Sam lazily clicked away at the laptop searching through recent news articles and local interest website. He was desperate to find anything supernatural sounding. He hadn't had a vision in awhile and had yet to hone the skill therefore they were useless at this point. It had been two weeks since their last hunt and while he was glad they had sent that spirit back to hell, and his ribs still hurt from the whammy it had put on him, he was starting to get anxious for another hunt. Great, he thought, I'm starting to act like Dean. He glanced over at his sleeping brother who responded by pulling the covers up around his shoulders and rolling onto his side. Sam turned back to the computer and continued searching.

Suddenly a loud ring cut through the silence of the motel room causing Dean to spring up in bed and grab his head painfully. Sam laughed at the scene.

"Shit." Dean muttered to himself.

"Helpful hint," Sam smiled, "Never set your ringer to the loudest possible setting before going out and drinking."

"Yeah, I get it," Deanrasped shooting Sam a look, "Hangovers and loud phones don't mix." He reached over and grabbed the still ringing cell phone, flipped it open and was surprised to see the word 'Dad' looking back at him. His father almost never called. It was always text messages containing coordinates or random unexpected appearances.

"Dad." Dean said into the phone. This one word caught Sam's attention and he spun around in his seat and stared at Dean. Sam was hoping his father had a job for them. It was out of boredom more than anything else that had spawned this recent desire to kill every evil thing he could find. That and the fact that leads on the demon that had taken his mom and Jess were few and far between. Therefore, killing other evil creatures worked as a substitute and allowed him to release his frustrations and conceal them from Dean.

"What are the coordinate?" Dean asked into the phone as he looked around for something to write on. Sam handed Dean a piece of paper and a pen as he tried to contain the excitement at finally having a job to do. He watched as Dean scribbled down the coordinates. "Yeah, Dad I got it." Dean started to hang up but something his Dadsaid obviously drew Dean's attention back to the phone. His look changed from serious hunter to utterly confused. "You want us to meet up with who?"


Dean slowed the Impala to a halt on the shoulder of a long forgotten road. He cut off the engine and looked around the area intently before glancing over at Sam who was staring out the front windshield and Dean could tell from his expression that a line of unanswerable question were about to be asked.

"Are you sure he said cousin?" Sam asked finally directing the question more towards the window than towards Dean.

"That's what he said." Dean cleared his throat and looked around again.

"But if this 'cousin'" Sam said the word skeptically, "is a hunter then how come we're never heard about him before?"

"I dunno Sammy. Maybe when you've missed every family reunion for the past 23 years, the family forgets to keep you updated."

"What was his name again?" Sam replied ignoring Dean's sarcasm.

Dean exhaled sharply, hating having to recount the conversation he's just had with his father. "All he said was there's a job that needs to be taken care of at this location. Then he said that our 'cousin'" Dean showed the same skepticism towards the word as Sam had, "had been looking into it and needed some help." Dean shook his head. He'd never had any real family ties other than his mother, father and Sam, all of whom he was loyalty devoted to. However, all of them had left him at some point over the course of his life so his view on family was somewhat painful. He had acquired adopted Uncles and Aunts over the years through his fathers' ties to various persons involved in the supernatural but none of them had gained the love and loyalty that he had reserved for his blood family. And now came this alleged cousin.

"His name's Shane." Dean replied in response to Sam's original question.

"And we're related how?" Sam asked.

Dean sighed again, "Dad's brother I think." In all honestly he was still confused about having never met this cousin and why his father had never mentioned him until now. He knew his father had a brother, one whom neither Sam nor Dean had ever met and one that his father rarely spoke of.

Dean was staring out his side window and waiting for another question from Sam. When none came he grinned and turned to Sam "All out of questions, college boy?" Sam was staring straight ahead at something in the distance. Dean followed his gaze and saw a black SUV approaching.

"He's here." Came Sam's sullen response as he reached for the handle and exited the Impala. Dean did the same, leaning against the side of the car, arms crossed, and a cocky smile stretched across his face. Sam leaned beside him and watched as the car door slowly opened.

Dean and Sam watched as Shane exited the vehicle and slammed the door shut. Boththeir jaws dropped at the sight. Approaching them was a young woman about 5'3 with long brown hair, green eyes and a confident swagger that could rival Dean himself. She stopped about a foot in front of then and with a coy smile extended her hand.

"Hi, I'm Shane."

Dean slowly leaned into Sam, "Dude," he whispered into Sam's ear, "He's a she.