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Chapter 1:

Sam peered open his eyes, only slightly. He didn't want Dean to catch him watching. The clock showed 3:04 am and as it had been for the past four nights, Dean wasn't sleeping. He was simply sitting up in bed and staring at the wall. Sam had quietly been watching the stress build up in his brother, ever since Chicago. Sam was stressed too. Hell, he was more than stressed. He was angry, scared, confused, and let down. He never realized it was all a trap either. All that he could think at the time was that this was almost over. But it had turned out to be just another fork in the road. He accepted it, almost, but he couldn't figure out what was eating away at Dean. He would have loved to ask him, but he figured that as usual Dean would get pissed and brush him off. So he let it go, for now.

Sam woke the next morning to find Dean on the laptop. "What are you looking at?"

Dean looked up and smiled "Morning sunshine. Think I found our next gig."

Sam stood up rubbing his eyes, "What is it?"

"This little town called Jackson. Only about a day from here. It's up in some foothills surrounded by woods and stuff. Seems there's been some mysterious deaths in the area for a while now. Campers, hikers, all those types. " Dean paused and tried to stifle a yawn. "So anyway, all these people have been pretty much slashed up. Really tore apart. Locals say its wild animals."

"And there's no way it could be?" Sam asked, not really anxious to jump right back into hunting. He was tired, and he knew Dean was beyond tired.

"Well, they don't exactly have a big bear or mountain lion population. They get an occasional rogue now and then but...no way." Dean shifted his eyes back to Sam and gave a half smile. "Besides, there's a few people who say they know the real story and that these attacks are not animals."

"I don't know Dean. Doesn't sound that promising..."

Dean cut him off turning the computer for him to look. "Check it out Sammy, before you say no. I've found the town has a little history. Seems there was this nut woodsman that lived there in the seventies. He kept himself secluded in the woods, living off the land hunting and shit. He was really into his woods man. But then the town started to grow, people found they liked to hunt and camp and play in the pretty little lake. Even got themselves a little casino up in the hills. Guess the tourists just started coming in like crazy. And I guess this really pissed off ole Davy Crockett. Legend has it he went crazy. First he started to just scare people. Then he actually attacked them. Then" Dean leaned in towards Sam and raised his eyebrows "This is where it gets good Sammy. Seems Davy Crockett turned to the dark side. Got into the old black magic if you know what I mean. Placing curses, calling forth evil things to take care of the campers. He died in 1985, but some say he's still there. Trying to get rid of everyone invading his precious landscape." Dean smiled a wide smile, pleased with his research. "See college boy, I am capable of some things."

Sam felt a little stab of guilt. "Wow Dean. I'm impressed. Who knew you could read!" He was trying to lighten the mood, then tried to dodge a pillow that Dean threw at him. "okay okay, sounds like it's worth checking into." Sam hesitated, then said, "You know, I know how much you hate the woods and camping man. This sounds like an all out outdoorsman adventure. You sure you're up to it? You look way tired man. I know you haven't been sleeping. Maybe we should take some time off." Sam waited for his brothers response, knowing it wasn't going to be pretty.

But Dean surprised him, yet again. He spoke in a calm, soft voice and said, "Listen Sammy, if you're not up to it, that's one thing. We can take a break if you need to for as long as you need to. But me, well I'm fine. And yeah, I'm tired. So what? I'm always tired Sammy. That's nothing new." He paused and looked down to the dark brown carpet. "Tell me now Sammy if you're up to it. Personally, I don't feel like sitting here twiddling my thumbs, but..."

Sam knew what his pigheaded brother was doing. He was going to put this on Sam. If Sam said he was tired or needed a break Dean would do it in a heartbeat. But his brother would never admit to needing anything. And as much as Sam wanted to say yes, he needed the rest, he knew it would drive Dean nuts to sit there. So once again, he gave in to his big brother, hoping that everything would be okay just because Dean said it would. "Nah man, I'm good. Let's check it out."

Dean smiled his cocky grin and winked his eye. "Let's go huntin' Sammy."

The ride was a very long and quiet one. Sam had to practically bite his lips to keep his mouth shut. He needed to talk to Dean, but Dean just stared straight ahead. He knew he was upset. Besides the tight hands on the wheel and the clenched jaw, Dean didn't even turn the music on. That was a bright flashing neon sign if ever there was one. Finally after about three hours of silence Sam broke.

"Do you think Dad's okay?"

Dean let out a small sigh. "Yeah Sammy, I'm sure he's fine."

"Maybe we should call him."

Dean shook his head. "No. Don't worry about him Sammy. He's a fighter and he's the best. If he wasn't all right he would call. He's looking out for us right now." Dean paused. "But...I know he's fine."
Sam had his doubts. They had all been hurt pretty bad. Of course they were now healed, but he just needed to know for sure. He set his mind to the fact that when they stopped he would sneak away from Dean and call him. Sam once more looked over to his brother. "You okay man?"

Dean glanced at him quickly then back to the road. "Yeah I'm fine." Leave it to Sam to interrupt a nice peaceful ride, Dean thought.

"Then why haven't you been sleeping?" The question was out before Sam could stop it and he knew he was going to regret asking.

"What, you spying on me in the middle of the night? Last I checked you were the one with nightmares. I sleep just fine. Let it go Sam." Dean said sternly.

"Whatever." Was all Sam could say. His brother was the most frustrating person he had ever known. He tried to change the subject. "I've been researching this place and I found that the guys cabin is still there. Untouched." Dean arched his eyebrows, showing some actual interest in what Sam was saying. "Guess after he died and after all the freaky shit that's gone on out there no one wanted to go near the cabin. So it's been left the way he left it."

