Lin smiled relieved she knew someone out of the mass amounts of strangers. "How are you?" Carl turned his head and smiled, giving a small nod to show her acknowledgment that he indeed noticed her presence and continued on his project.

'Odd, Carl is not saying anything to me.' Lin thought as she continued her long and suspenseful journey.

When she finally found the person that had summoned her, she noticed he was talking in a foreign tongue possibly about the big gun that he was holding and aiming to a man with dirt colored skin. The man with the dirt colored skin was the first to notice them; he whispered something to the Father and glanced over at the two awkward looking individuals. When the Father turned to follow the dirt colored man's gaze he smiled and motioned for the two to come closer.

The man with the dirt colored skin walked away as Van Helsing and Lin greeted the Father by kissing his ring.

"You have summoned, Father?" Lin asked a little confused.

"Yes Lin I have, you have been here at this church for quite some time now and I believe we can trust you with our secrets. If you have not noticed this is the bottom of the church no one should know about this place, no one at all, not even your dreams. This place is for you only." Lin had no idea what the Father was going on about but she nodded, she got the basic principle this place was secret and she shouldn't show anyone it.

"Come walk with me," the Father smiled while walking over a miniature bridge that overlooked a neon bluish liquid. He talked about everyone in the area and how there is a man who is known for killing people but he was killing people for god. Lin listened to the story with wonder and interest. When the small tale was finished the Father asked Lin her opinion. "Lin, that man I was talking about, what do you think about him? Do you think him wrong for killing those people or do you believe that he right and that he is really someone who is sent to help?"

"Oh, that is simple, Father. The man is right and he is really someone who is sent to help." Lin said happily without hesitation. Van Helsing looked at her and then glanced at the Father and gave him a slight nod.

"Alright Lin I need to tell you something. The man who we are talking about is Van Helsing." Lin looked over at Van Helsing sure he looked scary but he didn't look like he would kill innocent people without a reason. She smiled.

"I had a feeling it was…" Lin smirked as she looked at Van Helsing who only replied with a raised eyebrow.

"Lin, I need you to do me a favor. Van Helsing I need you to listen closely as well." The Father began with the two nodding. "I need you to watch out for each other Van Helsing watch over Lin, Lin watch over Van Helsing and for you to do that, Van Helsing I want you to bring Lin with you on your missions now and on."

"WHAT?" Van Helsing and Lin said in unison. The Father just looked at the sundial in the center of the room.

"Go now get prepared your first mission together is going to start soon, Van Helsing go help Lin." The Father said calmly and walked away from the two dumbfounded people who just stood there and then looked at each other before leaving as well.

Lin and Van Helsing went out to find Carl once found Carl gave all the weapons to Van Helsing and told them that they should be off. Lin looked confused and wondered where HER weapons were. When she asked Carl's answer was simple and aggravating.

"Females shouldn't have weapons, especially you, you don't know how to use them" Lin steamed out with Van Helsing, sulking and pouting she wanted to fight too.

The bell tower rang and Lin hid behind a wall of the alley next to Van Helsing who hid the guns given to him by Carl under his big trench coat and looked at the empty street of London.

"Lin, before we start I have to tell you to be careful, these streets aren't safe especially at night." Van Helsing said looking at the center of London.

"Of course nothing is safe at night!" Lin screamed in a whispered voice, showing annoyance and anger. Just because Lin was not experienced doesn't mean that she was stupid. She quickly pushed her anger to the back of her mind when she saw the breathtaking sight that was known as the center of London.

The center of London was occupied by a huge stone fountain with 22 out of the 23 roman gods and goddesses, each as beautiful as the last. The full moon's rays reflected on the soft water illuminating its colors and dancing to the quiet hums of the wind. The warm, tingling feeling that Lin had in her chest now matched the one that made her stomach turn. She never felt that sensation before; at one moment she felt as if she was flying in the clouds as the other made her feel sick. Lin took a step forward and the sick feeling was completely washed away by the feeling of longing.

Van Helsing paid no attention; he didn't even notice that Lin had begun to walk towards the fountain until it was too late. As soon as he captured a quick glance at Lin from the corner of his eye she vanished in an instant. Van Helsing ran out to where Lin was and aimed his arrow at the sky turning around to find where Lin had gone. There was no sign of her, till he heard a loud thud behind him. Van Helsing turned around and realized that there was a large carriage that held larges amounts of hay. He slowly walked towards it. Slowly aiming his crossbow he saw the hay move slightly and a head soon started to rise out of the endless sea of gold.