The Price of revenge

Dean had no idea where they were; it was like a black tunnel, the cone shape of the Impala's headlights the only illumination bar the rear light on Galen's Harley. Every now and then there would be a glint in the dark, as if the darkness parted and they could see where there were. The first time it had seemed as though they were miles above the land, now as he looked over at the next glimpse all he could see was rippling sea.

The inside of the Impala had been quiet for some time, his dad had been looking over the car from the passenger seat while Sam had sat uncertainly in the back as if he expected the back seat to eat him.

"She's not going to eat you Sam" Dean said looking in the rear view.

"You sure about that?" he replied, checking for teeth.

"Yes. So quit squirming"



"Okay you two, that's enough" John cut in. he was looking at the car, and even at Dean with more than a little wariness. "You've changed a lot Dean" was all he said

"Not really, I'm still me" Dean looked at his father, trying to see where this was leading.

"You have, a few weeks ago you would have rather killed yourself than become one of them. But yet here you are, part demon. Do you know what you have fully let yourself in for?" he had turned his gaze on Dean fully, so he replied in kind. He wasn't driving anyway.

"What do you mean dad?" Sam was now leaning forward so his head was between the seats, he could now see the calculating look his father was giving Dean.

"I mean the fact that he has become part demon has to have consequences. Just what have you done?"

"I gained some more power to save you two from being ripped apart. What more do you need to know?" Dean replied, now getting defensive.

"I just want to know how much of my son is left!" In the background Bobby sighed, the pig headed John could never just let things lie.

"I'm still me!"

"How long will you live! A normal lifespan….a thousand years..what?" John pressed.

"What is it you want to know huh? That I sacrificed my death to save you! So I wouldn't be alone, only I will in the end because I will out live my entire family…is that it? Well there you go, now you know. Galen says I can live an eternity if I survive other hunters and demons!" Sam looked upon his brother sadly; Dean sacrificed so much for his family, but never got anything in return from John except disappointment.

"So what you going to do? Serve Satan? Cause if you are I might as well kill you now." John continued to rage.

"Dad!" Sam shouted.

"Be quiet Sam" John snapped back

"No Dad, I won't. How can you say that to him? He saved us! He's my Brother and nothing will change that. Now shut up and leave him alone" Dean looked on wide-eyed at his younger brother.

"Don't you talk to me like that, I'm your father"

"Then start acting like it instead of the hunter!"

Thick tension filled the air as all looked to one another, Bobby looked on a moment before the flaring of Galen's rear light caught his eye. He coughed to catch their attention.

"As loath as I am to break up this family discussion…I think we're here." All three heads swivelled to find they were at the base of a huge mountain that disappeared into the clouds. Every now and then a strange light became apparent. Dean got out of the Impala the rest followed as he walked to stand beside Galen.

"I thought you said we were going to see Angels, are the fates Angels?"

"Yes, different religions call them different things. To some they are the three fates, old hags that control life and death. To others they are dragons. But the role always stays the same. They dictate the time to die and send the grim reaper to collect. Another remains the same. They are three sisters." Galen shivered.

"Looks like you are not looking forward to seeing them.." Sam observed.

"You have no idea…" he looked to his left as his bike had turned back into a horse and his head was over Galen's shoulder. "Well as Seth has now pointed out, there is no read so we'll have to ride, I don't know what……okay….I'm jealous" Galen had been looking over their shoulders where they had left the Impala.

All turned to where the sleek black form of the Impala should be…to find the Impala wasn't the impala anymore…but a large black dragon. It was about the size of a small elephant, eyes blood red like Galen's horse. Dean tentatively approached only to have it croon and nudge him.

"Wow….freaky. What to call you…" Dean wondered but a name floated into his head 'Shadowmere' he looked to the Dragon that had been his car. "Shadowmere?" the dragon purred, which was more of a growl purr.

"Seems she thought you needed something big enough to carry you all up there, and got the image off your Dragonforce album" Galen commented off hand.

"See Sammy, told you my music had a purpose!" he punched is brother on the shoulder in triumph.

"Oh dear" all looked over to Galen's sighed exclamation to see him with his hand over his eyes shaking his head as his familiar was trying not to be out done by Dean's. First it tried…and became a giant chicken…..which caused Dean's Shadowmere to lick her lips, so Seth changed again very fast to become…..a toy plane. Several tries and laughs later Seth became the flaming horse but with dragon like wings.. "Close enough! Now stop before you hurt yourself…or make me die of embarrassment"

Seth snorted in Galen's direction causing licks of flame to come out of his nostrils, seems he was in a huff. Galen laughed patting the horse and assuring it that he was happy with the way he looked before but that the wings were a nice addition also.

