Her heart went cold.

"Would you eliminate me right now if you could?"


He had said it. He wished to kill her. She felt herself backing away, shaking her head slightly, though still, no tears fell, and no expression of pain and anger made its way onto her face.

She could tell he was slightly surprised by her calm reaction to his words…a little too calm.

There was really nothing to be surprised about. She had not expected him to tell her that he missed all of his old comrades, though she definitely did not expect for him to say he wanted to kill her either.

"What's keeping you from killing me?" she regarded.

"Orders," was his simple reply.

Frustration built up inside her. Did the boy she spoke to now have no emotion?

"I made the right choice," he continued, "two and a half years ago when I decided to leave behind the ties that bonded me. I gained power along the way."

Yes, she thought to herself. But did you realize what you lost in the process?

The silence was deafening to her, though the Uchiha seemed content with the lack of words shared between them.

"Naruto has grown stronger," she blurted out.

He seemed unfazed by her words. "I see."

"He'll probably be the next hokage," she continued, "the best ninja in the village."


"Orachimaru wishes to destroy Konoha, right?"


"Naruto will kill him."

Finally, he answered with a sentence, "I will kill Naruto first."

She stared at the stranger in front of her. Was this boy really strong enough to kill Naruto?

"I'm leaving," she heard him say, and when she snapped out of thoughts, he was already disappearing around a corner.

She didn't know what made her follow him. Perhaps she was lonely, or maybe seeing a familiar face scrambled up her mind, but nevertheless, she ran after him.

He obviously heard her approaching the moment she started heading towards him, and she was happy to see that he had slowed his pace somewhat for it to be easier for her sore legs to keep up.

"Um…" she really wasn't quite sure what to say to him. "Where are we going?"

"I'm going to train."

"…Can I-may I come?"



"Don't bother me."

She guessed that that statement was a 'yes.'

His form of 'training' was very much different from what she had expected. She thought he would have led her to some isolated area and started training alone, but the place he had led her was packed with people! Ninjas, all wearing forehead protectors with the Sound symbol on their head, were sparring with one another.

"Hn." He grunted to show his presence.

The reaction was incredibly…amazing.

Everything stopped…literally. Some ninjas stopped throwing a punch or kick in mid-air, while others ninjas who were conversing immediately shut their mouths. All stared at the boy.

He waved his hand carelessly. "Hn." He grunted again.

Movement came back to life. He walked over to his own little corner, where the least people were, and Sakura quickly trailed behind. She definitely did not like some of the look the ninjas were giving her. Girls glared. Boys ogled. Though, Sakura noticed, there were definitely a lot more men then women in the training field.

"Hey, hey, hey!" a voice called out from behind, and Sakura turned around to see herself face to face with a bunch of boys probably a year or two older than her. "What have we got here? A pretty new addition?"

"Uh…" she looked around frantically for Sasuke, but he had disappeared.

She tried to store her chakra so she could unleash her inhuman strength if need be, but even with the perfect chakra control, she was just too drained to do anything.

"So," the boy who had spoken before purred out, seemingly the leader of the pack. "What's your name?"

"I-uh," Help!

"Come on, don't be shy?" A grin.

"Go away!"

"Aw baby, don't be like that," he suddenly jerked his hand forward, and grabbed onto her arm as he leaned closer to her lips. "I'm irresistible."

She tried to pull away, but his grip was strong. She shut her eyes, waiting for his disgusting lips to land on hers. She had never expected her first kiss to be like thi-

"Sakura, is he bothering you?" She had never been so relieved in her entire life to hear that voice.

The hand loosened, and she immediately backed up next to the Uchiha, who seemed more annoyed than angry at the older boy.

He probably thinks I'm still a burden…the thought popped into her mind innately.

The older boy sneered at the youth. "Who the hell are you, speaking to your elders like that?"

Sasuke mirrored the boy's sneer, though the menacing aura around his entire being seemed ten times more dangerous. "It's common courtesy to give your own name before you ask someone else's."

The older boy's eyes narrowed as Sakura was struck with a sense of Déjà vu. Where had she heard this before?

"How old are you?"

"I'm not obliged to answer."

"I am Take," he spoke arrogantly. "And you're about to see what real ninjas are like, amateur."

Even Sakura wanted to snort at that statement. Sasuke…an amateur? Uchiha Sasuke hadn't been an amateur the moment he came into the world.

Still with that stoic expression, he turned his head slightly towards the right, staring right into her eyes, as if to say 'now look at all the trouble you've caused me.' Sakura couldn't help but cringe.

"Yo," he spoke to the gathering crowd, though still looking at her, "who is my opponent?"

"He arrived a few weeks ago when you were on a mission, Sasuke-sama," a voice piped up from the crowd.

Nodding slightly, he turned to face the smirking Take. Take got into a taijustu stance, expecting the boy to do the same, but frowned when the boy just stood there staring ahead with his arms hanging to his sides.

This guy is so dead…Sakura thought. She had never seen the guy fight, but knowing the old Sasuke, he was sure to win. Besides, she believed he had improved greatly over the course of two and a half years.

"Prepare to see the power of Take, the strongest ninja there is!" he shouted before charging towards Sasuke, a kunai suddenly in his hand.

Sasuke didn't even blink before he had disappeared and a gasp emitted from Take as a sharp kunai pressed against his neck.

He's really fast. Sakura's eyes widened.

"Sakura, you're pathetic." His voice cut through the air.

"W-what?" she stammered out before she could stop herself.

He still held the kunai against the startled Take, as he spoke, "Those who can not defend themselves against weaklings like these are truly pathetic."

Sakura felt her anger and pride swell. Well, Inner Sakura raged. It's not like I asked to have all my chakra drained out!

"I'm ending this now," he dropped the kunai, and in a flash, had his hand around Take's neck.

No one dared to move as the older boy struggled in the Uchiha's steel grip, "H-help me!" he choked out.

Still, no one moved.

Sakura closed her eyes. This isn't Sasuke. She took a step forward. He would never kill. She reached out. Stop!

Tentatively, she placed her small hand onto his arm.

"Sasuke," she whispered in a pleading voice. "Don't."

He turned his head to stare at her with cold eyes, completely devoid of any feeling.

The other Sound nin just watched the foolish pink-haired kunoichi.

"I-was weak," she paused. "But please don't do this."

Everyone around them watched in silence.

The obsidian-haired boy slowly turned back towards his victim as his grip tightened.

He opened his mouth and spoke, "Times have changed." Sakura took a step back. "People have changed." Her eyes widened. "I have changed." She gasped.

With a scream of agony, blood spurted out of Take's mouth and he became limp in Sasuke's grip.

Screaming filled Sakura's ears, and then she realized that it was she who was screaming.

The lifeless body was dropped to the ground, and without so much as a backwards glance, Sasuke walked away.

The crowd slowly dispersed as the sound nin returned to their usual training.

Only one certain pink haired kunoichi from Konoha remained where she was.

It was then Sakura realized that the one she loved-used to love had really changed.

They were no longer comrades, but strangers.

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