"Good, maybe we can use that." Dean said.

"Yeah, but you might not like this." Dean looked at him and raised his eyebrows. "It's uh, it's at least a days hike through the woods to get to the cabin." Sam had to smile. He knew Dean hated the woods and hiking. Sam might actually get some pleasure out of this trip yet, he thought.

"Whatever." Was Dean's only response.

About two hours later they finally passed a sign that said 'Welcome to Jackson' Population 1200.

"Great, a small town." Dean griped.

"What do you have against small towns?" Sam asked looking out the window. It seemed like a nice little town to him. Old fashioned stores, quaint little houses dotting the hillside. People walking up and down the rolling streets going in and out of the antique shops. Seemed nice enough to him.

"Let me tell you something little brother. Small town people are the freakiest people around. Give me the big city any day." Sam just laughed.

They stopped at a local convienence store and stocked up on supplies for the trip. The store owner regarded them cautiously. Actually he regarded Dean cautiously. "You boys planning to go camping?" He asked. Sam nodded his head. The man looked to Dean, "You don't look much like the camping type son. Those boots of yours aren't gonna be much help out on that terrain."
Dean flashed his most polite smile, only Sam knew how fake it was. "I think I'll be just fine thanks. "

The man nodded and rang up their purchase. On the way out he said, "You boys be careful out there. The woods can be a very dangerous and unforgiving place. "

"So we've heard." Dean mumbled.

They followed the directions they had got off Mapquest and ten minutes later they were in a parking lot in front of the 'authorized' entrance to the campgrounds. Of course they had no intention of staying to the restricted camp area. The boys got out of the car and heaved their backpacks on and headed out. Both completely oblivious to the dark figure watching them from behind the shade of the trees. And neither boy heard his steps as he followed behind.

They had been into the hike for almost two hours now. And slowly Dean had begun to lag behind Sam by at least five or six steps. He was exhausted and trying to keep up with Sam's long legs going up hill was becoming a losing battle. Every once in a while Sam would look back, his eyes filled with concern. But to his credit, he said nothing. Dean began to wonder if Sam really knew where they were going. He could have sworn they passed the same tree at least three times. After a while Dean stopped. He said nothing to Sam and watched as his brother went between two trees and disappeared. He just needed to rest for a second and catch his breath. Then suddenly he heard it. His head whipped up and he scanned the area. Whispers. Coming from all around him. Cautiously he set his pack down and pulled out his trusty shotgun. Then the whispers stopped. He heard a twig break behind him and spun, his shotgun rising. He came face to face with a figure in a dark cloak with the hood pulled around his face. After what seemed like minutes the thing spoke.

"You cannot hurt me young hunter."

Dean smiled, "Wanna make a bet on that?"

"I am not here to fight you. I am here to forewarn you. Leave this place now. You are in over your head."

"I'm the professional here. Think I got it covered." Dean sarcastically replied.

"Things are not as they seem here." It replied. Then paused and tilted it's head. "But you know that already. You know there are no coincidences, only what's meant to be. You will fail here. Just as you will always fail in the end. Just as your father will fail. You cannot beat us young hunter. "
"Enough chit chat freak. Let's get down to business." Dean said and pointed the gun, beginning to pull the trigger. And although he could not see its face he felt the thing smile.

"Don't you think you should find your brother? Before he leaves you again."

Dean paused. That had caught him off guard. He shook his head clearing his mind and pulled the trigger. Just as he did it disappeared. "Come on, that's not really playing fair is it!" He screamed. There was no response. "Shit!" What the hell was that all about? He wondered. Suddenly he heard footsteps behind him. He swung around gun aimed and ready. His brother came to a screeching halt throwing his hands up.

"Whoa Dean! It's me!" Dean lowered the gun. "You alright? What happened?" Sam asked frantically.

"Had a little run in with a disappearing Obi One Kanobe." Dean laughed and placed the shotgun back in his pack.

"Dammit Dean! What the hells wrong with you! I turn around and all of a sudden you're gone!" Sam said, anger flashing across his face.

"Chill out Sammy boy. I was just tying my shoelaces." Dean said, trying to shrug off his exhaustion.

"I'm getting real sick of this crap Dean. Sick of you lying, sick of you trying to be Superman. Sick of your sarcasm! You hear me!"

Dean was actually surprised by Sam's anger. He literally had to take a step back when Sam got in his face. "Calm down Sammy alright. This was nothing I couldn't handle." Sam said nothing, just glared at his brother. "Tell you what, I'll be honest with you. This hiking shit sucks, and my feet hurt. Let's find a place to park it for the night and we'll hit the cabin first thing in the morning. Make ya happy?"

Sam regarded his brother for a moment. He knew Dean was exhausted, hell he could see it in his eyes. His brother had been pushing himself for a week now. God how he regretted agreeing to going on this hunt. This was the last place they needed to be right now. He was starting to get a real bad feeling that this place was going to turn into something big. He just wish his damned visions would show him what that was going to be. But until then, his brother needed to rest. And in all honesty so did he. "Yeah, there's a clearing up ahead. There's a little stream there too. Let's stay there tonight. We shouldn't be too much farther from the cabin anyway. " In an effort to make peace Sam reached down for his brother's pack, intending to carry it for him. Unfortunately no peace was to be made that day.

Dean smacked Sam's hand away. "Fuck you Sammy. I'm not a damn invalid. I can carry my own pack." He threw it up on his back like it was nothing and started walking. Sam sighed and jumped in front of his brother to show him to where they would camp for the night.