Running Against Time By melissa

Chapter Two Zeke looked over to Sharpay as he smiled . as the other's looked at Troy whom stood there now looking to the three teenagers.
"Were having a party tonight wanna come, you can invite your Friends if you want" said the girl .
"Un, no Thanks", said Troy.

"I have practice" added Troy.
"Oh well, We hope to see you again Troy" smiled the Girl.
Troy smiled as he made his way back to the Gang as he sat behind Gabriella. Gabriella gave a look to Troy as she just sighed.
" I have to go Taylor see you in class I just lost my appetite ", said Gabriella.
she moved from Troy as she walked away, instead Troy followed her .

" HEY HEY Wait, what's wrong Gabi?" asked Troy.
" You know whats wrong Troy, " she answered.
" I was only welcoming them to the school that's all, trust me okay. I love you Gabriella, Your my Anjelita remember that alright" said Troy as he smiled.
Gabriella gave a smile at Troy as she heard him ." I do , I do trust you But Im worried you will fall into the wrong crowd " whispered Gabriella.
" I won't I promise",said Troy as he kissed her.
she smiled as she kissed Troy back . " I hope to see you at Practice" she smiled as she turned and made her way thru the school Halls as she walked thru the Corridors and into her math class .

Later That same day:
Troy , Chad, Jason, and Zeke were at practice as the three teenagers looked into the gym as they noticed Troy and the guys.
"He seriously looks like Johnny, can you imagine now he would look in black, with a tattoo :: grinned the girl .
"Lay off Gina, We just need him to fill Johnny Shoes. Besides Troy has a GirlFriend" said Frankie.
Roman scoffed as he looked at Gina and Frankie.
"Well, don't worry about that I'll take care of her ," she grinned.
Frankie looked at Gina. " You better not harm the Girl, if she lands in the hospital you will be the blame for it .

Gina just grinned as she looked to the two guys.
" I will have Troy for myself " she smiled as she walked away as she made her way to the lockers. and waited for Gabriella.