He mounted the horse and watched as the others got on Dean's dragon with some trepidation. Galen looked on thinking it Ironic that his symbol was the dragon round the sword was his yet Dean's familiar was a dragon. His spine tingle in a kind of premonition that did not bode well for him, but he couldn't quite figure out what..

Their familiars spread their newly formed wings and flew up towards the light in the side of the mountain; it was shining like a beacon or some kind or oracle. When they broke the cloud cover, there chiselled into the side was a huge Greek palace, the towering effigies depicting tales long lost to the sea of time. Fires burned in large gold bowls that were filled with oil to fuel the flames, these in turn illuminated the Angels that seemed to adorn the place, making the eyes flicker as if alive.

They landed on the large entranceway, the fountain in the centre spouting water from nymphs and other Greek beliefs. Seth and Shadowmere stood side bye side to await their master's return. Galen led them through into the depths of this palace, to a large hall that to kings would be the place where their throne would reside and they would receive guests. In the centre here was a large cauldron around which three forms stood, but not the hags Dean was expecting, but three beautiful angels, their white feather wings glowing like pure snow.

"Down dean, these are one set of women you do not make a move on" Galen whispered into Dean's ear.

"I wasn't thinking anything!"

"Surrrre" Galen drawled.

"Galen….we'll if it isn't the sweet Galen returning to our humble home" one of the Angels. " I like this name better than your old one"

"What brings him here this tine I wonder sister." The smallest and youngest one added, now walking towards Galen. "Oh and with mortals too." As she passed Galen she passed a hand over him and he growled. His false form slipping away so his demon side was revealed. Then she did the same to Dean, his wings coming forth into the air.

"Well, you brought another to the fold I see" the last sister commented, looking Dean over "and a cute one too"

"You can't have him Anahita" Galen replied standing before Dean. The eldest walked towards him.

"Why don't you introduce us?"

"You don't need to, you know them already. But" Galen turned to the others intending to introduce each Angel starting with the eldest.

"This is Ananchel, then we have Anael and finally Anauel" each of the Angels had nodded their head in greeting.

"So Galen, what brings you before us this time? If I remember last time you paid a great price to help your hunters…banished to the realm of the Nexsis wasn't it?" Ananchel commented with a smile.

"Well you would know Ananchel, as it was you that sent me there." Galen growled.

"Temper, temper demon. Know your place" Anael decided to add.

"My place used to be that same as you if you will remember" Galen smile as the middle sister blustered.

"Why have you come Galen? We are rather busy" Anauel spoke at last, he voice timid and sweet.

"I have come to humbly request more bullets for the colt" Galen bowed before the angels

"Well, that will bring a hefty price again Galen, you know this. But I will be lenient with you. You will not pay the price….but him," Ananchel pointed straight at Dean.

"Ah but you can't send him to the Nexsis, he is still part mortal." Galen stood before Dean.

"What you say is true….but I do love his eyes" she traced his finger down the side of Dean's cheek. "We will forge you 15 more bullets for one of your eyes. That is the price."

"No!" Sam exclaimed, John said nothing "Dad tell him!"

"We need those bullets" was all John would say. Dean felt his heart clench.

"Do we have a Deal?" Ananchel asked of Galen.

It is not my choice" he looked to Dean. Dean locked eyes a moment then looked to the Angels.

"We have a deal" Ananchel smiled and walked forward, placing her right hand over his right eye. Dean felt a burning sensation then pain. He cried out falling to his knees. Sam rushed to his side.

"Dean!" Sam helped Dean sit up, and where his eye would have been, the eyelid was sealed closed, a great scar, still red and sore rent across to his cheek. Sam looked to the angel to see an eyeball in her grasp. "You're supposed to be Angels, you're not supposed to do this!"

"Do not delude yourself child, we are no guardian Angels. We fight a war, and sacrifices must be made" with that the two eldest left the hall to forge the bullets. Galen came over and crouched down before Dean.

"Okay lad?" he asked

"Yeah," he got up from the floor with the help of Sam and Galen. Anauel came up to Galen.

"They will need your help forging them hunter"

"Very well, you lot make yourself comfortable" Galen walked from the room, his wings folded to his back. Dean and Sam went to sit on one of the stone benches that lined the place.

"You shouldn't have done that Dean. That was too much"

"He got off lightly compared to Galen. Though it was the mortal side that saved you"

"Just what happened to Galen?" Dean was truly interested in the guy..demon..whatever that saved his life, Galen acted so out of the norm of what he had been taught. Galen cared, yes he had his bloodthirsty side…but he cared.

"It is a long tale…"