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Chapter One: That Day

"Three more kilometers," Kaidoh had told himself, as the vibrant sun beat down its rays upon his sweating back.

Inui had given him a new workout resume where he had to run 10 kilometers every morning and night. Of course he ran more than that. He wasn't going to let the same thing during the ranking matches occur again. They had the District Tournament this weekend and Kaidoh had to have high endurance for it.

Kaidoh was currently running down the alleyway that was lined with fresh flowered vines and the open window that always rendered traditional Japanese melodies. He enjoyed his runs – from the crisp, natural air to the sights that filled his attentive eyes. Most occasions nothing unusual would occur.

As Kaidoh approached the end of the alley, not a second thought popped into his mind of what would happen next. He turned the corner and the next thing he knew he had run into something rather firm. Unfortunately, this firm thing had also not expected anything and had roughly fallen over onto his back.

Kaidoh, being the kind boy he was, tried to grab the person but as he was off balance himself, only resulted in tumbling forward. He braced himself as his body landed squarely on top of the other person. The breath was knocked out of him and by the sound of it, the other person also lost their breath.

Panicked that he had caused serious damage to the other, Kaidoh suddenly pushed up with his arms and found himself draped over the sprawled figure. Kaidoh looked up at whom he had rampaged over and was confounded with familiar brown eyes staring up at him behind round glasses.

"B-buchou?" Kaidoh splattered, his eyes widening in surprise.

Tezuka just scowled and flatly responded, "Please get off of me now."

Hearing this, Kaidoh's eyes widened even more and he felt extremely embarrassed. He swiftly stood up and looking down abashed, held out his hand to help the Captain.

Once standing, Tezuka recomposed himself and bent down to grab a book that was strewn along the sidewalk. The Captain noticed from the corner of his eye that intrusive pedestrians were sending them weird gazes.

Tezuka sighed and straightened his glasses. He gave the still rattled Kaidoh one last nod before brushing past. As he treaded away, he hoped the younger player didn't catch the split admiration that oddly entered his eyes.

The whole way home, Kaidoh couldn't keep his mind off the Captain. Part of him expected Tezuka to make him run extra laps tomorrow and another part . . . well; he didn't know what the other part was thinking.


At practice the following day, Kaidoh anxiously waited for that stern voice to yell, "Kaidoh! 100 laps for not paying attention to where you're running!"

However, he waited . . . and waited. The end of practice rolled around and nothing had happened at all. Tezuka acted the same - not giving him a first glance.

In fact, before Kaidoh knew it, two more days passed and the Captain didn't say a single word directly to him. This was bothering Kaidoh even more though. Tezuka should have chided him at least once for not apologizing about what he did. Or, he could have reassured Kaidoh in saying that it really wasn't anything. But, maybe that was it. Maybe the Captain wanted Kaidoh to acknowledge his wrong.

Now feeling it was necessary that maybe he should approach Tezuka, Kaidoh marched over to the senior, who was thoroughly enveloped in listening to his Vice-Captain. Kaidoh patiently stood there and waited for Oishi to stop so that he could address the Captain.

Several minutes passed and Kaidoh was growing impatient. Finally he distinctly cleared his throat and Oishi abruptly stopped. Both seniors turned their immersed gazes and watched Kaidoh nervously fumble with the strap to his racket bag.

"U-um," Kaidoh stuttered, pointedly looking at his feet. "C-can I speak to Buchou for a second?"

Oishi looked at Tezuka who gave him a secure nod. "We'll finish this later, Tezuka," Oishi spoke, raising an amused eyebrow before leaving for the locker room.

Now there was an uncomfortable silence and Kaidoh shut his eyes tight before throwing himself into a deep bow. "I'm sorry, buchou! I should have been watching where I was going and even after I did run into you, I never said sorry. I'm sorry!" Kaidoh blurted as fast as he could, his last two words the only clear ones.

A few seconds later, a calculating, yet callous voice asked, "Is that all?"

Kaidoh opened his eyes and stood back up, giving Tezuka a confused look. Yet when he realized how small the whole situation was and how big he fussed over it, Kaidoh's whole face began to burn as he was blushing in embarrassment. "Y-yes . . ." he muttered.

"Very well," Tezuka sighed, and then added, "20 laps!"

Kaidoh faltered but began to run his punishment. Punishment for what, he wasn't sure - making a big deal out of nothing, interrupting Oishi's and Tezuka's talk, wasting Tezuka's time . . . he didn't know. All he knew was that even though he had got that out of his system, there was still something that was troubling him.


Kaidoh kept thinking about what was still concerning him. That night, he was laying in bed, ignoring the nagging feeling that something wasn't settled yet.

A vivid image played in his thoughts, as he was about to drift off to sleep. Brown, stoic eyes hiding behind gold-wired frames.

TBC . . .

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