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The Last Chapter: Fallen

One week had passed, and the two decided that they should tell the regulars.

"Heh . . . that's all?" Ryoma yawned, being the first one to respond.

"Oi! Chibi-chan! This is a serious thing! When you love someone, it can be difficult to tell them!" Kikumaru said, actually being serious for once.

"Eiji, it didn't seem that difficult for you," Oishi quietly said, but then turned red when the team was giving him curious looks.

"Mamushi!" Momoshiro saved Oishi. "Have you and Buchou . . . you know . . ."

"Have we what?"

Momoshiro and Kikumaru mischievously grinned. "You know . . . kissed."

Kaidoh's eyes suddenly widened and his face became a deep crimson. "That's none of your business," he hissed.

"Aw, he's blushing," Kikumaru feigned sympathy, but then raised his hands and did a pinching motion with his thumb and forefinger. "How cute . . ."

Kaidoh backed up as Momoshiro and Oishi followed suit of Kikumaru.

"Hey guys, maybe we should leave him alone," a friendly voice suggested.

"Kawamura-sempai," Ryoma addressed, causing Kawamura to look at him.

"Yes, Echizen?" Kawamura asked, innocently looking at Ryoma who was holding out a racket.

"Take this."

Kawamura hesitantly reached his hand out and grasped the racket.


Kaidoh glared at Echizen as Kawamura now joined in maliciously ganging up on him.


Tezuka looked over at Inui, who was standing beside him. "I know for sure you and Kaidoh have kissed. But according to my data, I'm sure you and Kaidoh have indeed kissed not once, but two to four times a day. In fact, on Thursday I saw you two chastely kiss in the empty classroom on the third floor by the science lab. And another time-"


"Yes, of course," Inui sighed, walking off writing down more data.

Fuji then came up to Tezuka. They watched as threatening fingers were now approaching Kaidoh.

"Of course you've kissed, ne?"

Tezuka ignored Fuji's remark.



"Do you love him?"

Kaidoh slapped away the onslaught of hands. He then glanced over at Tezuka, causing an immediate blush to creep over his face. Kaidoh then flinched in pain as a snickering Momoshiro tightly pinched his cheek.



It was almost one month since Kaidoh had confessed to Tezuka.

Kaidoh and Inui were walking home together in the routinely silence. But then Kaidoh broke it. "Thank you sempai."

Inui knew what Kaidoh was referring to, but wanted to further implore. "For what?"

"For making me realize what my feelings had knew all along."

"Feelings, huh."

"Not admiration, but love."

"Of course."

Kaidoh had thanked Inui again as they went their separate ways.

As Inui walked down the street that led to his house, he thought of a certain phone call he had received 29 days ago.


"Inui . . . thank you."

"For what, Tezuka?"

"For making him realize."

"Well, percent chance that you would – let alone know how – to confess your own feelings-"

The phone line went dead as Tezuka hung up on him.

"12 percent."


Inui smiled to himself, knowing in seventeen minutes, Tezuka and Kaidoh would indeed . . . kiss.


Kaidoh arrived at his house and went to the kitchen. He greeted his mother, who greeted him back with a loving kiss on the cheek. "Is Tezuka coming over for dinner?" she asked, turning back to the stove.

Before Kaidoh could answer, the doorbell rang. Kaidoh's heart skipped a beat in excitement and he hurried to the front door.

When he opened it, a warm feeling flowed through him.

"Buchou . . ."

Tezuka stepped inside and Kaidoh closed the door behind him. He turned to Tezuka and looked up into his still stunning sienna eyes.

"Dinner's ready!" Kaidoh's mom announced.

Kaidoh turned to the stairs, where his brother was currently speeding down them.

"Hi, Tezuka!" Kaidoh's little brother greeted, running past them to the dining room.

Kaidoh then gave a nervous glance to Tezuka.

"Nice to see you, Tezuka," Kaidoh's dad walked by them, smiling.

They were alone now. Kaidoh silently stood there. He knew what he wanted to do, but he still got the same nervous butterflies every time he saw Tezuka.

As if reading his mind or simply wanting to do it himself, Tezuka took a step forward and slightly bent down. He paused for a second, but then gently pressed his lips to Kaidoh's.

Kaidoh's heart skipped a beat like always.

When they slowly pulled apart, Tezuka tenderly smiled at him. Kaidoh felt a pleasant blush rouge across his cheeks.

They had fallen in more ways than one that day . . .


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