Beginning note: I don't know what you would call this story, Romance, action, post movie. But whatever you find it to be just think Eureka which means 'I have found it'.



"Sir I think it's best if you took a break," Riza Hawkeye said after Major Mustang had transmuted another wall for a house.

"Still ordering me around Hawkeye?" Roy said standing up dusting chalk off his hands. "And I thought being reinstated to Major might help and I thought you respected rank. They probably just wanted to work me like a dog." He turned around and started to walk towards a military camp, Riza followed him a step behind. The military had posted most of its state alchemists at this part of the city, those who weren't at the building sites were taking breaks at the small tents set up on the streets.

"I heard that the higher ups were talking about whether or not your demotion was a mistake." She followed him into the tent, where he sat down in a chair in a corner.

"I'd hate to spend the rest of my life trying to get back to Colonel, if the higher ups are talking that would be great help," Roy said as he itched his head and lounged back in a chair.

"I know you'll make it to the top," Riza said softly.

"What was that Lieutenant?" he said still lounging.

"Nothing, I just wanted to say hello. It's so hard with all of the destruction for any of us to see each other." She quickly snapped back to her serious self. "I have to go now Sir, they're handing out food in the eastern district and they've been having some control issues." She saluted and walked out of the tent, but paused at the flap, "and Sir don't over do it okay." She walked out.

Roy smiled for himself, it seemed so easy now to see the Lieutenant's soft side. Before his accident she was always strait edged and formal. After their fight at the Fuhrer's mansion and when Roy was recovering they spent a lot of time together, not as collogues more as friends. But the relationship was abandoned when he was demoted to corporal after refusing to be the Flame Alchemist anymore. When he returned, she still seemed to see their relationship the same as it was before he was demoted. Roy never quite figured out what it was though.

He stood up and walked out of the ten over to water truck stationed by the tent. While he was getting a cup of water he heard two alchemists talking.

"She seems a lot happier now doesn't she?" one said.

"Yeah I wouldn't have wanted to go up to communications if someone had paid me," the other said laughing.

"Who are you two talking about?" Roy said turning around to face them.

"Ah, would you look who it is Marty. The one and only reinstated Flame Alchemist," the first man said laughing but stopped when he saw Roy's glare. "Well you should know her she only worked under you since Ishbal.

"Hawkeye then, What was a matter with her?"

"Well the state was terrible assigning her to a desk job in communications. She hasn't seen the combat field in two years. She would sign phone logs then go down to the shooting rage and shoot the hell out of the targets." The second one said more respectfully.

"That's generally how you shoot targets and at least she seems fine now." the looked at each other in silent agreement.

"Yes, she does seem fine to me, thanks for the talk boys," Roy started back to his house when he saw a messenger run into the tent.

"I'm looking for the Major," Roy heard him say nervously.

"Kid we are all Majors here," said a gruff voiced Alchemist.

"Major Armstrong," the kid said embaressed. Roy knew where he was. Armstrong had been rebuilding the more demolished houses that day. Roy walked back into the tent and saw the young private.

"Private leave it to me I can deliver it, you may not want to go where he is, he gets a little into his transmutations." Roy said smiling.

"You got that right," said another alchemist.

"Would you Sir it's urgent that it be replied quickly,"

"Yes," The young boy saluted and ran back out of the tent to a waiting car. "Geez these things would be easier if the phone lines were still up." Roy said walking out of the tent it was about a block to Armstrong's work sight. He saw complete houses built along this path. A job that took other alchemists five hours took him five seconds. A person could easily tell what houses were built by Armstrong because the door knockers were gold figures of him flexing. Speaking of which when Mustang walked up to Armstrong he was flexing.

"Good Morning Major Armstrong," Roy said interrupting his star fest.

"Well Hello Col—, I mean Major Mustang, sorry sir." The major said bashfully at his mistake. "What brings you here?"

"A message for the Strong Arm Alchemist," Roy handed the envelope over, "the private who gave it to me said it must be replied immediately."

Armstrong grabbed the letter and read it. "It seems there is a riot at a food line going on in the eastern district of the city. A pity too since we haven't been able to get to that district yet."

"What do you have to do with it?"

"They want me to gather some other alchemists and head over to help control the situation."

"Well then let's go Major let's not waste time riots are nasty business." Roy said starting to walk down the street.

