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The pact with the Beast

The ticking of cooling metal and the hissing of air escaping tires was on the edge of his awareness. Dean tried to open his eyes, tried to see what had happened. But his eyes would not obey, the pain in his chest was becoming stronger, his will to stay awake weaker, until with a final word on his lips he slipped into the darkness.



Sam's eyes snapped open with a start, the blinding light making him close them just as quick, he tried to speak but his throat was so dry it came out as a croak. He heard someone beside him the air moving at his or her passing wafting the smell of disinfectant chasing the way the smell of leaking petrol and burnt metal from his nose.

"Samuel, Samuel Kowalski. Can you hear me?" a female voice, sweet and lilting.

"It's Sam," he croaked, and then he felt a straw pressed to his lips

"Drink slowly" the female voice again, he sucked on the straw, feeling the cool liquid pass down his throat soothing it. He then opened his eyes slowly, the brightness of the room not as bad as before.

"Where am I?" he asked.

"You're in woodland view hospital Sam. You were in a car crash, do you remember?" the nurse asked him, her nametag proclaimed her to be called Brenda.

"We had been hunting" he stared off, remembering his dad had been shot "got mauled by a bear, I went to shoot the bear and missed the first time. Hitting my dad. How is my dad?" his fuzzy brain now finally becoming clear. The Nurse pressed a button on the side of the wall, another nurse looked in.

"Get Doctor Smith would you? Tell him his patient has woken up" the new nurse nodded and left the room. Shortly an elder man entered, he had white hair, beard and blue eyes. He wore the long white coat that proclaimed him to be a Doctor.

"Hello Samuel, I'm Doctor Smith" he smiled a kind smile.

"It's Sam" Sam said automatically. "How's my dad?"

"Your dad is just fine, he's a couple of rooms over, his leg is in plaster so he hasn't been able to come and check on you. But he'll be happy to know you're awake" the Doctor was checking his pulse, his pupils.

"How is my brother?"

"Your brother?" the Doctor asked, a flicker of confusion passing across his face.

"Yeah my brother Dean" he frowned. Why was the Doctor looking concerned?

"I'm sorry Sam. But there was only you and your Father in the car" the Doctor replied.

"What? No that's not right he was in the back seat" Sam sat up, trying to get up, to go and see his father. They had to find Dean.

"Calm down Sam" The Doctor and the Nurse was trying to push him back down. But he couldn't rest; he just had to find Dean. He became aware of the Doctor sedating him. He tried to fight it, calling out for his dad and Dean but he lost the fight as the drugs took over.


"Dean…. where are you?"


Dean swam in and out of awareness, he felt warm, safe. The pain from his chest was gone. He opened his eyes to see he was in a very large room. It looked expensive, he was in a four-poster bed, there was and open fireplace with the fire happily burning within. The light reflecting of expensive looking ornaments.

"Ah, so the hunter wakes," came a deep growl of a voice from one corner, Dean tensed.

"Where am I?"

"Somewhere safe, kind of" the demon said from the shadows.

"What do you mean kind of?" he pulled his covers off to see he was fully clothed. Not a trace of blood on him.

"Well, you're not actually here. You're dying in fact and you are hovering on the edge. I have come into your mind to give you an offer." The creature walked forward, blood red eyes glowing; the rest of him was hidden in a hooded cowl.

"What do you mean I am not here? Where am I? Where's Sam and my dad?" Dean was getting agitated.

"Calm down Dean. Your brother and father are safe…for now." The demon waved his hand and a circle of silvery liquid appeared. This swirled a moment then an image appeared. Split down the center one side showing Sam, the other his Father. They seemed to be in hospital beds.

"Are they okay?" Dean walked towards the vision on the liquid metal.

"Their wounds are healing yes" The demon replied, walking a little closer to stand beside Dean, but with enough space as not to make Dean feel threatened. "But something you know too well is nearly there with them" The scene on the metal changed,it showed outside the hospital, a large man walking towards the entrance, his long black coat that reached his ankles blowing in the breeze. The man stopped, turning as if to look straight at Dean. And his eyes were the eyes of the demon that had killed his mum, and Jess.

"I have to get to them, warn them" Dean went to the door, he opened it to be met with a brick wall on he other side. "What the..?"

"I told you hunter, you cannot leave. You're body is dying. This is all in your mind" The demon had not moved, he just watched Dean.

