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"He's just such a self-centered egotistical bastard. I don't know what his problem is, but he really needs to get a life. I don't know how you can stand having him as your cousin. Although he does have a really nice ass."

She had no idea.

Hinata didn't know what possessed her to go out to lunch with the blond kunoichi in front of her, chattering away like a song bird. Or more like squawking. And what right did she have to talk about Neji like that? She guessed that she had every right, since no one even knew that she and Neji had been together for the last nine months.

But she tried to stick up for him without quite giving herself away. "I haven't really noticed him acting like that lately. Maybe he's changed."

Ino snorted in a very unladylike manner. "Yeah right! He doesn't have a single considerate bone in his body!"

Being a Medic Nin, Hinata wasn't quite sure how bones could be considerate, but she decided to let that one slide. Neji had been so sweet and gentle to her over the last year, she couldn't even imagine him being any other way.

"He's always been nice to me." Hinata said quietly.

"Hinata, we're talking about Neji here. The same Neji who pummeled you ruthlessly at the first Chunnin Exam!"

"But he's changed since then!" Hinata said, he voice squeaking as she raised it a little higher then she had meant to.

Ino paused, her chopsticks already halfway to her mouth. She blinked. "You don't like him, do you?" She set the chopsticks back into her bowl of rice, not taking the bite that she has been planning. "Because I heard that he's been seeing some girl in secret."

Trust it to Ino to know the gossip. "Where'd you hear that?"

"Hanabi told me." She said simply, taking a bite.

"Oh…uh…ok." Was all Hinata could come up with to say to that.

Hanabi and Anko were the only ones who knew about Hinata and Neji's relationship right now. Anko had been very supportive, but Hanabi had taken it as an opportunity for blackmail. The little black witch would never threaten Neji because he would pound her without a moment's thought, but Hinata was another story.

Hinata wouldn't harm a fly unless she had to, so Hanabi knew that she could hang it over her head. Hinata would love to tell people about her and Neji, but Neji told her that it would be too complicated right now. Since they were in fact cousins, and he was in the Branch house while she was in the Main House, things could get a bit dicey. He told her when the time was right, they would tell people.

But why couldn't now be the right time?

"So, uh, where'd Hanabi hear that?" Hinata asked, taking a chance.

Ino's eyes narrowed, and she gave the raven haired Medic Nin in front of her an appraising look. "How should I know? And why are you so interested anyways?"

Hinata just wanted to scream out, "Because I'm that girl he's seeing in secret, but he said I can't tell anyone!" But of course she didn't. "I'm just curious. He is after all my cousin; I have a right to know what's going on in his life."

Damnit! Why'd she have to pull that one again? The "he's my cousin" card. Why did things have to be so complicated? Why couldn't they just tell people!

The rest of the meal was eaten in silence for Hinata, while Ino gossiped and chatted away about anything and everything. Hinata only spoke when it would be considered rude if she kept quite, but kept her answers as short and sweet as possible.

"Anko? Anko!" Hinata pounded again on the heavy door to Anko's apartment.

The door slid open to reveal what appeared to be a sleep deprived kunoichi, aiming to kill. "Hinata! What the hell are you doing here? Iva just got to sleep, and I've been up half the night!"

"Oh, I'm sorry Anko! I was just hoping we could talk…" She trailed off.

Anko sighed. "Alright, I've lost enough sleep already; a little more can't hurt anything." And she gestured for Hinata to follow her into the apartment, and lead her to the living room. "Take a seat, and I'll make some tea."

She reappeared moments later with two steaming cups of tea. Hinata took a sip, and was practically blown away by the strong flavor. Anko must really be tired. Hinata tactfully placed the cup onto the coffee table, and folded her hands on her lap.

She was about to begin when cries erupted from the bedroom down the hall. Anko glanced up at the clock and cursed. "But it's only been an hour and a half!" She cried. She excused herself for a moment, and returned with a beautiful baby girl suckling on her breast.

"Oh, she's so sweet Anko!" Hinata's face fell a bit, and she lowered her gaze to her lap. "I wish I could have a baby with Neji."

"Trust me Hinata, they're not all they've cracked up to be. But I love her all the same." She looked down at the chubby little girl in her arms. "I think she's going to be a singer when she gets older. She sure can belt it out."

Hinata let out a little giggle. "You really want a baby, don't you sweetie?" Anko said softly.

She sighed. "Yeah, I really do. I just wish that Neji would warm up to the idea. Right now he says that he doesn't even want to tell people about our relationship because it's to complicated. Having a baby is totally out of the question. Even just because we're ninja, it makes it so much harder. We would either have to work around it, or one of us would have to quit. I wouldn't really mind, but I have a feeling that Neji doesn't really want that right now."

Iva had fallen asleep in Anko's arms, snuggling into her lacey pajamas. "Maybe you should talk with Neji, and tell him how you're feeling. In the meantime though, you're welcome to borrow Iva anytime you want. I could use a break from hell's angel. And I mean that in the best way possible, of course."

"Ok, I'll just come out and talk to him. No beating around the bush." Hinata paced up and down the length of Neji's room, waiting for him to get back from his latest Anbu mission.

"You know, if you keep talking to yourself, people are going to think you're crazy." Said a deep voice from behind her. Hinata let out a little "Eep!" And jumped about a foot in the air.

"Neji!" She yelled at the amused man as she turned to face him. "I told you to stop doing that! It scares the crap out of me!" Her face flushed red from embarrassment.

He shrugged nonchalantly, and sat down on the bed, gesturing for her to join him. She sat, and he positioned himself behind her, and started to knead her shoulders. A little moan escaped Hinata's lips as she relaxed into his touch, feeling all of her worries melt away into his fingers.

Neji pushed his lips next to her ear so she could feel his hot breath against her skin. "So what did you want to tell me?" He said in a deep sexy voice that made her melt inside.

"I…uh…" She couldn't think when he was touching her like this! It was so sensual; she doubted she could even form coherent sentences. But she had to try anyways! They needed to talk about this! "I want to tell people about our relationship!" She blurted out, "And I want to get married! I want to have a baby!"

Ok, maybe she was a bit to blunt. The fingers that had been masterfully sculpting her back moments before froze up. But only for a moment, then they went back to rolling her shoulders, although she could sense he was tense.

"I don't think so." He said simply.

She felt on the verge of tears. "Why not!" She demanded.

"Because-" He paused, not quite sure how to say this, "We just can't." He finished, silently cursing himself for not having the courage to be honest with Hinata.

"Well why not! Do you not want to be with me? Do you not want to get married someday, and actually be able to tell people that we're together? What do you want then Neji!" She was breaking down, tears welling in her depthless eyes. But she wouldn't break. She locked her eyes onto his, searching for what he was feeling.

"I want just that, I'm afraid." He said softly, lowering his eyes from hers. "But I've learned the hard way that we don't always get what we want."