"Let me go and get some other alchemists before we leave," Armstrong said following Mustang, "Say Sir, isn't Lieutenant Hawkeye assigned to that district?"

"You're right Armstrong, this riot will be even easier to stop then." he said smiling.


"Damn this is getting way out of control," Riza muttered to herself after shooting warning shots into the air again. The civilians continued pummeling each other over the food that the State was giving out to those who lost their homes in the bombing. A truck had already been looted and the people were trying to get past the military lines.

Riza's sharp brown eyes surveyed the riot, so many people on one block wailing on each other was never a good thing. Something in the corner of her eye caught her attention. She thought she saw two men going under one of the trucks. Just to be safe she jumped off the hood of the vehicle she was standing on and ran to check. What she found was two men attatching something onto the bottom of the truck.

"You two!" Riza said crouching pointing her gun at the two men, "cease what you are doing and come out with your hands up!" The two men looked at each other then pressed a button on the thing that they put on the bottom of the truck. Then they rolled out on the other side. The reality of what was on the bottom of the truck occurred to Riza. It was a bomb.

She looked around, if the bomb was to go off then most of the food and the civilians would go up into smoke. She quickly called a soldier over to where she was. "Get a bomb squad out here and try to get the civilians out of here at least a block use gas and rubber bullets if you have to. And I need about three more soldiers to come with me." The soldier quickly saluted then ran off to follow her orders. Their only hopes were to get the people out of there. With most of the phone lines down the bomb squad couldn't get there to dismantle the bomb soon enough.

Riza and the three other men went running into the ghostly alleys of Central city. They ended up splitting to search over more ground. She found them, the second they saw her they started shooting. She had to dive behind an old stone wall and returned fire back at them. Then their shots stopped. She made the stupid mistake of looking over the wall. In a flash they fired hitting her in the arm. She hurried back down wincing; one of her comrades who had heard the shots ran blindly into the fight. They shot him down. Then Riza heard the large explosion back at the riot. She knew she was stuck. Riza stood up holding her hands in the air for surrender, dropping her gun. Her only chance was to lure them in, then grab her other pistol.

"I surrender don't shoot." The two men walked over to her grinning pointing their guns at her.

"Do you think because you gave up we won't shoot you?"

"Generally that's how this giving up thing works," Riza said uncomfortably. She should have thought of that, but she was rusty in life threatening situations.

"Our humanity stopped the day the military destroyed our city!" The other man yelled "Our organization only tries to get back at you dogs!"

"We weren't—," Riza started but was muted by another bullet in her forearm. She stumbled back but tripped over some debris, she landed on an unsteady beam that was holding up a collapsing building. It crashed down upon the three sparing the soldier who was shot down earlier the conspirators unlike Riza were able to escape the building.

Riza felt pain pierce through her body she was practically squished. She screamed out but found that that was not the best thing to do the two soon found her and uncovered her a little.

"Poor dog," one said pointing his gun at Riza "I think you should be put down."

With her last bit of strength Riza tired to reach her holster. Luck was with her, one hand was free enough to grab her gun. The two men saw her hand come out of the debris and shoot on of them. The pain though was getting to Riza and her vision was starting to blur, the shot only grazed one man's shoulder. The gruff man grabbed her wrist then broke It, the gun fell uselessly onto the ground. Alls what Riza could do was look into the barrel of the gun to face her fate.

With the thought of death she closed her eyes. Instead of hearing the shot of the gun she heard the screams of the two men and felt unbearable heat. Then footsteps passing her she heard the voice of her old commanding officer.

"Are you okay?" Roy said not seeing Hawkeye. "I'll get a medic."

"No," she heard the pained voice of the other solider, "Lieutenant Hawkeye… in the crash."

"What!" she heard his steps come back to her. "Hawkeye! Hawkeye!" Riza gave out a yell and he came over to her tearing off the boards that covered her. She closed her eyes and sighed in relief as he quickly assured her that she would be alright. The pain though took her into unconsciousness and uneasy sleep.


Riza woke up and saw not the ceiling of a canvas military tent but a hard wooden floor for another story. She tried to sit up but found the pain in her ribs to much to bear. She laid there depressed for what felt like ages until a short young nurse came in she looked at Riza and was alarmed that she was awake.

"Good-day Lieutenant glad to see you're awake." She said smiling.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Riza said through a dry throat.

"I am Nurse Caitlin and you are at Western Boarder Stop 326 or also known as the town of Eureka."

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