"So what am I to do? Why am I not in hospital with them?"

"I took you from the back seat, you were dying. You would have been dead before help got there. So I brought you to my home. To give you an offer from my master" Dean backed up, this thing worked for the demon that had killed his mother?

"You work for him!" he pointed to the liquid metal.

"Oh no hunter. I answer to someone higher than him. My master has gone by many names. Abbadon, Kractor, Satan. Take your pick" the demon waved his hand and the liquid metal disappeared.

"You work for the Devil? You really think I would make a deal with the prince of evil? I actually thought that thing was him. Now you're telling me it's something else?" Dean was waving his hands round in agitation.

"Now Hunter, don't believe everything you hear about the Devil. He is actually happy to be in hell, yeah his an evil torturing bastard. But he is loyal. God gave him commanded over all the evil souls. While earth was the…how can I put this…a neutral zone. Yes it is said the devil will rise from hell. But that is at a time appointed by God. The Devil is to watch over the evil souls and make sure they don't escape. I, in a way am a policeman if you like. To help in force this law" The demon sat back down on the high back chair he had before. Now pulling down his hood to reveal a gaunt face, long black hair tied in a ponytail. A few bangs of the hair across his face.

"So who are you? And what is this deal?" Dean stood before the demon.

"Me? I also have had many names in my time…but at the moment I go by the name Galen" the demon inclined his head to indicate the other chair opposite. Dean sat down. For some unknown reason feeling safe with this one "as to the deal…well you only benefit from it. We will give you the power to fight this demon. But… means you must become a demon yourself"

"Oh no! I'm not having one of you in me" Dean started to pace again.

"You misunderstand. You would be the demon, have the power but you would be you. Unlike a possessor you could not be exorcised. You would be more on the same level if not higher as the one you wish to kill" Galen explained. He leaned back, perfectly comfortable.

"If the devil is supposed to keep the evil in hell why doesn't he?"

"Ah, well the one you wish to kill has found the loop hole. My master cannot step on earth until the appointed time. If he does it's breaking the rules. And God would not be all that happy if he did that. The devil is restrained. The one you are after used to be one of his enforcers. But you see….he has a rather large grudge against God over something or other. He thinks if the Devil will not rule all three realms….then he will" Galen explained to Dean

"So why me?"

"You see….God has this thing about mortals helping themselves….which is a little stupid in my opinion but hey what do I know? Anyway, a mortal needs to do this"

"But if I do this I'll be a demon" Dean argued

"Yeah well, you know how God liked the whole sacrifice thing"

"I don't know if I can do this." Dean admitted. "To become a demon, a killer. To possess"

"Look Dean. I was born just like you; I do not posses this body for it is mine. Well…..kind of. The one who's body this would have been died in the womb. The young one went to heaven and I was born. I have parents, mum makes apple pie to die for. They are both retired and live in Kansas." Galen watched as Dean took this in.

"Dean I don't want to rush you here. But you will die if you do not agree. The demon will get the rest of your family. He will use Sam and others like him to make him real in this realm. So he will no longer need to possess people. If you do agree, you might. I say might kill him and save your family" The both turned at the roar and burst of flame in the fireplace, there in the fire was a face to freeze the blood, power beyond anything Dean had seen before. Galen had risen from the chair and walked towards the fire, he kneeled, Shocking Dean as huge feathered wings came from his back, he almost looked like an angel, except where the feathers should be white they were jet black.

"Galen, you are out of time. They have the father and the son. If he will not do it you must find another" the voice deep and booming.

"As you command my Lord" the fire returned to its normal flame and Galen got up from the floor to look a Dean. "Well Dean?"

"He has Dad and Sam?" Galen nodded "then I'll do it"

"Are you sure Dean? Once you do this there is no turning back, you cannot exorcize this. It will be with you the rest of your life which will be a very long time"

"How long?"

"Well my last life…I lived for over 200 years before I was killed by a demon I was hunting" Galen admitted

"Who were you hunting?"

"You wouldn't be able to pronounce his name, but he was known as Jack the ripper"

"Galen, I'll do it" Dean stood tall; he would do anything to save his family. Galen walked towards him, placing his black taloned hand on his head.

"Okay then Dean…..wake up" and Dean woke up, nothing would be the same.


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